[Recap/Review] Ashes of Love Episode 3


Emperor Taiwei asks a series of question to his eldest son Run Yu basically trying to implicate him as the one who harm Xu Feng’s Nirvana on that fateful night. Run Yu denies this, saying that he couldn’t have because he himself was injure by a mysterious black-clothed man, and his water magic makes him unable to even get close to Xu Feng’s Nirvana. Taiwei asks Run Yu why he didn’t notify them of his heavy injury before he was called into question, and at that moment Xu Feng finally enters the palace room. Xu Feng bows to his mother and father and tells them that he fell into the wilderness after the attack and have been spending the last few days trying to find the culprit. With that Xu Feng clears his brother of all guilt. His father is relieved and tells Run Yu to stand up. Empress Tuyao though presses her husband on the matter of succession. Taiwei says he will get to it after they have fend off the Demon Realm attack, and just then reports came in that a “Fire immortal” show up yesterday at King Yancheng (the demon realm high lord) place and made the demon realm retreat. It seem certain that Xu Feng will be announce as crown prince, but Xu Feng ask his father to “hold up bro” since he says that making them retreat is small, defeating the realm is a larger feat. He asks to be excuse so that he can prepare his troops for battle.

Run Yu follows his younger brother as Xu Feng attempts to treat his injury. Although Xu manages to neutralize most of the poison, he tells his brother to take it easy since they have different type of magic, Xu can’t force his inner force to completely cure Run Yu. Run Yu is nonetheless thankful for his brother and the two exchange pleasantries over tea and talk about what happen that night. Xu asks Run for help in locating the culprit, and lightly tease him that Run should practice his magic more so he doesn’t cause headaches to his younger brother. Run smiles because he’s ABSOLUTELY ROASTED. The bromance feels is real though.

Just then at the Empress’s little palace, one of her servant appears to her and report that Xu Feng and Run Yu is enjoying each other company, Xu even help Run Yu cope with his injury. This messenger has black clothes on also, along with a mask but he doesn’t look like the other black-clothed man that had big balls in trying to injure Xu Feng. The Empress is mad, saying her son is being friends with the wrong people and if not for her schemes, Run Yu would be the crown prince by now.

Jin Mi wanders garden of the heaven realm, saying it isn’t all that special and there’s too much clouds. She glimpse around and see pretty flowers everywhere. She picks them, put the instant her hand touch the flower disappear. Jin Mi thinks it’s because the flowers are looking down on her for being only a “elf”, and she in a “sour grapes” style, walk away.

Jin Mi arrives at Xu Feng quarters and noticed how the ground is barren with floral color (you know why CAUSE XU FENG IS A REAL MEN REAL MEN DON’T DO FLOWERS). A white fox tail is evident on the green grassy lawn and she excitedly reach out to touch it. Just as she is petting the tail, complimenting on the quality and the softness of the fur, the fur TURNS INTO A MAN with white clothes, and red strings tied everywhere and a red coat on him. He is the Moon Immortal Danzhu (acted by Xia Zhiyuan) in charge of love affairs in all of the realm. He calls Jin Mi out on harassing his tail, but it’s all good because no one had play with him in so long. Danzhu tells Jin Mi that’s she is such a pretty fairy and Jin Mi smiles awkwardly and thinks to herself that she’s actually an elf not a fairy. Danzhu basically go on a spiel of words, and Jin Mi just stand there smiling along being respectful.

Xu Feng has left after the tea, but Run Yu is still there pondering on the battle with the black-clothed man, especially the part where he uses fire release POISON FLARING BEAD. Although Run Yu manages to water release TSUNAMI SHIELD in time and flings the bead aside, but the black clothed man uses this time to fly away. Run Yu is burned by the bead and seeing that his opponent has escape, picks up the bead. Run Yu in present day is holding the bead in his hand observing it, and asking who can be so powerful to master both water AND fire magic…..

