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KCon NY unexpectedly suffers under Trump’s Tariffs

Well Well Well Well, I must say a TERRIFIC VICTORY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP. He sticks by his guns, just days after EXO’s King Suho declared at the Blue House (basically South Korea adaptation of US White House) Summit- where we saw that terrific border crossing that made Trump an illegal Read More “KCon NY unexpectedly suffers under Trump’s Tariffs”

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[Review] “Uh Oh” -(G)I-DLE goes into dangerous territory

Cube Entertainment’s G-IDLE, a group that is vying for “Korea NEXT TOP GIRL GROUP”, finally places a risky bet with their newest song “Uh Oh”.

First, I would like to congratualate them for this music. It’s a really risky experiment since no girl group in recent memories have ever went … Read More “[Review] “Uh Oh” -(G)I-DLE goes into dangerous territory”

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