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TWICE announces comeback with Mina (?)

“For the KPOP Lord said onto TWICE “if thou seek to have untold powers, a sacrifice must be made!!”. So TWICE reluctantly prepare a beautiful Swan with the finest black feathers! 😉 😉

Wow, classic JYP really overworking TWICE right now. Not only have they just finished their North American leg of TWICELIGHTS World Tour (the last two concert were Newark and Chicago), they just had their Korean comeback 4 months ago and their Japan one around two months ago. I must say, this KPop business, wew mind if I catch a breather real quick??

The biggest issue on this next comeback is will TWICE’s Mina be there. Mina has been out from group promotions and the three concerts in North America due to sudden anxiety and mental health problems. She is supposed to be out until February of next year and this sudden news of a comeback leaves many people questioning if her presence will be missing even though she recently came back to South Korea with her mother. JYP Entertainment has not said anything on the matter and many fans are biting their nails. A lot of idols who take breaks like this and miss out on one comeback usually mean that they are BYE BYE alhtough the company usually leaves a door for them to comeback if they want in the future. What the fans don’t understand though that in order for TWICE to become SNSD (Girl’s Generation), we MUST HAVE A JESSICA! In all honesty, many people are taking solace in the fact that there were plenty of tears on TWICELIGHTS tour whenever Mina abscence was felt and whenever the stadium lit up mint-green. But then again, SNSD members also cried when Jessica left the group and we all know those two parties got some bad blood going on.


OOOH MY! It’s time to become E! Tabloids!

Alright gang it’s that time of the night. It’s time for this website to turn into a tabloid gossip news real quick. We have three piece of news, all concerning JYP and two concerning TWICE members.

1) Jihyo and Kang Daniel DISPATCHed!

Ok gosh dang, I must say DISPATCH although dick heads for invading privacy, I got to say they are reliable as fuck. WAY WAY MORE RELIABLE than these OTHER AMERICAN TABLOIDS. Dispatch over the weekend took some juicy pictures of Jihyo getting out of a car to meet up with Kang Daniel. Apparently the couple have been dating ever since January, I guess JYP Entertaiment forgot the monthly payment of the bribe fee so that Dispatch will stay silent. JYP Entertainment confirmed the relationship as news broke….

Jihyo’s agency JYP Entertainment and Kang Daniel’s agency KONNECT Entertainment commented, “They are currently meeting with interest in each other.”- Soompi

Meanwhile the CEO of KONNECT Entertainment is nowhere to be found. Yes that’s right in the when the CEO is needed most to confirm the news about his one and only artist ex-Wanna One’s Kang Daniel HE DISAPPEAR. I last heard he was going on a date with his girlfriend or something hmmmmmm.

Anyways while Jihyo is getting much more support from Knetizens, ahem ex-Wanna One Kang Daniel…. Uhhh…. yeah not so much….. His debut song is now dropping on charts!

Even TWICE know off the relationship for one member was the one who drove Jihyo to her date. Wait a second, Jihyo can’t drive?? Well at least we know it wasn’t Tzuyu, she drives exclusively a bulldozer.

I would write a play according to this but a reddit user “RedVelvetGod” already beat me to it….

I’m imagining a Kdrama of him having a split personality where his CEO and idol side are different, and he blacks out whenever one of them switches and takes over the body and can’t remember when the other takes over.

CEO Kang dated Jihyo first, but Idol Kang got the first kiss.

Jihyo thinks CEO is hotter and more attractive, but Idol Kang is who she thinks about the most throughout the day and fits her ideal type.

An internal war inside Kang brews, he feels confused as to which side is his true side and feels frustrated, like he’s sharing a girlfriend with another man.

Jihyo, who loves both sides, questions whether or not she can handle dating two different men with her busy schedule. She also wonders which side of him is the side that she’s truly in love with.

What will our hero and heroine do? Find out tonight, airing on TvN and in real life the new drama series “Dating Twice a Day” starring Kang Daniel and Park Jihyo

South Korean Government: Hehehehehee, yes yes be distracted disappears

Wait what was that????? Uh….. ok I thought I heard something. Anyways ONWARDS!!

2) Heechul GREATEST CON??!!!

