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[Review] Compilation Review of KPop Recent Releases (Part 1)

AHHHH AHHHH, I am so behind on these songs. So instead of releasing single posts, I’m release a whole album instead! I’m gonna just quickly review recent hit singles and get into the Queendom ending songs. Alright, let’s go, click on list below if you don’t want to read everything!… Read More “[Review] Compilation Review of KPop Recent Releases (Part 1)”

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KCon NY unexpectedly suffers under Trump’s Tariffs

Well Well Well Well, I must say a TERRIFIC VICTORY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP. He sticks by his guns, just days after EXO’s King Suho declared at the Blue House (basically South Korea adaptation of US White House) Summit- where we saw that terrific border crossing that made Trump an illegal Read More “KCon NY unexpectedly suffers under Trump’s Tariffs”

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[Review] “Uh Oh” -(G)I-DLE goes into dangerous territory

Cube Entertainment’s G-IDLE, a group that is vying for “Korea NEXT TOP GIRL GROUP”, finally places a risky bet with their newest song “Uh Oh”.

First, I would like to congratualate them for this music. It’s a really risky experiment since no girl group in recent memories have ever went … Read More “[Review] “Uh Oh” -(G)I-DLE goes into dangerous territory”

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