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No news for the past few days to be honest, well big news. Except for maybe 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon being discharged from the military to greeting fans. Apparently he had a US Permanent resident card which could have been enough for him not to serve in the military, but he decided to go anyways. Street cred to him on that, I don’t have the guts to serve in military….. He was also exemplary in the military, earning Sergeant rank pretty early and being an exemplary soldier. No comeback projects have been planned at the moment for him.

No surprise news here, Park Yoochun is officially cut from his band JYJ. JYJ was formed as a remmenant of TVXQ when three of the members Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong sued SM Entertainment contract for keeping them too long (and they won). Those three went on to form JYJ which was successful-ish, I mean it was all probably due to TVXQ powers. So now JJ will have to decide to call quits, become a duo like TVXQ or even better, REFORMATION! That probably won’t be happening, I heard the break of TVXQ was a huge legal battle.

Channel A said that Seungri finally admits that he did solicite prositution that fateful night with his Robin Yoo In Seuk. Of course, people are still questioning whether Channel A is being inflammatory for the sake of more popularity, or is it ACTUALLY TRUE??? But didn’t Seungri just dabbed on his arrest warrant? I mean MAYBE his humanity finally showed up? Probably not but better late than never “Oppa”.

In other fields, I mean I guess Hong Kong is still fiery over that extradition bill. Even USA Secretary of State (or SOS) Mike said some words which was of course shot down by his chinese counterpart Lu Kang as “Yo man, let the Hong King Kongers do what they want 😉 😉 “.

One of KPop more anticipated concert, the Dream Concert in fact just happen last night. Also KCon in Japan also happen, you can barely find any clips for these events because uh…. Copyright issues. But I AND MY BRILLIANT SKILLS STILL FOUND VERSIONS

For photos of KCon, just enjoy these photos courtesy of Soompi.

Steve Harvey confirm to be hosting M-Countdown. Monsta X gets on a Cartoon Network Show.

It’s offcially confirm, M-Countdown is hosted by none other than our illustrious, STEVE HARVEY. Just this past episode, the host (Dae-hwi from Wanna One and Han Hyun-min) accidentally announce Nu’Est as the winner (their song Bet Bet I Bet) of this week award, although it was suppose to be a win for Oh My Girl instead (for the song Fifth Season).

RV gets whiter and whiter over the years, now they have officially become the ambassador of tourism for Switzerland Tourism Government Office that is based in South Korea (so I guess EMBASSY????).

Monsta X becomes the first KPop group to be feature a Cartoon Network show. But guys this is OF CRITICAL IMPORTANCE, this is not JUST any show, it’s an ANIMATED SHOW CALLED “WE BARE BEARS”. Congratualations? I suppose???!!

In other news SNSD’s Tiffany is holding a new solo upcoming Seoul Concert. The theme of the concert I heard is make Japan great again, just joking. Well that’s interesting news, I thought only Taeyon has a solo career in singing. My bad, a promising solo career 🙂

KCon finally finalizes its list of artist for 2019 and here they are…

Ladies Code and Winner Finally drop their latest songs. Kind of disappointing youtube views I am not going to lie.

Ladies Code:


Ooooof really feel bad for EXID. On paper, they are a perfect group in every way to suceed, strong chemistry, best rapper in the kpop industry, two very very good vocalist….

Taiwan becomes the first Country (???!!!) to legalize Same sex Marriage in Asia

So there’s this place called Taiwan, which is a island that I am NOT going to take sides on. So this place, in Asia, has recently become the first place in ASIA to legalize same-sex marriage (a big LGBTQ win). To be honest, this hardly comes as a surprise, because Taiwan these days have been view as a “gay paradise” for many gay people (I was just talking about which were the most LGBTQ friendly places in the world and Taiwan crop up in many conversations). I think two years ago Taiwan high courts was like “prohibiting same sex marriages violate the constitution” and give the government an ultimatum that they have to address this issue like within the next two years. Even though the historic law is passed, there is still iffy issues concerning surgation and adoption (which is still being hotly debated). LGTBQ groups are hailing the measure as a victory though and vow to fight for equal adoption and surgation rights “somewhere down the road”.

