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A Brief Summary of SuperM and its Concert right now

BIIIIIIGGGG OOOOOF! You might not have heard about it, you probably HAVEN’T, but SuperM has recently went on tour. “Wait but I thought they only released like one album” and you would be correct, they release “Jopping” a few weeks ago, a title that is a fusion of the … Read More “A Brief Summary of SuperM and its Concert right now”


[Review] When-you-grab-the-most-arcane-word-off-the-internet

Remember when you were/is a little kid and you went through sophiscated Winnie The Pooh phase on multiple occassions?

Like you just learn a new word or just did something for the first time and then you go and flex on the whole family. “MOTHER LOOK WHAT I DID IN … Read More “[Review] When-you-grab-the-most-arcane-word-off-the-internet”