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Lee Jung Hyun is Married

For those people who don’t know who she apparently introduce the Techno Music genre to South Korea. HA, I got the receipts for you black people who says white people takes everything, we yellow people take it too 😉 😉 my apologies. Well now the “Techno Queen” is finally married … Read More “Lee Jung Hyun is Married”

Korean Scandal Still Going Strong

I think by now everyone has heard about the scandal exploding in the South Korean entertainment industry about sexual misallegation, how group of top star buddies (like ROY KIM, Oppa Seungri, and Jung Joon Young and insert gangnam policemen here) were filming girls/women with hidden camera without their consent. You … Read More “Korean Scandal Still Going Strong”

Taiwan to restrict some Chinese Video Streaming services

Taiwan pulled a China and has recently try to prevent video streaming services like Tencent or iQiyi from further operating on the island country (?). The move came with some divisiveness for a lot of people are saying “ayo Freedom of Speech you can’t do this” to fight back, but … Read More “Taiwan to restrict some Chinese Video Streaming services”

Further Crackdown on Palace Drama

Remember the ban on the palace dramas a while back? The Art of Dramas remember, well it seem to be a tiger growing teeth over night! Chinese officials had recently push harder to remove every rerun of those despicable palace dramas from appearing on Television! Reruns of the widely popular … Read More “Further Crackdown on Palace Drama”

Beginning of a new Era? Note to readers

Well here’s the thing, I’ll lay it out straight for y’all. This website has been up for a like 3 months and it averages around 300 unique visitor per month (might be just robots and stuff). I got to say, I feel bad because I haven’t really done anything to … Read More “Beginning of a new Era? Note to readers”

Beijing Academy SHOCKING reveal is not really, shocking…

I know it’s kind of old news, but the latest scandal of Beijing Film Academy with actresses coming out to say they had to sleep with directors in exchange for big roles is far from surprising. I think something happen like this back in 2012 and throughout the years but … Read More “Beijing Academy SHOCKING reveal is not really, shocking…”


In the latest news, China decides to ban/censor future production of chinese drama that ACCURATELY portrays palace life (also censoring kids from TV advertisement for profit). The move might have come because of the recent popularity of the Chinese Drama “The Story of Yanxi Palace” in which the main female … Read More “NO MORE PALACE DRAMAS”

Return of the Condor Heroes will be getting a remake, with an all rookie cast

Although it is not known when the new Return of the Condor Heroes will air but spicy pictures have been released! This Jin Yong adaptation continues to follow the trend of newer actors and actresses getting the lead role. The iconic (wuxia) couple that is Yang Guo and Xiao Long … Read More “Return of the Condor Heroes will be getting a remake, with an all rookie cast”

How to survive a CDrama

You are busy, I am busy, we are all busy.

Maybe that’s one of the biggest turn off in choosing to watch Chinese Dramas. It’s humungus length.A lot of the popular series like Journey of Flower, Princess Agents’ have up to 50+ episodes with length of each episode around 42 … Read More “How to survive a CDrama”

First Look at the New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre

The number one thing I am scare of with any new upcoming Jin Yong adaptation, or any martial arts/wuxia -ish adaptations is its CGI. Look I love CGI as much as the next guy, but I came to watch CDrama because it tends to have more authentic fighting scenes than … Read More “First Look at the New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre”