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[Review] EXO’s Baekhyun goes for more soft vibes in his solo

Man EXO seems to be kicked to the curb these days by SM Entertainment as they are 1) Preparing for the Military, or 2) Shove because of NCT 127. EXO members, a band that debuted very early in Gen 3, seem to be heading for solo careers these days as either, it seem like only ONE OF THEM is unique as King Suho seem to be wanting a diplomatic position instead. Anyways following DO and Lay release, Baekhyun follows it up with his “United Nations Village”

Suprisingly, SHOCKING. I expected it to be some powerful electric stuff with dances in black clothing flank by an audience of MEN. ONly the dancing in black was true as Baekhyun goes for a more soft tone than recently male artist releases (like TVXQ High Lord U Know, or even his band mate LAY pure hip hop). Apparently UN Village is a district/landmark/city/street in Seoul, South Korea and I guess there’s a really pretty hill (which he does sing about) that Baekhyun just want to take us for some HOT TIME except if you are Queen Taeyeon then no thank you. It’s classic R&B and even the music video seems very…. classy. Something coming out of 1980s. This solo certainly stands out because its not overly cute like Yesung’s “Pink Magic”, nor is it overpowering like TVXQ High Lord’s “Follow”. Heck this song is even softer than most of EXO releases like “Wolf” or “Growl”. I like it though, it has a throwback vibe all the way through. It seems like Baekhyun wants to take things slowly. It’s a dance song I think, but a slow dance one unlike most male artist release which is too bumpy and electricky to slow dance to.

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[Review] Heize supports Necrophilia in her lastest release

First of all I would like to say that the title “Produce by SUGA from BTS” gave her a lot of views. I know Heize might have earn that by herself, but no offense that’s highly unlikely to score 3 million youtube views in 3 days espcially when more well known solo acts like BoA’s Feedback or or even Ailee’s Room Shaker didn’t reach that mark in 3 days. Heize never struck me as that big although she has what looks like a few hit songs.

Either I am missing something about Heize or SUGA is hard carrying (he co wrote it anyways). I mean to be fair to the artist “We don’t talk together” is pretty decent talking about Keith Urban and Michael Harvard (or my Youtube automatic caption is just literally mess up) and its music video is very very unique. It’s literally her dancing and making out with a skeleton, I guess it isn’t a CRIME WHEN YOU ARE “FAMOUS”. First how can you even hang out with a skeleton and literally almost kiss the thing, I have a innate fear against skeleton, I refuse to step into any bio lab or even anatomy lab that has a skeleton, that means I refuse to step into any bio lab and anatomy lab. I despise skeleton, they look creepy and its NOT FAIR THAT A DOCTOR HAVE TO SPEND SO MUCH TIME WITH THEM. The only song I have ever listen to Heize is a duet between her and JYP in “Regrets”. That itself was a slow moving ballad type song, so I wasn’t too surprise to find out that Heize I guess like this concept. The song is EDM, but its soft and pleasant sounding. Although its generic in that typical EDM sound, it works. It was suprising to see Heize singing though, she was an underground rapper before debuting so I was half expecting her to drop some purely electric beat like Ailee. The message is deep-ish, it’s apparently NOT ABOUT KEITH URBAN, it’s about not letting go of the past. Heize acts as a woman who’s obsessing and trap in her past memory with a lover (either an EX lover or an EX-Life lover) who’s shown by a skeleton except for when the rap part drop the lover face is revealed. No it’s not Suga even though he is a rapper among BTS crew.

Props to Suga production, the music video fits with the lyrics. It flows well, and the scene from the house espcially looks “homely” as “homely” gets when you canooling with a skeleton. It’s not crazy, allowing Heize to shine through not too much noise. Maybe Suga future solo career should just be producing, I mean in on Heize songs literally the top 5 comment, 2 of them mention Suga like guys come on.

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[Review] Ailee shows she can be the life of the party with “Room Shaker”


Ailee, or Amy Lee in her American name because she was born in the mountainous state that is Colorado, is a second generation Kpop idol. Unlike others who usually are put into a group before they pursue solo singing, she debuted AS a soloist. While nowhere near the level of IU (BTS’s Jung Kook huge crush) or BoA, she has made a name for herself as well. Now I know her as the OST lady, she’s a very popular pick to sing Korean Drama soundtracks. She has sung in popular dramas such as “Secret Love”, “Fated to Love You” and “Goblin”. All of those songs if you do wish to check it out are Tears Stole the Heart, Goodbye My Love, and I Will go to you like the first snow.

Those songs have created the image in my mind as Ailee being a soft singer. Even her most successful single release like “Heaven” (confession the only one of her singles I have listen too) has that lullabic soft tune to it. A ballad, yeah that right, Ailee seem to be a ballad singer more than “powerful pop”. Like if she was in a modern group, I would think she’s a member of GFriend pre-Fever. Until now, wow every body trying to shatter their image in music…..

