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BLINKS “shouldn’t like that” and frankly they and Hinduism deserve better

“Oh Shiz this is actually quite good, OMG BlackPink finally does it again. There’s a melody there’s a good buildup and transition in energy from Jennie -> Jisoo -> Rose” – coolguy1234, 40 seconds into the song.

Everything went downhill from there. Kind of like how earlier part of thisRead More “BLINKS “shouldn’t like that” and frankly they and Hinduism deserve better”

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Ah APINK, basically the KPop equivalent to those stories about people who work until 80-90. A SHARD of Generation 2 of KPop waiting to be SNUFF OUT. Still some credit must be made to APINK, they are theorectically the only group that has NOT disbanded. All the other Gen 2 … Read More “[Review] Hayoung DOESN’T WANT TO BE HAPPY”

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[Review] Red Velvet likes Oompa Loompas for the Summer

Maybe it was the wild ride of “Zimzalabim”. Maybe the chant totally fail to cast its spell. This time around in the amusement park that is ReVeLuv Festival, this next main attraction seems pretty tamed. After lackluster performance of “Zimzalabim” this seems like a straightforward summer pop song and … Read More “[Review] Red Velvet likes Oompa Loompas for the Summer”

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[Review] EVERGLOW date when badly

Ah EVERGLOW where were you at the last KCON 2019 that past 2 days ago? Oh that’s right, YOU WERE HIT BY PRESIDENT TRUMP RESTRICTIONS, YEAHHHHHH GET DABBBBBBBBBEDDDDD. Along with Chungha TOO!

Ahem maybe I should begin again, ahem my bad here I go. Ah EVERGLOW, what a KPop … Read More “[Review] EVERGLOW date when badly”

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[Review] Seventeen and the wild “Hit”

Ah, if you think 9 members was already too much in a KPop group, it’s time for the overloaded 13 member group- Seventeen. I really wonder why they aren’t 17 membered instead then. Apparently, Seventeen is the member count (13 members) + sub unit count (3 sub unit) + “SEVENTEEN” … Read More “[Review] Seventeen and the wild “Hit””

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[Review] “Bim Bam Bum” a new saga begins

Woolim new girl group that is suppose to suceed Lovelyz it seem like, a group that is sadly probably forever stuck in nugudom (not that well known). Rocket Punch is a bold statement to politics featuring a debut of one of the captain of AKB48 (japan biggest idol group) espcially … Read More “[Review] “Bim Bam Bum” a new saga begins”

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[Review] KPop Girl Group goes “Bungee Jumping”

Fresh off from their win with “Fifth Season” is the relatively overlooked girl group that is OMG (Oh My Girl). It’s been like 4 years since their debut now and still striving for that big break. Even though they had actually a US tour (only 6 girl group have done … Read More “[Review] KPop Girl Group goes “Bungee Jumping””

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[Review] Hey ITZY, izn’t this a winter comeback?

IT’Z ITZY! JYP newest girl group hot off the heels with their hit “Dalla Dalla” earlier this February that scored them an astounding 9 show wins. Although they are a new group, they easily are the top favorites for the next big girl group (beside maybe G-IDLE). People are already … Read More “[Review] Hey ITZY, izn’t this a winter comeback?”

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[Review] EXO S&C running it back with some success

AH, the second debut song for the EXO sub-unit S&C. Their last song was a big ole flex and they decided to run it back this time with more chill.

Still no dancing, but I like the catchy tunes at least. The drum and the piano makes for a … Read More “[Review] EXO S&C running it back with some success”

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[Review] Kang Daniel gives chill vibes in his debut

Ah Kang Daniel, the former star of Wanna One finally showing up to the party after being out of the industry for well over a year because of the contract dispute. If none of you are familiar it, basically his entertainment agency sold Daniel rights to a third agency without … Read More “[Review] Kang Daniel gives chill vibes in his debut”

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