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It’s Halloween! Asia is taking it way too seriously with the ominous stuff

ALLLL HALLOW EVE IS UPPP IN THE AIRRRRR. Yes it is I, COOLGUY BACK FROM TRICK OR TREATING. I feel like I had the best custome out there on the street: broke college student. You know it’s strange, I was sitting by my huge stacks of candy taken from little … Read More “It’s Halloween! Asia is taking it way too seriously with the ominous stuff”


IOI, the latest victim of Police brutality against Mnet

“POLICE BRUTALITY!” cried one man
“What’s an IOI?” cried a Chungha Stan
“Why is 2% of the population talking” cried me

Just when this year couldn’t get any pumpkin spicier, Mnet has officially probably most likely cancelled IOI- The 9 Member Returns. Well actually they have … Read More “IOI, the latest victim of Police brutality against Mnet”



I just want to apologize to Y’ALL readers for being out for the past two weeks now for let’s just say taking 21 credits is not exactly a smart move. Anyways, I will be back writing tomorrow, you can be expecting some SPICY CONTENT. I am out tonight trick or … Read More “HAPPY HALLOWEEN”

Sulli’s Career: In videos

Officially on Kpop Profile and on Wikipedia, f(x) has four members, but I don’t know abut you, but I have always believe in the OT5 f(x), the prime version that produced 4 number 1 albums and 4 number 1 singles, including all-time classics “Electric Shock” and “Hot Summer”. And at … Read More “Sulli’s Career: In videos”

Ex-F(x), actress, singer Sulli goes to heaven

Well this is probably THE BIGGEST NEWS right now, which is sad because so long ago have netizens and even some MeU fans have condemn Sulli to the brink of career destruction before that she was beloved by all of Knetizens actually. Let me get down to the facts first, … Read More “Ex-F(x), actress, singer Sulli goes to heaven”

Black Pink apparently is that cool gum smacking kid in your school!

You know Black Pink, yeah the group of celebrity influencers who occasionally drop music? Ok to be honest I liked almost all of Black Pink songs, a fact that I can’t stand about myself. Since they are getting…. too much hate I will go easy on them cause they seems … Read More “Black Pink apparently is that cool gum smacking kid in your school!”


[Review] Feel Special, uh very…. interesting title

By golly, I haven’t seen TWICE in like waht 3 months?! Back it again already? Fantastic! More for me. You know not to be DIRTY OR ANYTHING, last comeback TWICE fancy me and then this comeback I or they made me “Feel Special”? That’s a bit….. SEXUAL!

Now of course … Read More “[Review] Feel Special, uh very…. interesting title”


Celebrating China 70th year anniversary!

What a time to be alive. The communist party of China has finally finally celebrated its 70th anniversary since taking over mainland China and equally impressive I have finally got around to covering it! While on the other side of the sea, Taiwan celebrate its 70th “I can’t believe China … Read More “Celebrating China 70th year anniversary!”


[Review] When-you-grab-the-most-arcane-word-off-the-internet

Remember when you were/is a little kid and you went through sophiscated Winnie The Pooh phase on multiple occassions?

Like you just learn a new word or just did something for the first time and then you go and flex on the whole family. “MOTHER LOOK WHAT I DID IN … Read More “[Review] When-you-grab-the-most-arcane-word-off-the-internet”


TS Fuckery, but somehow they still get people?

Recently, TS Entertainment has been facing a variety of issues. That is, termination issues. Rapper “Sleepy”, best known for getting only 4 hours of sleep, has recently told TS Entertainment to fuck off. Not only that, two members (Sumin and Nahyun) from TS Entertainment current girl group that nobody has … Read More “TS Fuckery, but somehow they still get people?”