I must say totally unexpected. Now I don’t like the song, I think “Room Shaker” is just not my vibe although I would see myself listen to it at a party dancing wildly. The song just comes off at too electric for me, with too much colors and distraction, kind of like Somi’s Birthday. Also another thing I have against this song is its failure to utilize Ailee strong vocals, and the best moment of the song for me is actually when Ailee actually sings before the first “Room Shaker”. Elsewhere when she raps (rap line can be found multiple times throughout the song), I just feel that was just I don’t know kind of wrong. Although I’ll give it that she’s a better rapper than I thought- goes to show Ailee pleothra of skills- it’s not that good. It’s probably better than the average “Idol Rappers” but maybe I’m too influence by Western rappers to frame Ailee in a eastern frame when it comes to rapping. Maybe if the song spend less time making Ailee sing “Room Shaker” and utlize her high notes more, the experience would have been better.

It’s not THAT bad of a song, espcially to me who thought that she can only sing in Ballads and soft tune songs. “Room Shaker” is a powerful counter example to that image. Although it’s not done quite correctly as I would like it, but hey Ailee can rock an electric “girl crush” esque song and that itself is impressive.

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[Review] x-F(Sulli) finally return to music with the release of “Goblin”

Wow look it’s the EX-F(x) member, Sulli releasing her first single (miss yoga practioner F(Luna) what are you doing…). What’s hilarious about this release is she once said, way back in 2014 when she quit f(x), that she hated singing and the “idol” life. Sulli decided to make forrays into acting instead but many fans pointed out she was already lazing around during F(x) performances (much like Black Pink’s Jennie nowadays) beforehand.

In addition to that, at the time Sulli was in a relationship with a 15 year old celebrity guy named Choiza, when she was only 19-20 years old. Before all of this, Sulli was very well liked by netizens as F(x) was a big-ish girl group back in Generation 2 of KPop. She was basically the face of her group, and this can be clearly seen as her music video got already 2 million views in 2 days although her ex-fellow band mate Luna (who has one if not the best voice in all of KPop over Taeyeon the Great) has literally 757 K views on her music video even though it was released months ago.

“Goblin” is a nice song with a cheery tune as it tackles a mental health issue known as “disassociation” (it’s literally in the introduction of the video). The lyrics basically tells how this girl is struggling with her life, most of the time she’s struggling with her dissociation disorder (it’s when someone feels like they are not in control of their body and is trap inside) and I guess she’s afraid to tell that to her singnificant other? What I really like about the song is the little ringing sound like throughout the chorus. It really reminds me of an antique shop that has those little bells on the door that makes that sound when you open it to notify the shop owner that a client has entered? This was before a CAMERA of course, and maybe that sound is on purpose for the music about dissociation. I don’t have any other hits to base this single off of, so I will just go that while it’s nothing special, it’s alright. It’s remarkably different from F(x)’s heavy electric pop style I must say.

Want to find out more about F(x)? Click here

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[Review] Will LANA (del Ray) experience some Summertime Sadness?


So ahem although not hearsay, this is basically what Korean netcitizens who are deep into KPop are saying right now. A new female solo artist just debuted from HICC Entertainment (which is relatively unknown agency) and her stage name is LANA. The problem with this newbie, is that she’s white. YES YOU HEARD IT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, don’t get the Koreans wrong they love themselves some white people espcially in KPop as this graphic will show you…..


Lana: But you are practically doing whiteface…
Lana: But CL said she loves Hip Hop and R&B and tells how she’s so in tune with black culture….
Lana: Hey didn’t Lee Jung Hyun stole Techno music from the black people of Detroit?
Koreans: Robin Hood stole too. What’s your point???
Lana: At least he stole from the rich, not the bankrupted

Sorry city of Detroit, but here’s some $$$$…… TO BAIL YOURSELF OUT

Yes that’s right, self-proclaimed Koreaboo (a person who loves korean culture) just recently fulfill her dreams of becoming an idol by debuting her solo “Take the Wheel” on M Countdown.

Already she’s getting a lot of hate, even on youtube! That video that I just show you has 6.3 K dislikes to only 14K likes. The ratio between likes and dislikes is literally higher than a lot of music videos from Korean groups in recent memories. Even Somi terrible “Birthday” party has a higher likes:dislikes ratio. She’s not getting hate for being a foreigner oh no! KPop has many foreigners like from China, Taiwan (Tzuyu from TWICE), Japan (PLENTY OF FOLKS), Thailand (Lisa from Blackpink), USA (Do Young from NCT 127), and even CANADA (Wendy from Red Velvet, SOMI from IOI). Unfortunately, they were all asians or at least half asians. Lana has no trace of asianatic blood, she’s getting hate for basically for being white. To be honest I can barely tell the difference between her picture with the people above, I’m just saying.