Oh yes, Super Junior Heechul known for being humorous is CONNING US ONCE AGAIN! Apparently there is now reports that TWICE’s Momo maybe romantically involve with Heechul. The report claim that the these two people have been at it for TWO YEARS. It’s not like these two haven’t have rumours before, since Heechul been saying that he has a crush on Momo for a while now on various variety shows, but everybody thought it was a joke……

Well JYP Entertainment and Super Junior Label call the report “BULLSHIZZZ” which many people are taking as actual confirmation that the news is not true. I mean JYP just confirm Jihyo, so why not this one? What they forget is, Jihyo is different from Momo who is Japanese in the midst of souring relations between South Korea and Japan. SM Entertainment is also “looking into the news” but for now it remains to be seen if Homo will be a thing.

Wow Mr. Heechul nice calling your shots man! You remind me of the fable Sir Lee Seung Gi and his pining for SNSD’s Yoona back in the good old days. Meanwhile please enjoy this very accurate google translation that I got when I jokingly ran the report under the translator tool….

OH SHIZ MR. HEECHUL? TWO YEARS IN A ROW?? BRO, WHAT A GOD! YO THE STAMINA WHAT THE FUC! Apparently now he’s top of Twitter trends along with Momo. The song “Sweet Dreams” from 2016 is also climbing on the charts. Suprise, that song showcase a “shy Heechul” asking out the lead lady in the music video. GUESS WHO THE LEAD LADY IS??

Source: 1, 2


Wait what the heck?? Did any of you heard that??? This is giving me the chills

3) 15& dies. Wait did anyone knew who they were?

It has been reveal that the two member group 15& is now officially DEAD. Park Ji Min has refused to resigned I mean re-signed with JYP Entertainment. We have no idea what her partner in crime Baek Yerin is going to do but 15& is now officially done for. The girl group/duo was debuted in 2012 and was suppose to actually serve as a bridge from Miss A to TWICE. Well they were a little known group anyways, never quite got off…. Yes ladies and gents lets revise the order of JYP girl groups which actually goes: Wonder Girls -> Miss A -> 15& -> TWICE -> ITZY. Big RIP, and the sad part is they won’t be missed except by a few niche fans….

Source: 1

Wow covering that sad disbandment news really piut things into perspective. Why did so many dating scandals/news got out lately??? Like bro, TWICE is huge it would be like dropping dating scandals about BTS. I wonder what the news cycle in Korea is trying to cover up….???


Me: Wow Oppa RM is so hawt…. WAIT A SECOND!

Ahem supposedly there is a long running tradition in Korea that everytime there some thing that the government wishes to cover up, they release dating news of idols in order to distract the public. Sadly, it actually usually works, even sites like NAVER also actively participate in government fuck-ups cover ups.

Well you see, recently North Korea just launched another ballistic missile which cause widespread panic. This is an important detail we will come back too in a little bit.

So, Japan and South Korea were never on the best terms. South Korea or should I say ALL OF KOREA hates Japan for steamrolling them back in WW2 and for killing a lot of Koreans during Hideoyoshi failed Korean Invasions. Recently, the relations have soured and nobody quite knows why, or at least nobody reported on it. Anyways, South Korean economy is facing a down turn as of now, which is normal if anyone knows about the Business Cycle. Japan though, has always have more of a powerhouse economy than Korea even though Korea has a big economy.

Entertain me on this analogy, South Korea has a 6 inch dingus, which is bigger than the Asian average of 5 inch. BUT, Japan got the ABC (HA THE ASIAN REPLY TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY BBC! EAT IT, I MEAN SUCK IT!) of 10 inch dingus!!!! South Korea has always saw this disreprancy as a threat and recently President Moon expressed his desired to unite with North Korea by way of economy. Well this drew harsh criticism from Knetizens and other government officials who isn’t all too happy with the North Koreans. Although many Koreans like the idea of reunification, neither the North and the South have a method. Also those critics of President Moon were quick to point out that those North Koreans would only drag the South economy down and not upgrade it to fight back the economic disreprancy. They aren’t wrong, for West Germany went under a period of brief economic downturn when reunification happen before Germany as a whole bloom again.

