Mamamoo and the Cow Noises (MooMoo)


Concept: Jazzy, Classical Pop Vibe, Sexy (???)
Debut: June 19th, 2014
Debut Song(s): Mr. Ambiguous
Status: Active (Hiatus)
Agency: Rainbow Bridge World Entertainment



Prime Lineup

1. Hwasa (Ahn Hye Jin) 안혜진

Role: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Youngest Member, Second VIP

Active (has a solo career)


2. Moonbyul (Moon Byul Yi) 문별이

Role: Visual, Main Rapper, Main Dancer



3. Solar (Kim Yong Sun) 김용선

Role: Leader, Visual, VIP (debated), Main Vocalist
Special Facts/Story: We refer to her as the Sun Queen on Posts



4. Wheein (Jung Whee In) 정휘인

Role: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer




Main Tracks (Our Personal Recommendations)

– Starry Night:

– Egoistic:
– Um Oh Ah Yeh:
– Yes I am:
– You’re the Best:

Side Tracks

– No More Drama:

– Sleep In the Car:
– Funky Boy:
– Midnight Summer Dreams:
– Décalcomanie:

Latest Release


– Go Go Bebe:


– Wind Flower:


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