Meanwhile, Jin Mi is telling her side of the story of Xu Feng fail Nirvana. Danzhu is barely listening, he is literally spinning a romantic-korean drama esque story of how Jin Mi and Xu Feng fated love. At the end of the whole story, Danzhu is the first to jump on Xu Feng X Jin Mi ship, and gives her a red string telling her to tie it around Xu Feng ankle and they will be MADDDDDDDLY in love (it’s an Asian chinese thing, the red string fate connecting lovers together blah blah blah). Jin Mi accepts the string awkwardly, just then Xu Feng comes and slam his feet on the nearby table showing off all of the various red strings on his shoe. Jin Mi accounts to count them, but doesn’t get above 12 before Xu uses his magic to make break them. Xu Feng ask the Moon Immortal to stop with the red strings and giving it out to the female servants at his palace. Danzhu uses his uncle card, saying that WOW HIS NEPHEW IS ALL GROWN UP NOW AND DOESN’T REMEMBER HOW HE LOVE THE RED STRINGS WHEN HE WAS JUST A LITTLE CHICKEN. Xu Feng apologizes to his uncle, and Danzhu whisper that Jin Mi is a good fairy and that Xu should take her as a mistress. Xu ask who is Jin Mi (wait what did you NOT KNOW OF HER NAME THROUGHOUT THESE LIKE YEARS CAUSE DAYS IN HEAVEN = YEARS IN MORTAL REALM) and Jin Mi gives a loud clear throat. Danzhu ask Jin Mi to come to his house of marriage (his palace) while Xu Feng excuse himself. Jin Mi agrees to go.

Oh no, it’s not a chinese drama without mistaking a girl for a boy. Jin Mi is fawn over the other female fairies working at the house of marriages. They all say how soft Jin Mi flowery appearance is and that in a few more years every fairy will fall for “him”. Danzhu shows Jin Mi his various scrolls of mortal begging him to match them with someone SMOKING HAWT. Danzhu then gives Jin Mi a book so that she can learn about LOVE so that when the time comes for Xu Feng to fall in love with her, she can TOTALLY USE EVERYTHING SHE LEARN TO HER ADVANTAGE IN BAITING XU. Jin Mi decides to ask Danzhu how her little succulent friend can be revive, and Danzhu replies that the cycle of death and life can’t be interrupted….. Danzhu sees Jin Mi turn very sad, and he plays the but card and tells her if she practice hard enough in heaven she can ask for an audience with the “supreme masters” who wields omniscient, omnipotent powers that can control everything. Jin Mi follow TWICE’s advice and happily takes the book that Danzhu offer her.

Back at Xu Feng palace, his two main servant report back to him that everything has been prepared for Jin Mi as he ordered. Xu is half listening as he is looking fondly at the plate of grapes on his table. The two servants say that Jin Mi has been spending a lot of time at the House of Marriage and that “he” is very popular with the fairies there. Xu Feng laughs as he reminisces that only a “little demon” like Jin Mi would call herself fairy instead of an elf.

It is nighttime in the realm and Danzhu and Jin Mi is trying to make the red threads into a ball of yarn. Jin Mi is barely working and basically sleeps on the pile of threads. Just then the “Beast of Dreams” who apparently looks like a little deer with antlers, comes to her and attempt to eat her dreams. Danzhu tapped Jin Mi awake, and she is scare when she sees the beast of dreams. When Jin Mi denies she hasn’t been sleeping, the beast of dreams cough up Jin Mi latest dream, her basically playing alone in a field of flowers. Danzhu snickers while Jin Mi scare away the beast of dreams. angry that it tattle tale on her. Jin Mi asks Danzhu where she can actually pick flowers and make honey here in the heaven realm and Danzhu decides to reveal to her the sad love story. After the Floral Goddess die many Danzhu ago, she destroys basically all the floral of every realm and forbid flowers from EVER growing in the heaven realm (salllltyyyy). Because of the lack of colors, Taiwei decides to make “fake ones” out of clouds so that these “flowers” aren’t real they just look real but when touched by human hands, they disappear. Jin Mi blames this all on love, and calls it WORTHLESS it doesn’t increase your magical powers nor does it do anything but yet seemingly destroy things, why is it needed? (wise Jin Mi for catching on LOVE IS BULLSH*T. LOVE IS FAKE GANG, NEEDING LOVE MEANS YOU WEAKKKKKK). Danzhu is of course offended, and scold Jin Mi for being so stubborn and show her his opus magnum “Tianxing Book Of Love”. Jin Mi rifles through the pages, looking at kissing scenes, hugging scenes, SEX SCENES????!! Jin Mi toss the book aside saying it’s hideous to look at to Danzhu look of absolute horror. When Danzhu tells her that love is the most truthful (and hurtful and crushful) thing in the world, she asks once again does it help with magical prowess. Danzhu cleverly replies “why of course” and tells Jin Mi to take his book home and study it. Danzhu leaves, and Jin Mi picks up his and her ball of yarn back to the House of Marriages. Except her ball of yarn is barely spun into a yarn ball, but she say “it looks all the same to me”.

