[Recap/Review] Ashes of Love Episode 4


When we last left off, Jin Mi has just arrived in the heaven realm. She has not been outside in like 4ever, so when a totally hot (get it cause he’s like fire attributed?) phoenix Xu Feng takes her to the heaven realm she’s totally having the time of her life. From getting use to the mischievous Dan Zu, who happens to be Xu Feng uncle, to getting to know the cold and cool Run Yu it seems as Jin Mi still has a lot to learn! What is our favorite pack of raisin up ton NOW???


Once Yan You has pacified Jin Mi dream of her succulent friend dying, Xu Feng ask him to “catch me outside how about that?”. Xu Feng basically gives Yan You the rude version of thank you, saying that he will pay all of Jin Mi essence debt and once that it is over Yan You should back off or else face Qi Wu Palace (basically Xu Feng place of residence) wrath. Without further ado, Xu Feng forks over 500 year worth of essence to Yan You. Yan You thank him for the debt+interest and also thank him for being sincere and looking after Jin Mi. With that he exist first, Xu Feng smiles on Yan You last statement. Xu Feng back in to Jin Mi bedroom, and is clearly impress by her circle of powerful friends.

Back at Zi Wan Yun Palace (which is basically the Bird domain) the bird leader Sui He is reporting back to Empress Tu Yao matters of the bird domains. After her report on the newcomers and the new “birb generals” to watch over the district, Tu Yao dismisses her attendants and begin taking a walk with Sui He. Yao notices that Sui He is getting mature and she should not just focus on impressing the empress, she should also visit Xu Feng more often to you know, get his dick. Sui He report on the new BOY FAIRY that Xu Feng just got who save his life outside of the heaven realm and Tu Yao encourages Sui He to make use of this boy fairy to get closer to Xu Feng. Tu Yao points out the palace and the garden that would be Sui He soon enough after she becomes a couple with Xu Feng.

Back at Qi Wu Palace, Jin Mi is feeling awfully better and takes her succulent friend out for a sun bath. She notices that Xu Feng is actually a power deity figure in heaven and plans to ask him for extra prowess since she just lost so much over eating fire eggs. Jin Mi puts her plans into action to get what she wants. Apparently she had gotten tips from Dan Zhu to basically get more prowess, especially from Xu Feng. The first tip is…..

FLATTERY! Jin Mi brings up her flower biscuit sweets for Xu Feng to taste. After he refuse and goes back to reading his manual, she basically force fed him a piece. He seem to like it at first and Jin Mi press him about giving her prowess for her good work. Xu Feng shot her down by saying “too sweet” and Jin Mi is back in the kitchen to make a second batch.

Too plain! A third batch? Too hard! A fourth batch? TOO SOFT! It seem like Xu Feng will never be please so Jin Mi decides to skip out on the flattery and enact the Plan B!

BLAME GAME! She goes up to Xu Feng while meditating and curse him out. It was his fault for making her lose 300 years worth of powers because she lost it in heaven, he brought her to heaven, and he had to bring her to heaven cause his ass needed saving. Flashback to a conversation when Dan Zhu gave her this tip, he caution her that Xu Feng might throw her out of his palace right away but Jin Mi had doubts. Flash forward to present time, she actually got kicked out of the palace to her chagrin. Well well well, time for the third and best trick of all…..

Basically “ageyo” acting cute, so dealing with his hard reaction with soft reaction. Jin Mi catches Xu Feng bathing in a waterfall and decides to bring an umbrella to block the water. When Xu Feng says he won’t give her prowess, she coos and tell him that she didn’t want the prowess she just remember him almost drowning in the floral realm so she thought he hated water hence the umbrella to protect him! Tired of her persistence, Xu Feng relents and tell her to meet him in the morning tomorrow if she wants some prowess gaining tips. Jin Mi happily runs away…

At a nearby river in the lower realms, the rat immortal (the culprit of the attack on Xu Feng) is meeting up with the three fairies from the floral realm in hopes of an alliance to crush the heaven realm. Chief Zhang remained adamant that floral realm will stay neutral on the realm affairs. The rat immortal baits them, saying that have they forgotten which realm made the Floral Immortal die in regrets (ahem Heaven Realm). Although the three chiefs shift about uneasily, Chief Zhang state again a “hard NO”. The Rat Immortal proceed to call the whole floral realm filled with “weak pretty ladies”. Begonia and Zhang do not engage in the bait and leaves, Magnolia though is pondering it over. The rat immortal encourages her to DM him if she changes her mind.

Back at Xu Feng place, Jin Mi is now newly appointed “Reading Assistance”. Her job is to fetch him a cup of joe, snacks or refill the ink box when he is writing. In exchange, Xu Feng would teach her a bunch of spells. There’s an awkward conversation on Jin Mi’s boobs (why is my chest getting bigger. Honey you asian, our race is flat as fu$$ Well most are) until Xu Feng tells her to recite the “Brahma Spell” that he thought her days ago. Easy peasy yes? But Jin Mi totally forgot how it goes and only manages to say 5/49 lines. When Xu Feng gives her more to memorize by the next day evening, she panics and ask him if there’s an easier way to which he say no, Jin Mi got to get the fundamentals down. When Jin Mi angrily grabs the scrolls and prepare to leave, Xu Feng stops her saying she can memorize at night but now she needs to do her job as the RA (reading assistant).

