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The Corona WITCH HUNT ensues

As Corona cases ravage Korea, it has hurt the country economically, socially, and what seems like kind of mentally as well! Now hospitals have been running low on supplies like face mask, or even proper treatment tools ever since this virus outbreak started and rich people, a.k.a celebrities have been … Read More “The Corona WITCH HUNT ensues”

Tay Tay got some advice for VIXX’s Hongbin

In our latest idol gaffes, we have Hongbin from the group VIXX. Hongbin recently had a streaming session on TWITCH TV to celebrate his 1 year anniversary since streaming. What is a one year anniversary without the champagne, the alcohol!!?? Hongbin of course had his fill (not on screen) and … Read More “Tay Tay got some advice for VIXX’s Hongbin”

Mnet rebrands itself, with a very cool logo!

From the minds that brought you the now defunct show of Produce 101, Mnet has finally decided on what it want to do for the show “farewell” party after deciding, kind of smartly, not to renew it for a 5th season. Mnet have decided drum roll please drum roooollllllllRead More “Mnet rebrands itself, with a very cool logo!”

All these talks about PATHOGENS!

I might not know much about economics, but I can say with a fact that Asia is definitely the world’s leading exporting these PATHOGENS THIS YEAR to make everyone sick it seems like! First it was Corona Virus or should I say “the-disease-to-see-if-your-white-friends-were-racist-assuming-that-you-were-CHINA-but-then-again-japan-and-south-korea-is-being-laid-low-also”. This virus has got everybody contributing, including … Read More “All these talks about PATHOGENS!”

IZONE’s “Fiesta” is a cheerful tune before the impending DOOM

In the aftermath of the investigation into corruption of the Produce Series, IZ*ONE is set to embark on what could be their last year together releasing music before the inevitable DOOM that is their contract ending. I got to say, it’s actually a perfect song theme wise, especially during these Read More “IZONE’s “Fiesta” is a cheerful tune before the impending DOOM”


Produce 101 trial goes without a hitch…..Well maybe a small one…..

Yes, the first trial commences for Produce 101’s actual producers (if you think the fans are the Producers of this show like how it was market… well do I got news for you) and went with little hitch. Not suprising because Chief Pee Dee Kim Yong Bum and Pee Dee … Read More “Produce 101 trial goes without a hitch…..Well maybe a small one…..”


LOONA barely sings, but actually “So What?”


For what it is worth, I will never understand the mindset behind “Stan Loona”. If anyone want to explain it to me, I would be happy to listen because for real, I do not know what they have over any other girl groups beside the member count. Do they Read More “LOONA barely sings, but actually “So What?””


It began with IOI, and it will end with X1

Well, I’m late but finally looks like the Produce 101 series manipulation case is coming to a close. Among the casualties it looks like are “that IOI comeback”, Mnet promises never to rigged a show again, and a shift from Mnet towards “music” shows rather than “audition/survival” shows. … Read More “It began with IOI, and it will end with X1”

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The Grammy or should I say Ms. Billie big night

I’m not really a fan of music shows to be quite honest, like I feel like people already know or at least have a very good idea who is going to win and that most just tune in for fun gifs moments, and the performances. But I’m glad I tune … Read More “The Grammy or should I say Ms. Billie big night”


Seungri and friends indicted without detention

Prosecutor: DRATS, I can’t believe I was REJECTED AGAIN. slam down phone and holds up a picture of Seungri Oh Seungri, you know you belong with me. Right by my side…. points at a jail cell next to his office Resisting my advances is pointless. You of all people … Read More “Seungri and friends indicted without detention”