Read more

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TWICE Mina out of tour over health concerns

Due to health concern, TWICE’s Mina will be out for the whole duration of TWICELIGHTS, the TWICE tour that finally kicks off Queen Jihyo claims to the new world. Yeah bish people who just know “BTS and Blackpink” FAKE ASS BLACK PINK ISN’T EVEN THE BIGGEST GIRL GROUP, TWICE IS. Ahem ahem, anyways Mina has cited “anxiety and sudden insecurity” that apparently is serious enough to require additional testing says JYP Entertainment in a statement.

Many fans are disappointed of course, myself included. It seems like I will just be going to New Jersey to see 8 people perform this weekend not TWICE….. Not only were the fans sad, but the whole of TWICE was sad when they kicked off the world tour in Singapore yesterday with many of the members crying and comforting each other minus Tzuyu. Many fans turned their light stick mint green in honor of Mina. If this happens in Newark this weekend, honestly I’ll be creep out seeing that it’s like somebody have died or something. Also I would feel left out cause me no have a mint green light stick.

Otherwise the concert seem to go without a hitch to a stadium of around 10K people. The group perfom some of their hits like “Yes or Yes” (oh gosh, who did the english…..) or “Cheer Up”. They also did some song covers, and some “sexy” song covers also. Thank you for the upfront notice guys, I’ll bring a blindfold and the bible with me when attending the concert!

Want to find out more about TWICE, check here. I PROMISE TO GET THIS DONE BEFORE THIS WEEKEND

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[Review] TWICE gets the Girl Crush done right

Well I did a lot of catchup listening wise, to the latest comebacks/new kpop songs that I totally miss out on. Let’s just do a quick run through with each starting with my favorite….


First it’s a pair of songs “Happy”, and “Breakthrough”. This is a japanese comeback, which mean that you won’t see it winning korean music shows soon. Basically how this Japan game works is once a group is big enough or last for a sufficient amount of time, they sign with a Japanese music producer agency and then their music is produce. So it’s the same for most Western bands, they might sign in other countries and make music there. Except even though it is the same band making music, the “track” are usually different. Sometimes even the concept is different because something might work in Korea but not in a more traditionalist Japan unlike Western Band they just usually go with the same flow with their music.

Anyways…..I LOVE IT! BOTH OF THEM! I just love the two contrasting concept in the two different singles YET YET it’s neat that the music video seem to tie the two different songs together (did you notice that the same door introduction is use in “Breakthrough” as in “Happy Happy” where the doors are darker color in Breakthrough signifying a mature song? Like that touch). These two singles really answer for me the question posed after “Fancy You” EP back in March. TWICE will continue to be cute, cheery, and “Happy Happy” but there is a “breakthrough” in their mature image too. I couldn’t stomach “Fancy” at first because it seem like a sudden 180 degree from EVERYTHING that TWICE stood for. TWICE is known for its cute concept, but “Fancy” set the tone to mature, almost girl-crush/independent woman streak. I am fine with that, but it was too sudden from what I have come to expect that left me wondering if they were now going to do a complete shift to what it seems like even BABIES are doing these day “the girl crush/independent woman” concept? On that note somebody should bring sexy back. There has not been a “sexy” concept group since uh forever. I wouldn’t watch any of the said group music videos but it would be nice to see difference/take a break from the endless arrays of independent-girl-crush these days.

Anyways with the two singles, one is obviously more mature image than the other. “Breakthrough” seem to continue the trend the Korean release “Fancy”. In “Fancy” there were attempts from the group members to portray themselves as “still cute” with bright colors and like swings in some scenes. Not in “Breakthrough”, it’s black dresses and white dresses all the way on this one mostly black dresses though. Also I feel like the props and dresses aside, the dances and lyrics in “Fancy” was different from what you were seeing on screen as I have said “…..the video was girl crush-ish, but the lyrics was cute-ish concept.” . But this sort of inconsistancy wasn’t found in “Breakthrough”, it was an empowerment song about how you can still keep going even if the tunnel ahead seem dark. I wouldn’t say it’s deep lyrics, but at least you can relate to it. It wasn’t just “ooooh you can do it, oooh don’t give up” half the song was like “oh I compared myself to others and I feel like jumping out the window” but then “HANG IN THERE”. Like the beat, although the enunciation on “breakthrough” leaves a lot of room for improvement :). I like how although there was some “electric” sounds, it wasn’t overuse as with many other groups so far (ahem like CLC’s Me). I LOVE IT, if you going for this mature concept totally fine, but it got to flow dance moves, lyrics, and prop-wise which I think “Breakthrough” achieve and not really “Fancy”. Of course there’s still some work required, but like achieving this much in 3 months is already impressive. I have been slacking so much these past three months.