Later that evening, Sui He brings a sweet basket to Xu Feng residence. On her way, she ran into Jin Mi who was dismiss when Xu Feng was discussing matters with Liao Yuan. Sui He bribes Jin Mi with 100 years of prowess in exchange for her collaboration in “Sui He trying to get Xu Feng private part Project”. Jin Mi happily accepts the essence and her part in the project of basically telling Sui He how to get Xu Feng.

Liao Yuan and Xu Feng goes over recruitment to re build the Heaven Realm army now that the Demon Realm looks like it can attack anytime. Liao Yuan reports that he has told unclassified immortals to gather and when Xu Feng ask him about “men in black” that attack Xu, Liao Yuan can’t offer any information on that matter. Sui He interrupts them, and Liao Yuan excuses himself. Sui He place out the sweets on Xu Feng reading desk. He doesn’t try it her snacks though until she drop hints that he should (it’s my first time cooking ya know???). He tries it and half heartedly said that it was “delicious” while calling for Jin Mi to fill the tea. Sui He attempts to fill Xu Feng cup, only to be told off and Xu Feng forcing Jin Mi to do it. Sui He excuses herself and Jin Mi tries to do the same until Xu Feng said “nuh uh it ain’t night yet”. While Xu Feng is reading, Jin Mi tries to side swipe some of the snacks but Xu Feng always caught her at the last second. Xu Feng then tells Jin Mi to bring the cookies away, and Jin Mi hastily accept his orders so that she can consume the snack outside.

A while later when Jin Mi is at the Moon Immortal place, a star guardian by the name of Yue Bei and her fairies sister brings the moon immortal a stack of notes meant for Xu Feng. They also ask him for ropes, and when he presented red ropes to them, Jin Mi ties one for Yue Bei who look very flatter (oh shiz…..). Afterwards Jin Mi decides to massage the moon immortal arms to ask him for a favor. She ask how does one get a guy as cold Xu Feng (she is asking for Sui He) to which the moon immortal give her his special edition love books.

It’s night time and Jin Mi is still on RA duties. She doze off though and Xu Feng wakes her up and ask her how can she be so lazy and not practice the spells he gave her. She wakes up with a start but replies that she did practice and she was able to transform a table out of thin air. THE VERY TABLE THEY ARE USING RIGHT NOW and that’s how one leg is shorter than the other 3. She shows Xu Feng the book that she use to balance the table, and Xu Feng scold her for using a book (the moon immortal books on love) and she takes out all the three books that was balancing the short leg to show Xu Feng that she got the whole collection. Of course this makes the table collapse and Jin Mi falls on top of Xu Feng, just in time for the Moon Immortal to walk in right on them. He is impress and keep on screaming “Love is in the air, spring is here” and runs out saying that Jin Mi is his prized student. Xu Feng angrilies tell Jin Mi to get off of him and punish her by making her stay up and practice transformation spell. She sulks and Xu Feng seems to be lost in words.

At the Nothern Gate, Danzhu decides to pay Run Yu a visit. Danzhu tells Run Yu rumors that the water immortal Luo Lin and Lin Xiu (from the marriage in the first episode) are pregnant with a child. Danzhu reminds Run Yu of the saying that Emperor Tai Wei said during the wedding, if Luo has a girl she would be wedded to the king’s first born (Run Yu in this case) if a boy he would become sworn brothers with Run Yu. Danzhu ask if Run Yu was ready for marriage if the child turns out to be a girl to which Run Yu replies that he doesn’t think he will marry since he has low self esteem and view himself as a burden and not a catch. Run Yu then diverge from the subject by asking his uncle if he had any new helpers lately, Danzhu replies “No” but Xu Feng has a new RA named Jin Mi. Run Yu smiles at that….

Back at the same shady river, Chief Yulan or Magnolia has finally appear in front of the rat immortal. The rat immortal ask her to do him a favor so she can be trusted in this alliance, when she tells him to continue he holds up a picture of Jin Mi and asks who this fairy parents were…. Uh oh…… Magnolia stare up, unsure of what to do….

As punishment for lazing off, Xu Feng turns Jin Mi into a pair of chopsticks so that she can pick up his food but can’t eat it. After lunch, Xu Feng play the drums with his new sticks. Then he turn her into a cabbage and puts a bunny nearby, she freaks out of course. Finally he turns he traps her in a chair that he proceed to sit on to meet with Run Yu. When Run Yu inquires about Xu Feng new assistant and where was she? Xu Feng said that he gave her a vacation day.. LOL

Fed up with everything, Jin Mi decides to move into the House of Marriages that’s owned by Danzhu. Amused, Danzhu then reveals to her an important piece of news, there was to be a conscription for heaven troops in 2 days and that she should check it out because of the special surprise…..

