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Mnet’s “Produce 101” produces a Five Year Contract

Mnet’s “Produce” might possibly be the most popular and watch survival shows to find new idol groups. The fourth season of this survival show just premier like two days ago. The first season established the IOI team who stay together for only like 6 months, the “third season” was unique … Read More “Mnet’s “Produce 101” produces a Five Year Contract”

TWICE’s Fancy, a Very Late Review……..

Wow I literally wanted to do a review of the song the instant it came out, 4/22/2019 at 5:00 AM because Korea is 13 hours ahead of the US. TWICE is my favorite KPop girl group of all time and you know this past month have been lit up with … Read More “TWICE’s Fancy, a Very Late Review……..”

Billboard & Show Champion Music Awards

In the latest news, Billboard Music Awards recently just happened and of course BTS was in attendance. They won the Top Social Artist Award AGAIN, this is their third year winning one or something and also they won “Top Duo/Group” beating out don’t PANIC! Maroon V, Daniel Shay coming back … Read More “Billboard & Show Champion Music Awards”

55th Baeksang Awards and Winners

Well well well, an drama/film/ART award happened this time around, screw music awards! Anyways Baeksang is one of the more prestigous awards for films and dramas in Korea (but nowadays it has been reduce to a high school class election), and the night was attended by top stars in the … Read More “55th Baeksang Awards and Winners”

Reiwa Begins Officially

Emperor Akhito and his Heisei Era has officially come to a close like 3 hours ago (in Japan it is now current May 1st). In a 10 minute ceremony, his son Naruhito took the Chrysantheum Throne and issued in the Reiwa Era for Japan. Of course due to the Post-WW2 … Read More “Reiwa Begins Officially”

Park Yoo Chun admits what everybody knows

After 19 days of investigation and house arrest and then ACTUAL arrest, Park Yoochun finally cracked and admit to dabbling in meth, just a little bit. It is unclear whether his ex-fiancee (Hwang Ha Na) will be charged also.

I want to give him props for at least like having … Read More “Park Yoo Chun admits what everybody knows”

You say Forbes, I call BS

I was actually excited to see the Forbes Korea Power Ranking for the year 2019 yesterday. The ranking encompasses the period of March 2018- Febuarary 2019 and it is basically a list to show who had the most influence last year. How the people at Forbes do this is by … Read More “You say Forbes, I call BS”

Korea Forbes Power List 2019

Well the Power List is out (covering from March 2018-Now), and it is clear that I am totally disappointed. The Forbes Power List basically rank which celebrities or group was the most popular in the past year. The people at Forbes Korea usually do this by three caterogies “media exposure” … Read More “Korea Forbes Power List 2019”

As Heisei draws to a close, what remains…….

If you have been following Japan political life, you should know that King Akhito is stepping down making his 59 year old son Naruhito become the new king drawing the Heisei era to a close. Admidst this transition, life (espcially entertainment life) is heading to an unknown future. I think … Read More “As Heisei draws to a close, what remains…….”

China Horticultural International Fair Starts

In a country fill with Air Pollution and literally a chemical fire disaster last year, you wouldn’t expect China to be leading in eco-friendly policies. But they are as data have shown that ever since the Paris Climate Agreement they have contributed the most to reducing carbon dioxide reduction in … Read More “China Horticultural International Fair Starts”