On her way back, she encounters the sleeping Night Immortal Run Yu, who takes half of his true form as a dragon. Intrigued, she steps closer only to awake the beast of dreams who break her headband while she screams (but look long hair Jin Mi. WOW EVERYONE CAN SEE SHE’S A WOMAN NOW!). Run Yu wakes up immediately and apologizes for his beast actions. Jin Mi says “all good g” and compliments/insults the beast calling it cute but FAT. The beast turn very salty although Jin Mi tries make amends for calling it fat. She thinks Run Yu is a small time immortal, and proceed to tell him the story of other great immortals that had humble beginnings (Sun Wukong a small town monkey and Immortal Zhang who look after donkeys before he made it big). She encourages Run Yu to look up and that his future is bright. Run Yu thanked her for her kind words and she leaves him a red thread and walk away.

It’s morning in the house of marriages and Jin Mi is showing the other fairies how she can make flowers out of thin air. A servant from the Fire Palace interrupts her and ask her if she can make him a bouquet of flowers. In exchange, he offer her fire eggs, which when probably consume can grant you 100 years of magical POWERS. Jin Mi gratefully accepts.

At dinnertime, Jin Mi hard boil the eggs and then proceed to eat them. They taste delicious, but a while later she gets a burning stomach ache. She crawls her way back to the House of Marriages asking for help, and Xu Feng, after hearing the news, appear in front of his uncle house with servants to take Jin Mi away. Danzhu fake cry that he couldn’t stop kidnappers (his nephew) from taking Jin Mi away and Xu tells his uncle to “puh-lease uncle stop faking”.

Xu Feng quickly resolve the problem, and tells her that her body is “cold” in nature, how can she eat something so yang like his fire eggs. He scold her as a little demon and all Jin Mi can do is weep for her reduce magical powers. After Xu leaves, the servant that handed her the eggs apologizes (he thinks that Jin Mi was a “boy” so it wouldn’t affect her if she consume POSTIVE TESTERONE ENERGY) and she just tell him to can it and leaves her alone. When he ask if there’s anything he can do, Jin Mi gets annoy and tells him that a little demon like her loves to eat young boys and girls. The servant quickly runs out leaving Jin Mi to rest.

Back at the floral realm, Yan You (the Snake Immortal that Jin Mi thought was just a water snake) senses his friend is in danger and flies to the heaven realm and into Xu palace. Xu of course sees a green smoky trail and blast it, and Yanyou reveals himself calling Xu the second prince.

Xu and Yanyou walks out into the courtyard and Xu scold Yanyou for being a thief. “You were tired of being an immortal and so you become a demon are you tired of being a demon too?”. Xu asks Yanyou what is his relationship with Jin Mi, and Yanyou slyly replies that he and Jin Mi are lovers. Xu is of course kind of angry at that answer, and tells Yanyou to speak up or else they have to fight. Yanyou assures the second prince that they are just debtors and creditors and that Jin Mi owes him 1000 year of magical prowness. Just then they are interrupted by Jin Mi cries.

Jin Mi is dreaming about the night she and her friend Rou Rou were totally DESTROY and Yanyou came and save them. Yanyou whips out his flute and play a calming melody for Jin Mi, Xu Feng is instantly relieved. Outside Yanyou laughs that only Jin Mi can destroy her prowness because of gluttony, and Xu Feng asks how much prowess Jin Mi still owes him. Xu says that he knows Yan You doesn’t need the prowess (he is powerful himself) and that if he tries to do anything to Jin Mi, Xu will have to step in.


I really like the pace so far of this story, I mean we do not have any “substantial” move of plot this episode. Literally nothing has been resolve from the culprit of Xu Feng attack or like Rou Rou problem. There was just enough action to keep me not snoring throughout the episode. I like it how we dive into Xu Feng and Run Yu bromance a little bit at the beginning and also their personality. Run Yu seems to be a pacifist with no intention of taking the throne, and Xu Feng seems to dislike the heavy responsibility of being the King of heaven. The two also seem to get along very well, unlike ancient Chinese dynastic sons (where eldest son always try to make his younger siblings disappear). We will see how long this bromance last.

One thing I got to say I hate is how the Chinese seem like they have a long hair fetish (I mean I just don’t like any girls, long hair or short hair). Like really? It isn’t a chinese drama or an ASIAN DRAMA without any “mistaken identity”. It’s pretty funny, I guess Asian girls are that flat, you just need to tie their hair up and walla BOY! I don’t know if it’s meant to be funny (which I think it is suppose to be funny but I have watch too much…..) but like it’s kind of insulting too. But who cares right? We are a Confucian SOCIETY HERE! WOMEN BELONGS IN A HIERARCHY THEY SHOULD KNOW THEIR PLACE! THE KITCHEN!


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