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Seungri and friends indicted without detention

Prosecutor: DRATS, I can’t believe I was REJECTED AGAIN. slam down phone and holds up a picture of Seungri Oh Seungri, you know you belong with me. Right by my side…. points at a jail cell next to his office Resisting my advances is pointless. You of all people … Read More “Seungri and friends indicted without detention”


Seungri arrest warrant once again rejected

Ah, isn’t it the MASTERMIND himself behind all of this Burning Sun stuff that have far reaching consequences in the entertainment industry. A quick update, Big Hit apparently have overtook YG Entertainment in terms of profit, making them+JYP+SM the new “big three”. I personally don’t actually think Big Hit Entertainment … Read More “Seungri arrest warrant once again rejected”


Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon get sent to prison??!!!

Wait guys surprise, Burning Sun Scandal people gets prison time? What?????? Ah I get it, cause neither of them are from Big Bang!

Seems like justice choosing its victims again, Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island) finally is going to serve prison time. It comes as a … Read More “Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon get sent to prison??!!!”