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[Review] Feel Special, uh very…. interesting title

By golly, I haven’t seen TWICE in like waht 3 months?! Back it again already? Fantastic! More for me. You know not to be DIRTY OR ANYTHING, last comeback TWICE fancy me and then this comeback I or they made me “Feel Special”? That’s a bit….. SEXUAL!

Now of course … Read More “[Review] Feel Special, uh very…. interesting title”


TWICE announces comeback with Mina (?)

“For the KPOP Lord said onto TWICE “if thou seek to have untold powers, a sacrifice must be made!!”. So TWICE reluctantly prepare a beautiful Swan with the finest black feathers! 😉 😉

Wow, classic JYP really overworking TWICE right now. Not only have they just finished their North American … Read More “TWICE announces comeback with Mina (?)”


OOOH MY! It’s time to become E! Tabloids!

Alright gang it’s that time of the night. It’s time for this website to turn into a tabloid gossip news real quick. We have three piece of news, all concerning JYP and two concerning TWICE members.

1) Jihyo and Kang Daniel DISPATCHed!

Ok gosh dang, I must say DISPATCH although … Read More “OOOH MY! It’s time to become E! Tabloids!”

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TWICE Mina out of tour over health concerns

Due to health concern, TWICE’s Mina will be out for the whole duration of TWICELIGHTS, the TWICE tour that finally kicks off Queen Jihyo claims to the new world. Yeah bish people who just know “BTS and Blackpink” FAKE ASS BLACK PINK ISN’T EVEN THE BIGGEST GIRL GROUP, TWICE IS. … Read More “TWICE Mina out of tour over health concerns”

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[Review] TWICE gets the Girl Crush done right

Well I did a lot of catchup listening wise, to the latest comebacks/new kpop songs that I totally miss out on. Let’s just do a quick run through with each starting with my favorite….


First it’s a pair of songs “Happy”, and “Breakthrough”. This is a japanese comeback, … Read More “[Review] TWICE gets the Girl Crush done right”

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