TVXQ/DBSK and the Cassiopeia

TVXQ/DBSK or Rising Gods of the East

Concept: Whatever they want
Debut: December 26th, 2003
Debut Song(s): Hug
Status: Active, uh yeah…. Kind of
Agency: SM Entertainment


Prime Lineup

1. U-Know (Jung Yun Ho) 정윤호

Role: The High Lord, the original conqueror. If Dragon the Conquerer was Pompey, this man, oh man, was f$$$$$$ Alexander the Great. In Generation 1, the nations and the company live in peace, even individual groups not from leading entertainment agency could have equal chance of making it big. But at the dawn of 2003-2004, legend has it that the high lord lead his rag-tag ban of 5 through the Han River and subsequently destroy every single remnants of Generation 1. SES, HOT, Fin KL, Seo Taiji and the Boys, Sech Kies, God you name it was practically WIPED off the face of the earth. At the end of it all, only one stand supreme, ushering a new age of conquest a new age never seen before where certain agency dominated one another. Certain group dominated just because they were from these big agencies, U-Know and the gang fame conquest would usher in Generation 2 which saw Queen Taeyeon crossing the middle passage near the end of the era which would pave the way for King RM to reap the goods in Generation 3. TVXQ dominated the lands for at least 7 years until Queen Taeyeon and her tripartite alliance, Queen CL, and Dragon The Conqueror rose up to challenge their prominence. Oh yes U-Know was also the Lead Dancer, VIP, and Vocalist



2. Hero (Kim Jae Joong) 김재중

Role: Main Vocalist, Visual, VIP

Left in 2010


3. Xiah (Kim Jun Su) 김준수

Role: Main/Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Left in 2010


4. Max (Shim Chang Min) 심창민

Role: Main Vocalist (Now), Youngest Member



5. Micky (Park Yoo Chun) 박유천

Role: Lead Vocalist, Youngest Member

Left in 2010