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BLINKS “shouldn’t like that” and frankly they and Hinduism deserve better

“Oh Shiz this is actually quite good, OMG BlackPink finally does it again. There’s a melody there’s a good buildup and transition in energy from Jennie -> Jisoo -> Rose” – coolguy1234, 40 seconds into the song.

Everything went downhill from there. Kind of like how earlier part of thisRead More “BLINKS “shouldn’t like that” and frankly they and Hinduism deserve better”

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BTS shuns their more colorful side and embrace something darker in both “On” and “Black Swan”

In a double rare treat, BTS latest comeback seem to pack to title track with “On” and “Black Swan” which was release (the audio) much earlier. Well I say it’s two title tracks because usually only title tracks get the musical video treatment. Maybe this is a signal that thisRead More “BTS shuns their more colorful side and embrace something darker in both “On” and “Black Swan””

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IZONE’s “Fiesta” is a cheerful tune before the impending DOOM

In the aftermath of the investigation into corruption of the Produce Series, IZ*ONE is set to embark on what could be their last year together releasing music before the inevitable DOOM that is their contract ending. I got to say, it’s actually a perfect song theme wise, especially during theseRead More “IZONE’s “Fiesta” is a cheerful tune before the impending DOOM”


LOONA barely sings, but actually “So What?”


For what it is worth, I will never understand the mindset behind “Stan Loona”. If anyone want to explain it to me, I would be happy to listen because for real, I do not know what they have over any other girl groups beside the member count. Do theyRead More “LOONA barely sings, but actually “So What?””


[Review] Compilation Review of KPop Recent Releases (Part 1)

AHHHH AHHHH, I am so behind on these songs. So instead of releasing single posts, I’m release a whole album instead! I’m gonna just quickly review recent hit singles and get into the Queendom ending songs. Alright, let’s go, click on list below if you don’t want to read everything!… Read More “[Review] Compilation Review of KPop Recent Releases (Part 1)”

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[Review] Feel Special, uh very…. interesting title

By golly, I haven’t seen TWICE in like waht 3 months?! Back it again already? Fantastic! More for me. You know not to be DIRTY OR ANYTHING, last comeback TWICE fancy me and then this comeback I or they made me “Feel Special”? That’s a bit….. SEXUAL!

Now of course … Read More “[Review] Feel Special, uh very…. interesting title”


[Review] When-you-grab-the-most-arcane-word-off-the-internet

Remember when you were/is a little kid and you went through sophiscated Winnie The Pooh phase on multiple occassions?

Like you just learn a new word or just did something for the first time and then you go and flex on the whole family. “MOTHER LOOK WHAT I DID IN … Read More “[Review] When-you-grab-the-most-arcane-word-off-the-internet”


[Review] Back From the DE(ad)-VILS

Ah YES I HAVE ARISEN! I utmost apologize for being absent these past few weeks, law+organic chemistry+biochemistry is seriously taxing. But I finally have found time, what GLORIOUSNESS TO BE BACK IN THE REALM OF THE LIVING.

And CLC is tryna send me RIGHT BACK.

Cube’s CLC is back with … Read More “[Review] Back From the DE(ad)-VILS”


[Review] X1 becomes the 5th FLASH

Ah X1, the newly form boy group from the latest season of Produce X 101. Kinda of funny that even though technically the show is under investigation ( Here), yet Mnet is still pressing on with the group debut. By now, I have no idea what the investigation is … Read More “[Review] X1 becomes the 5th FLASH”



Ah APINK, basically the KPop equivalent to those stories about people who work until 80-90. A SHARD of Generation 2 of KPop waiting to be SNUFF OUT. Still some credit must be made to APINK, they are theorectically the only group that has NOT disbanded. All the other Gen 2 … Read More “[Review] Hayoung DOESN’T WANT TO BE HAPPY”

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