The M-Countdown (one of the top 3 music awards in Korea) just happen yesterday. As expected, GUESS WHO WON……… In other victory for BTS as they literally SWEPT all of the votes, 11K votes to be exact, coming off from a Music Bank win. The second place went to Super … Read More “M-Countdown!”

KPop Idols vs. Singers (an important distinction)

In my time of following and listening to K-Pop, I’ve often heard the refrain: “[Inserts Name] can’t even sing, why is he/she even an idol” or “[Inserts Name] is in the group literally only because of his/her looks” used as insults for certain idols in certain groups. Here’s the thing … Read More “KPop Idols vs. Singers (an important distinction)”

Seungri Partner in crime admits to some Porn-ish activities

Police recently call in Seungri and his Robin Yoo In Suk to have a Q&A session about their little scandal. After a couple hours of very intense questioning (ahem I am THINKING how this would have play out like what happen in CSI), and door slamming and threats and name … Read More “Seungri Partner in crime admits to some Porn-ish activities”

First Annual “Fact Music Awards”

Well although the award show is relatively new, the “awards” themselves are not. The awards ceremony use to be an online thing hosted by FANNSTAR (all of the awards are decided by the fans) but this time they decided to make it a physical show and a lot of popular … Read More “First Annual “Fact Music Awards””

Hong Kong Tourist Crisis

More Tourist= Good= BAD??

Hong Kong is one of China more democratic cities, being a part of the UK until like late 1900s (I don’t know the exact date) and China welcome the city with open arms saying something like 2 system, 1 nation (China allows Hong Kong to be … Read More “Hong Kong Tourist Crisis”

Park Yoo Chun scandal gaining Noteriety

Little known scandal here in the West because honestly it does not fit in the big theme. See the Burning Scandal was kind of cover here because we have a #meToo era right now, but this drug scandal? Like singers here do drugs all the time, heck COLLEGE student do … Read More “Park Yoo Chun scandal gaining Noteriety”

Blackpink gaining some street cred after Coachella while Perfume…not so much

At least one band in from Asia is quickly gaining popularity again.

By now a lot of people who follow Coachella must know about Blackpink, the KPop idol group that perform 4/19 (AWWW NO 4/20!) and 4/12 with their first performance receiving comprehensive coverage from various entertainment newspapers in the … Read More “Blackpink gaining some street cred after Coachella while Perfume…not so much”

Jung Joon Young owes his Agency some cash

Well with the Burning Sun scandal still going on, it is logical to assume that the key players have all been forced to retire from the entertainment industry of Korea. Another sad day for Jung Joon Young as it is revealed that he owes his agency MAKEUS around 300 million … Read More “Jung Joon Young owes his Agency some cash”

China Art Festival to be in Shanghai sometime in May

The 12th anniversary of China Art Festival (top-level comprehensive art and culture event) is set to start in May 20 in Shanghai. It will feature dozens of plays, drama, art exhibitions and musicals. The festival will conclude with the Wenhua Award ceremony for the performing arts. It is not WHO … Read More “China Art Festival to be in Shanghai sometime in May”

APINK celebrates 8 year anniversary with a song

Well one of the most popular girl group in Gen2 KPop just released a new single to commerate their 8 years of working together. We are in Gen3 now so only the veterans (fans since way back in the day like 3-4 YEARS AGO) were actually hyped and not many … Read More “APINK celebrates 8 year anniversary with a song”