Jin Mi arrives as the Fire Lord Army camp is just setting up. The servants of Xu Feng notices her and congratulates her on witnessing such a rare event! The event is divided into two sides, one is the Night Immortal recruitment army and the other is the Fire Immortal recruitment army. While the Night Immortal recruitment army is just for show (nobody wants to join him anyways), the Fire Immortal recruitment army is packed with earthlings. Xu Feng arrives and the recruitment gets started right away as soldiers step up and basically recite their resume. Sadly for Xu Feng, the mortal tongue is in a different dialect than heaven sophisticated dialect, and he struggles to understand what the recruit are saying. Unlike Jin Mi, who understands word for word what the soldiers are saying and the places whence they came from, she can’t stop thinking about special food at those places where the soldiers originate. Xu Feng just sit there and nod, and telepathically communicate to Liao Yuan that next time, the recruits better be using the official language of the sixth realm (which is presumably not English). A soldier mistakes Jin Mi as coming from his town and he eagerly greet his “fellow townsmen”. Jin Mi denies this but Xu Feng hears that Jin Mi could understand AND communicate with the mortal realm, he instantly commands her to be his translator. Finally, Xu Feng could understand the achievements and what every recruit was saying. Jin Mi translated what Xu Feng said to them, and Jin Mi translated what the recruit said to Xu Feng.

As the recruitment day winds down, an eager female soldier by the name of Kuang Lu (acted by relatively new actress Du Yuchen) goes straight to the Night Immortal Recruitment camp to the shock of everybody there, no event like this have ever happen before!

After the recruitment, Xu Feng thanked Jin Mi for her role in today recruitment process in a long narrow way. He express his admiration that she knows the mortal language, while calling her a mutant grape for doing so. She reveals that in her free time in the Water Mirror, she read mortal books and come in contact with the language that way. Xu Feng decides to tell her that the Fire Palace will hold a rice dumpling festival a couple of days from now where the ingredients are enhance with, ESSENCE! It’s kind of like a lottery program, many of the rice dumpling will only hold one year of essence, but the biggest essence giveaway is 500 years!!! Jin Mi eagerly waits for that day to come. When the servants brought this to the attention of their lord, Jin Mi ask to wrap the dumplings herself but of course Xu Feng doesn’t let her because knowing Jin Mi, she will cheat….

Meanwhile Kuang Lu is brought in front of Run Yu where she declare her allegiance and will do whatever he tells her too, even mundane jobs like grinding the ink and getting tea. Run Yu tries to scare her away by saying she won’t get any meritorious achievements (which she doesn’t care), and that he is a hard man to deal with (which she doesn’t care). Run Yu finally relents and let her join his camp….

Deep in the demon realm, the demon Qiong Qi (Hu Mianyang act as this fearsome beast) is pissed off at his years of imprisonment. He screams under the pagoda that he’s trap under, saying he will do anyone bidding as long as they “LET HIM OUT”. A mysterious voice began to open the gates to release QIONG QI………..

In the floral realm, Chief Zhang is worry that Jin Mi still haven’t show up in so long, and she begins to feel guilty that she have failed her master the floral immortal. Chief Begonia is right beside her comforting her. When Zhang afraid this is the love trial that Jin Mi is facing, Begonia basically say “BS sis”. Zhang pass the order down to all the grasses and the trees, find Jin Mi IMMEDIATELY!

Back at the Qi Wu Palace, while Xu Feng is meditating his RA is just slipping off to dream land. A servant pass a letter to Jin Mi and Jin Mi nonchalantly passed over to Xu Feng. He takes out and read it, a smile appear across his face….


While the previous episode was on Jin Mi adjusting to heaven ways, this episode explore the loveline between Xu Feng and Jin Mi. Although he won’t admit it, Xu Feng is falling for Jin Mi and her “wild” ways. It’s pretty funny to watch Jin Mi trying to convince Xu Feng to give her more and more essence and in the meantime you can see Jin Mi showing her true self to Xu Feng more and more and that hook-line-sinker him pretty hard. Xu Feng tries to act like a tough guy, but it is evident that he feels lonely at times and Jin Mi knows when to drop by and just lighten his day even if she makes a fool out of herself. The same can be said for Run Yu, who really lacks human companion and instantly when Jin Mi appears to him and talk with him once, he is hook. I think Yang Zi is doing a better job acting than most Chinese Actress at portraying her character.

Even though Jin Mi is a nice cool character, she isn’t a strong one as so far yet…. I think one of the troubles of CDrama is this, usually the female protagonist isn’t…. strong. Of course there’s exception Story of Yanxi Palace or Princess Agents but here in Ashes of Love it seem so lackluster. The males are the dominant powers and then you have Jin Mi who’s there to entertain everyone but she herself is sort of weak…… Even though I do not like the empress, I like her because she seem to take shiz from no one, spying on people to push her agenda. Even the emperor listens to her (he was about to appoint Xu Feng as crown prince). I hope Jin Mi grows more of a independent streak, because right now it seems like she depends so much on others. She the daughter of Floral Immortal for gosh sake, she is suppose to be more powerful or at least on equal standing with at least Sui He….. I like the series so far though, I mean it’s only 4 episodes but the plot is moving JUST fast enough for it not to be boring.


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    The rat did not attack Xu Feng he just covered for Yan You later.

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