The next song, is the cheery one (actually this is consider the 4th single, while the other above is the 5th single). “Happy Happy” has it all, the secret formula that almost ALL TWICE songs has use to become the top girl group. It has the upbeat music (THANK YOU NO ELECTRIC), the props, the lyrics is about love. It’s generic compared to their other songs, but “Happy Happy” does show case more jumping and playing around than structured dancing. WHICH IS ACTUALLY PERFECT, it put a smile on my face even though I have NO IDEA what the noonas are singing (hey but I know the english “Happy Happy” at least!). Happiness is infectious, and needless to say I was infected. TWICE was just doing what they thought made them happy (although I don’t know if all of them likes fishing but then again JAPAN IS A BUNCH OF FISHERS!) jumping around hanging out with each other. What can I say, song like these work!

Happy Happy

Overall I like botht the two comebacks, it demostrate that TWICE hasn’t lose its roots, but that doesn’t mean they can’t grow from it.

2) TVXQ Yunho’s “Follow” and Super Junior Yesung’s “Pink Magic”

It’s a debut album “True Colors” for HIGH LORD Yunho but third album for Yesung already.

“Follow” has made some grounds in sale, which all speak to the High Lord powers. I think it has already sold 100K (lol it might be 10K) in album sales. The song is cool, it’s missing a little Changmin in it :). The song itself doesn’t seem to be a complete turn of what TVXQ was doing, except this is just High Lord Yunho doing it on his own. Nice dancing sir, those doesn’t look complicated but the speed he pulls them off at is actually impressive. It isn’t bad I got to say, I don’t like it as much because I never quite bought into TVXQ songs in the first place (except for Mirotic). The music video looks like it contains deep messages with the faceless motorcycles just standing and circling him, but I’m afraid to bring contemporary American life to interpret the messages which might be totally off from South Korean life atmosphere right now.


Yesung song is cute and bright unlike High Lord’s. “Pink Magic” is generic though, but it’s neat that it’s him and one girl kind of like his band mate Kyuhyun single although his has more actions. I like the song name, how the colors of love even though it’s a song by a MEN, is feminine using pink instead of red. Breaking gender norms, pretty neat! It’s OK overall, but I unironically prefer High Lord song over this one.

“Pink Magic”

3) Izone’s “Buenos Aires”, Somi’s “Birthday” and SF9

I already review Somi “Birthday” in this post so I am not going to do it again. It’s time to head over to Argentina, Buenos Aires for Izone comeback. Now Izone is a huge-member band and was form from Producer 48 (third season of Producer 101). I know of Izone love to sing about places they probably visited for limited amount of time and add in French words now and there for some weird reason (is one member french or something??) which is the whole theme of the verse to Buenos Aires. The song is about how this guy and this girl are going to take a trip to the magical city that is Buenos Aires and frankly even if Izone have travel there (I don’t doubt it) I rather have the locals sing about it than Izone. Like why can’t you tell me about magical city in Japan or Korea, you know that you guys probably live there for extended amount of time. Also why Buenos Aires, in it there’s barely anything hinted about what is so special about Buenos Aires and why this random girl wants to travel there. Also I DON’T like the French sprinkle in with “Voulez-vous”, I don’t know if Buenos Aires speaks French mostly, all I know is that it’s in Argentina I think adding SPAINISH would have been way more appriopriate.

The music is fine, the dance move is fine but I just don’t vibe with this song. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just a weird location they chose to sing about that makes no sense. The song doesn’t even want to make me travel to Buenos Aires! I hope there’s no Buenos Aires, Korea or Buenos Aires, Japan or something or else the points I’m totally screwed.


Now it’s time to roll over to SF9’s RPM which feels like “Ready Player One” theme music video with all the supposedly advance looks-like-gaming-tech. Sounds alright, although the beat drop is kind of weird? Here there’s a more indepth review into this song. I don’t know much about SF9 to cover them or give them the adequate treatment.

“Rotations Per Minute”

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