TWICE and the ONCE


Concept: Cute/Innocent, Girl Crush (just now)
Debut: October 20th, 2015
Debut Song(s): Like Ooh-Ah
Fandom Name: ONCE
Status: Active
Agency: JYP Entertainment
Fandom Name: ONCE



Prime Lineup

1. Nayeon (Im Na Yeon) 김다현

Role: Lead Vocalist, Center, Lead Dancer


Nayeon is possibly THE COOLEST OLDEST MEMBER of TWICE. She is the unusually bubbly one of the group so it’s no surprise that she is one of the more popular members of TWICE in South Korea. She has claimed many many times that her specialty is making acrostic poems on variety shows, basically ageyo, and that she can rock the “sexy” concept. With the release of Fancy and the shift away from the cute and innocent concept, this has been CONFIRMED. She gets along with many people and trainees and is close buddies buddies with uh…. Dog Eater Jisoo and Ms. Popular Jennie. Of course Nayeon wasn’t always so happy…..

When Nayeon was like 5 years old she was casted by JYP into a child modeling contest. She never got to perform because her parents didn’t allow her to audition at all. Nayeon though, wouldn’t forget her dream of being a trainee as she go through elementary and middle school. As her parents shipped her to a cram room to prepare for exams that would decide her high school fate. As she packed her stuff for the would be long, hard, and arduous study process, Nayeon overheard some information, a 7th annual JYP audition was being held nearby her hometown (I think she’s Busan). In a drama-esque move, Nayeon RAN AWAY FROM HOME to chase her dreams and actually past the audition. Once her parents heard about it, ooooh boyyyy were they MAD but her parents reluctantly allow her to become a trainee after much cajoling, imagine having parents that can be convinced………

So a couple of years went by and she was chosen to debut in a group called 6mix along with Jihyo, Jungyeon, Sana and a certain Minyoung. I won’t mention the sixth member because she kind of quit after 6mix debut plans fell through. Of course this was tragic news for Nayeon cause now it seems like getting out of trainees hell was impossible. She enter JYP’s SIXTEEN (the reality TV show that was use to find the members of TWICE) and successfully made it into the final squad after an arduous-action-packed 10 episodes!

Even though Nayeon is one of the better vocals of TWICE, she isn’t that good in terms of pure singing voice although she has improve tremendously since her trainee days. She’s also known as the fake maknae (young member) because of the aforementioned bubbly personality compare to the….uh real maknae….

2. Jeongyeon (Yoo Jeong Yeon) 유정연

Role: Lead Vocalist



3. Dahyun (Kim Da Hyun) 김다현

Role: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Grand like an EAGLE



4. Jihyo (Park Ji Hyo) 박지효

Role: Main Vocalist, Glorious Leader yo like 10 years trainee still made out of trainee hell? Like, the BEST leader I watch JYP’s Sixteen, very humble.


Imagine you are part of an organization. Think that you guys need to elect a leader, what traits would you look for. List them all out, Jihyo probably got them. One of the MOST AWESOME leaders I have EVER SEEN (remind me of MYSELF AS A LEADER 😉 ). She’s humble, down to earth, and looks out for everybody on the team. She won her leadership position unanimously, but before TWICE she probably suffer more than any other average trainee (I can’t of course speak for all trainees I know many of them don’t even get to debut).

Jihyo started training at a relatively young age, and ended up training for a whole ten years before she made got a spot from the JYP reality TV show Sixteen. She literally learn with Miss A people, woke up to 2AM, and takes nap at 2PM. Basically she is well known in JYP Agency just because of the absurd amount of time that she spent as a trainee (average is 5 years before someone is out if they haven’t debut yet). Jihyo training years can only be describe as a roller coaster of up and depression. She was suppose to debut in 6mix, but that plan fell through. Discouraged by amount of time she had train and how no one seem to want to debut her, she spend a lot of time eating her sorrows away. This is disastrous in an industry that forces females (and to some extent males) to be “in shape”. At this time Jihyo contemplate just dropping the whole affair, but through family encouragement (imagine having a nice family) she enter Sixteen in a last ditch effort to debut.

What strikes out to me most about Jihyo is definitely determination and humbleness. Although yes she cry a whole bunch, she didn’t back down. In the beginning episode of Sixteen, she was literally place in the lower division/group despite training the longest out of all the 16 contestants. Also during one episode, she was demoted from Top 7 because she didn’t have the “right shape” for the industry according to two of the judges. Yet Jihyo withstand all of this pressure and not only end up debuting, she also let the situation transform her for the better, she took life lessons from it (as evident from “Girls Like Us” a song on the latest Fancy You EP in which Jihyo wrote by herself) and it left her a humble and supportive peer. All throughout Sixteen when members were demoted, (especially Nayeon and Jeongyeon who she is espcially close with I mean they almost debut) Jihyo cried along with the demoted person. Now others, I don’t want to name names, betray a look of delight (in which I can’t really blame them cause it’s a harsh industry) at times, but never Jihyo!

Among other cool facts she is the total Twitter Birb, she often checks that Social Media (although TWICE members do not officially have separate accounts). She likes to listen to classical music or go to Karaoke when she is stress out or can’t fall asleep!

5. Chaeyoung (Son Chae Young) 손채영

Role: Main Rapper, Vocalist



6. Sana (Minatozaki Sana) 湊崎 紗夏

Role: Vocalist, Too much ageyo in songs sometimes but yo ICONIC???



7. Mina (Myoui Mina) 名井南

Role: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Yo yo which other group has a BALLERINA???!!



8. Tzuyu (Chou Tzu Yu) 周子瑜

Role: Visual, Young One, Vocalist, Lead Dancer. Very much guts! Not many will dare……


Uh……. she is TWICE resident evil but who is also in the same breath arguably TWICE most recognizable member and most well known at least in Korea. She is the real maknae (young member of the group) but there is a reason why Nayeon gets the title of “Fake Maknae”. Maknae connotes a more let’s say, friendly term, a person with the most “bubbly” personality but oh ho not Tzuyu, she is probably the coldest of them all.

9. Momo (Hirai Momo) 平井 もも

Role: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper (eh….), BEST GEN 3 DANCER HANDS DOWN!




Main Tracks (MY Personal Recommendations)

– Cheer Up:

– Signal:
– TT:
– What is Love? :
– Heart Shaker:

Side Tracks

– After Moon:

– One in a Million:
– Sunset:
– Chillax:
– Stuck:



– Fancy:


– 🙂 🙂 !!:

– Breakthrough:

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