Of course not everyone is espcially….happy with this vote. Conservative and Religious are espcially (no surprises there) piss off, saying this law is stupid and incredously (apparently they held various referendum in November in which the majority of the islanders say “Nay” to being Gay). They have also been gaining seats and power as the island presidential election begins to rear up. It does seem like even the mahority are not fine with marriage as anything BUT “a union between men and women” but I guess President Tsai didn’t care (or is this SOME POLITICAL TRICK)

Now of course, it’s up to you guys if you want to call Taiwan the first COUNTRY in Asia to legalize gay marriage OR the first pkace in Asia to legalize gay marriages. Actually there are debates to Taiwan being the first place at all, Israel has express open support of LGBTQ and Cambodia had legal loopholes since the 70s that one could exploit to “legalize gay marriage”.

(Photo Credits: CNN)

BTS performs on Good Morning America (I think no KPop has ever since Wonder Girls). EXID releases Me&You

Well more wins and street creds for BTS, the group can’t stop making headlines this whole year. They just recently perform again on a comedy show, this time it’s the Late Night Show With Stephen Colbert (I guess Colbert beat James Corden to it or something)

Not only that they also perform their latest hit on Good Morning America to open their little “Summer Concert Series”, becoming I think the second Korean group to do so? I know Wonder Girls was definitely the first. Maybe I am unupdated..

Well that news is kind of more big than this next one, uh…. Well EXID has finally release their album and title track “Me&You” after a lot of those teasers. EXID has promise their fans that this will not be the last album, although I totally believe in their strong chemistry, I remain skeptical. At least EXID wouldn’t be “officially disbanded” they will just be on a big ole hiatus a.k.a band purgatory.

EXID also re-mastered their other hit “Ah Yeah”, under the name of the band Winner. HA YOU CAN’T TRICK ME!

Bang Bang Bang goes Seungri on his arrest warrant. DJ l’serpent trying to collaboration with Black Pink. “Rising God of The East” announce some concert dates

Well well well, Mr. Frenchie DJ Snake is collaborating with a bunch of female SNAKES! Ok fine, Black Pink is collaborating with DJ Snake pretty soon, the date is to be release.

TVXQ, one of the biggest early-Gen2 group (NOOOO GIVE ME PARK YOO CHUN BACK) compose of now U-KNOW Yun Ho and Max Changmin is also announcing some concert dates. They going to go to Bangkok sometime in June 29 and Hong Kong in July 30.

Arguably the biggest news though, is Big Bang Seungri just dab on the police. The recent days the police have amass some evidence that Seungri was doing some pimpish activites during the past few years and nail out an arrest warrant, just to have the courts go “bang bang bang”. So basically Seungri escape ONCE AGAIN, with a JUKE as the courts say “DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS MAN IS???”. The reason they did that though, was because the police “lack evidence”. Uh huh, you know the other less famous members like Mr. Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young and such, yeah they are basically goners. But how can you touch this golden boy?? Once again, justice proves to be a bunch of bullshit when we talking about famous guys.

“Nah Nah Po Po you got to Go Go”

Shedding the Light Where Needed #3: NCT Performs on James Cordon, CLC Comeback

NCT 127 seems to be taken up the news these days, too bad not the INDUSTRY dab. Anyways, they just recently travel to Amurica and perform on James Corden. Of course, it didn’t generate that much hype like the last KPop band that went on James Corden, they failed to convert James from his wrong fandom, the toxic BLINKS.

Anyways in other news, pure nugu group OMG has won a their first show win on “The Show” with “Fifth Season”.

The girl group CLC also is planning an upcoming comeback, again with this summer. It’s about to be lit with Korean music, maybe you can even catch it on your radio.

In the debut news, We in The Zone (an upcoming boy group) from Choon Entertainment is going to drop a debut song sometime in May. They started a GoFundMe-ish crowdfunding campaign where the goal was 5K in USD (which equates to several million wons) and somehow most of their money came from the US

Crowdfunding Campaign. Unknown groups for now like TRCNG and BOL4 are all planning on releasing an album pretty soon.

Here are today’s “unknownish” band recent clips/songs.

AOA’s Mina broke up. AOA’s ChoA actually LEFT!!

Well we all know now that one of the powerhouse of Gen 2 is not going away after all after the majority of the Ace of Angels members resign ( 🙂 ), I mean ahem re-sign with FNC entertainment sans Mina. Mina has recently remove all her AOA photos off her instagram account. Wow that must have been a bigggggg break up. I mean the only time people eviscerate (BIG WORD WARNING!!!!) memories is uh….. break up, divorce, uh….. yeah that’s it. Like those are the events you want to remember in the moment so you snap a pic, and erase after. But Mina, AOA calls for you, the heavens call for you, remove yourself FALLEN ANGEL from the EVIL PURGATORY AND ASCEND ONCE AGAIN!

