AOA and the Elvis

Ace of Angels

Concept: Sexy/Band (which was ditched)
Debut: August 9th, 2012
Debut Song: Elvis
Status: Rearing up for Comeback (Just Renewed Contract)
Agency: FNC Entertainment
Fandom Name: ELVIS



Prime Lineup


1. ChoA/Choaya (Park Cho-Ah) 박초아

Role: Main Vocalist

Past Member (Left 2017)


2. Jimin/Jiminel (Shin Ji Min) 신지민

Role: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Guitarist



3. Yuna/Yunaria (Seo Yu Na) 서유나

Role: Main Vocalist (Present-Time), Keyboardist/Piano



4. Hyejeong/Hyejeong-Linus (Shin Hye Jeong) 신혜정

Role: Visual, Dancer, Vocals



5. Mina/Minaring (Kwon Min A) 권민아

Role: Bassist, Rapper, Vocalist

Past Member (Left 2019)


6. Seolhyun/Seolhyunari (Kim Seol Hyun) 김설현

Role: Visual, Sub-Vocalist, VIP, Visual



7. Chanmi/Chanmi T.T (Kim Chan Mi) 김찬미

Role: Youngest Member, Main Dancer, Main Rapper



8. Youkyung/Y (Seo You Kyung) 서유경

Role: Drummer

Past Member (Left 2016)



Lead Tracks

– Heart Attack:

– Miniskirt:
– Like a Cat:
– Short Hair:
– Excuse Me:


– Luv Me:

– 10 seconds:
– Under the Streetlight:

Latest Release

Come See Me

– Come See Me:


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