Hey commentor #1, hey Mr. do you even listen to Kpop? VOCALS ARE A NECESSITY NOT A MUST, espcially in Generation 3! TWICE HAS AWFUL VOCALS (no offense, I am a TWICE fans but I’m gonna lay it straight), BLACKPINK SUCKS AT VOCALS (literally the only stable one is dog-eating noona Jisoo!). BTS? MEH! Red Velvet, Mamamoo, GFriend? Respectable. I mean yes I view the video, she doesn’t have the best vocals but come on it’s literally her first appearance. Also Cat Person, uh….. What’s WHITE MEDIOCRACY??? WHAT?? I mean you can reverse the argument on its head, there are a ton of asians who debuted who are supposedly only there in the group for “looks” (all visual members of ALL GROUPS get accuse of this by ahem HATERS) and there are others who work hard and has better dance moves and vocals and never debut. It’s really just luck, I don’t understand…. ALL RACES HAVE “Mediocracy”. Sure Lana isn’t THE BEST, but she WILL be struggling to make it in this industry just because she is debuting with a relatively UNKNOWN agency and really all this hate will probably make sure she never makes it anywhere. Clap clap clap now….

An open letter to Vietnamese people. What the FUC are you guys doing?? THERE’S NO VIET TRAINEES WHAT IS THIS!!!??? COME ON, EVEN A WHITE PERSON GOT HERE? I get KPop is Korean Culture, but hey WHY DON’T YOU GUYS PIGGY BACK OFF OF THEM. Aren’t you guys supposedly “the 4th most powerful country” in Asia??? EVEN PHILLIPINES ARE BETTER ECONOMICALLY NOW! THAILAND! FREAKING THAILAND HAS PEOPLE IN KPOP REMEBER THE DAYS YOU GUYS COULD TOTALLY CRUSH THAILAND. I’m sick and tired of EVERYTIME a white person be like, OH YES VIETNAM OH I LOVE PHO!!!! AND THEY PRONOUNCE IT WRONG, I WANT TO SLAP THEM WITH A POLE, CAUSE THEY ARE MY FOE, WHEN THEY SAY PHO. Or, oh yes VIETNAM WAR! JUNGLES!! Vietnam, where the number one export is Pho and Vietnam War.What happen to that female dancer on Stage K??? Huh….

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[Review] IOI’s Chungha comeback “SNAPPING” at the competition

1) Chungha’s Snapping

AHHH ISN’T IT EX-IOI member Chungha entering the summer KPop music making craze? First though I would like to give a shout out to Chungha-noona cause out of all IOI members, nobody expected her to actually have a solo career right after IOI (she even said she didn’t want to go solo). I mean she wasn’t even the two most popular member in IOI, that title goes to 100-year-old Somi (everyday is my BIRTHDAY!!!!) and Sejeong. Anyways her latest comeback is “Snapping”…..

It’s catchy, it’s bouncy and let me just say it’s quite SLAPPING. I LIKE IT, OTHERS LIKE IT, HECK EVEN THANOS LIKE IT! Unlike Somi’s Birthday, I love Chungha music video because it’s not distracting. It’s not electro (which is a plus too much electro these days). As I have stated with Somi, there was too many colors, too many concepts present in her videos, unlike Chungha. Sure she was flank by many many backup dancers, but it was always focus on her. She actually SHOWCASE her dance moves in this music video and although the moves might not have been impressive, her presence was dominant throughout. The music was quite catchy, although Snapping itself is already a catchy title, espcially the chorus part, the beat was jumpy and the lead up to it was pretty good. While the song may not have hard notes to put Chungha’s vocals to the test, if there’s ONE thing I have learn throughout my KPop listening career, vocals are more of a necessity than a need. IOI’s Chungha still have a long way to go to establish some prominence as a solo female artist to the likes of Wonder Girl’s Sunmi, or even the current ruler IU (which might not even be as big as “One Woman Army” BoA).

2) Purplebeck Debut

Wow, you know what I have miss MANY MANY new rookie group debut songs like Cherry Bullet, ITZY, BVNDIT, EVERGLOW, or 3EYE BUT I WON’T MISS THIS ONE. So the latest girl group to come out is Purplebeck from Majesty Entertainment, a agency so small it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia Page.

The lineup is pretty “old” for a group that is form in this year, I mean they are all older than me! Sadly, their concept is again girl crush, seriously KPop industry can you just bring sexy back already (although I hate that concept….) but their music video I guess is a hint of sexy? It’s an empowerment song, with the lyrics basically saying “I’ll do whatever I want no matter what people say”. I would sound more excited if ITZY literally didn’t just WRITE THE EXACT SAME FUC$$$$ thing with “Dalla Dalla”. I guess it’s not fair to expect Purplebeck to be unique out of the gate, I mean they are coming from a tiny agency it’s a smart move if their follow the trend of the KPop industry right now. The song itself is ok, kinda electric, but there’s not really any “catchy” line. The chorus part is fine but it is evident that the group still have a long ardous road ahead of them. As I peer into their crystal ball, I see that they might not be successful at all base on pure statistics at all. Then again, my readings are not always 100% correct.

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