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KPop Idols vs. Singers (an important distinction)

In my time of following and listening to K-Pop, I’ve often heard the refrain: “[Inserts Name] can’t even sing, why is he/she even an idol” or “[Inserts Name] is in the group literally only because of his/her looks” used as insults for certain idols in certain groups. Here’s the thing … Read More “KPop Idols vs. Singers (an important distinction)”

Ranking of a Non Big-3 Girl Groups

We all know how much of an advantage debuting under a Big-3 afford. I was just wondering what people think are the top non big-3 girl groups of all time, based on musical sales, popularity (both the whole group and member-wise), peak/length of peak, music quality, CFs, other ventures, etc. … Read More “Ranking of a Non Big-3 Girl Groups”

Chinese Awards

The three most prestigious television awards in mainland China are the China TV Golden Eagle
Awards (commonly known as simply the Golden Eagle Awards), the China TV Drama
Flying Apsaras Awards (commonly know as the Flying Apsaras Awards, or simply the
Feitian Awards), and the Magnolia Awards.
Golden Eagle Awards: … Read More “Chinese Awards”

Weibo Awards

On the night of January 11th, Chinese entertainment superstars gathered in Beijing to attend the Weibo Night Awards. Check below for some of the red carpet as well as in-event pictures and some of the more important award winners.
Weibo Famous Persons of the Year: Dilraba Dilmurat and Li Yifeng… Read More “Weibo Awards”