Well many people will be surprise to find out that ChoA actually only recently left FNC entertainment. She basically destroy AOA’s vocal crop by leaving the group in 2017 (many AOA fans say it has never been the same without ChoA), but her contract with FNC actually never “ran out” until now. Of course like Mina, she BECAME THE FALLEN ANGEL CHO-CIFER. You know if ChoA actually come back, AOA has hope for winning awards in this Gen 3 era.

Hong King Kong erupts over extradition laws. Taiwan rears up for Presidential Election.

Well well well, classical politician brawls happen everywhere in the world. You know over here in america, you bet the democratic party want to sock the republican party in the face and vice versa. Ole Madame Speaker want to give Ole Mitch a punch in the face or Ole Mitch Wife. While we are on the topic of Taiwan/China asian women, Lucy Liu. Lucy Liu known for “Kill Bill”, “Tinker Bell” and the voice “Kung Fu Panda” master snake Viper just earned a Hollywood Walk Of Fame becoming I think the second asian-american women to earn one. The first to be honor was way back in the 60s, her name is Anna May Wong. She dead now I think hmmmmm.

Photo credit to Variety

Speaking of Taiwan, their next presidential election is just around the corner. They hold their election later than US (see the duality ahahahahah) and already the current president from DPP party Tsai Ing-wen (she won the last election in 2016) is already facing competition from her own party in the form of William Lai who was the former Speaker of the House in Taiwan government. He resigned his post to SPEAK for the DPP, and now is BACK FOR REVENGE. He apparently ranks better with the people of Taiwan than the current president on issues such as democracy, not being an a-hole and authoritarian.

Anyways speaking about throwing the ole 1-2 at people, Hong Konger politics have no such rule in place. It was a free for all at the latest governmental meeting, where a heated discussion about a “extradition law” was in full force. The law which passed in February, which I think past and now the government of Hong Kong is trying to amend it, basically allow local judges and courts to kick criminals back to countries with no “prior agreement”, it’s confusing basically to Taiwan or China (most notably China). Lawmakers that is pro china love the law of course, and they are in contention with the pro-democrats not only in amending this law, but in the legitimacy of the temporary chairperson of the government James To. Police reports on assualt were filled, sounds like the DNC back in the 70s.

Wow such political talk, now to putting on DANCE MOVES. Although Russian Team won at the last episode of Stage K featuring EXID, THERE WAS A VIETNAMESE ONE-WOMAN ARMY IN THE FINAL. She is in a dance cover group back in Vietnam but you know what she should really do. AUDITION FOR AN ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. Man you don’t even need the looks, just do what Koreans do get plastic. You got some moves, go to Thailand or something to try out. We need a goddang Vietnamese idol and to have that we need a trainee…..

Shedding Light Where Needed #2: New groups and ITZY and IOI’s Chungha comeback

The tibetan group ITZY attempts to oust a big group this time around, announcing their comeback song which would be release sometime in July. Oh my, at least they didn’t do a slick dodge, and competing with Red Velvet head on. I mean when they release their debut song “Dalla Dalla”, which I guess did win 9 award shows, only newer girl groups were active.


Chungha, who’s not a bad solo artist, is comebacking also this summer with a new single in June though.

NCT 127 has recently also been quite active in doing interviews, I guess SM is preparing a Western market takeover

EXID’s LE owieeeeeee, Red Velvet collaborating with a cheater

EXID’s LE sprained her ankle in a performance, just on the dawn of EXID comeback. She will minimize her dancing, but will still probably be onstage for her raps cause let’s face it HANDS DOWN BEST GIRL IDOL RAPPER. I think she got injure while filming JTBC Stage K which saw a Russian Team winning (collusion 100%)

(you might have a hard time identify who’s asian and who’s russian, the skin color differences are not really clear)

In other news, Red Velvet is doing a lot of marketing and interviews for their upcoming comeback. Irene the Feminist confirms that women > men and every women should be eating men heart’s. As the leader, she decided no one represent eating men heart better than Ellie Goulding, who munch on tasty heart in 2015.

I am impress by Wendy’s English

Ellie’s newest song. She wants your body close to her EXCEPT if you are a messy, red haired Brit who couldn’t even put on a half-ass decent dress to appear in front of queen Beyonce 🙂