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“Boy with Luv” kills all at the charts

BTS newest song “Boy With Luv” made another headline, it’s making too much headline 🙁 lol, but apparently it just got an “all kill”. Now for you who don’t know what Perfect All Kill is in Korea, it is basically like the Triple Crown for Horse Racing over here in … Read More ““Boy with Luv” kills all at the charts”

BTS performs at SNL

This just in, BTS officially becomes the first Korean Boy band group to perform live on S & L, excuse me SNL. They performed their new song “Boy with Luv” to an audience of screaming New Yorkers. It wasn’t a bad performance, but apparently either Halsey was out sick or … Read More “BTS performs at SNL”

BLACKPINK Performance at Coachella

How can I describe the “historic” Black Pink performance, the first Korean (KPOP) group to perform (surprisingly not BTS) at one of the biggest music festival in the world, Coachella. Frankly my expectations were set on low, seeing how Black Pink has been involve in many “concert” scandal where they … Read More “BLACKPINK Performance at Coachella”

Popular Chinese Series Eternal Love to have a second spin off series

Ten Miles Peach Blossom a.k.a Eternal Love that starred Mark Chao and Yang Mi was a hugely successful drama back in 2017, it was high budget and so successful that even the second leads were big, I’m talking to you Ms. Dilmurat, I hope no one you know are in … Read More “Popular Chinese Series Eternal Love to have a second spin off series”

APINK’s Bomi starts a Youtube Channel

Inspired by PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, Emma Chamberlain, DudePerfect and a bunch of popular youtubers, APINK’s Bomi decides she wants to vlog as the years where APINK was very popular (Gen 2 KPop) draws to a close. I heard she got a wide range of videos from makeup tips (people can … Read More “APINK’s Bomi starts a Youtube Channel”

BLACKPINK to play at Coachella TODAY at 8PM (PST) (and Friday next week)

Prepare yourself for an hour fill with covers. Seriously, they literally have like 9-10 unique songs including the most meme-mify one “Du Du Du” or “Forever Young”. I guess YG and Black Pink is trying to pull a BTS to be a popular KPop group here, and Coachella might just … Read More “BLACKPINK to play at Coachella TODAY at 8PM (PST) (and Friday next week)”

BTS song with Halsey becomes #1 on Itunes Chart

I guess shout out for the ARMY for sticking by their favorite boy band BTS. Somehow I guess they made to the top of the itunes song with “Boy with Luv” (featuring Halsey) and album charts with Map of the Soul. I got to say, their American market might be … Read More “BTS song with Halsey becomes #1 on Itunes Chart”

Lee Jung Hyun is Married

For those people who don’t know who she apparently introduce the Techno Music genre to South Korea. HA, I got the receipts for you black people who says white people takes everything, we yellow people take it too 😉 😉 my apologies. Well now the “Techno Queen” is finally married … Read More “Lee Jung Hyun is Married”

Korean Scandal Still Going Strong

I think by now everyone has heard about the scandal exploding in the South Korean entertainment industry about sexual misallegation, how group of top star buddies (like ROY KIM, Oppa Seungri, and Jung Joon Young and insert gangnam policemen here) were filming girls/women with hidden camera without their consent. You … Read More “Korean Scandal Still Going Strong”

Taiwan to restrict some Chinese Video Streaming services

Taiwan pulled a China and has recently try to prevent video streaming services like Tencent or iQiyi from further operating on the island country (?). The move came with some divisiveness for a lot of people are saying “ayo Freedom of Speech you can’t do this” to fight back, but … Read More “Taiwan to restrict some Chinese Video Streaming services”