[Recap/Review] Ashes of Love Episode 5


Jin Mi meditation sleep time gets interrupted by a love letter seemingly for Xu Feng. Without reading the contents she hands it to Xu Feng who reads it with a smile. Jin Mi sees this and regrets that she didn’t keep the letter for Sui He to read first. Xu Feng gives the letter to Jin Mi telling her to read it out loud. Apparently it is address to Supreme Fairy Jin Mi. Xu tells Jin Mi that fairies nowadays have bad eyesight (how can they not see you are an elf???) and Liao Ting (servant) comes back to tell Xu that Jin Mi has a visitor. Xu tells her to go….

Outside the author of the letter Fairy Xian Er/Xue Bei is blushing shyly and ask if Jin Mi accepts to her letter preposition. Jin Mi has no idea what she is talking about (she only read the introduction before being interrupted) and compliments the letter on the spot saying it was sincere and it was very moving. Xian Er takes this as a “yes” to her preposition and she kisses Jin Mi cheeks, leaving Jin Mi very confused…

The fire dumpling (it is noted that these are actually not the dumplings you are thinking off, it’s a type of “pie” with sticky rice composing most of it and with beans and meat filling) festival kicks off at Qiwu Palace with a lot of people in attendance. Everyone is here to get the main entrée of the event, the dumplings wrapped with magical prowess. They go to the dumpling table where the servants are handing each attendee only one dumpling each.

Meanwhile, Jin Mi positions herself underneath the table and with nimble stealthy hands, grabs a dumpling each time when the servants are distracted with the patrons at the table. At the end of the day she has hoard 20 dumplings. Knowing that her probability to win BIG is high, she happily dives into her first dumpling.

Even though she only got 1 year of essence (magical prowness) she compliments the taste and quickly dives into another one, just slightly disappointed that this to only has 1 year of essence. She proceeds to eat and eat and eat, and after the dumplings are all eaten, she is exasperated that she only gain 20 years of essence at the cost of gaining like 20 lbs. She has a stomach ache and lies in bed mulling over her bad luck….

Fei Xu (a servant like Liao Ting acted by Cui Bin Bin) comes to her and scold her for not helping them pack up. Jin Mi is too tired to argue and just said that she was feeling bad for herself so she took a nap. *The servant* admires her determination and tells her that he hasn’t heard about the Dumpling King with 500 years of prowess being eaten yet. This makes Jin Mi jump out of bed and ask if there’s anyone who haven’t eaten his/her dumpling after they got it, and the servant says the prince (Xu Feng) did ask for one but he doesn’t know if the prince has eaten it. Jin Mi hurries out to meet Xu Feng in the main study room. Like magic, the dumpling is still sitting there on his reading desk. Xu Feng asks Jin Mi if she is moving out of Qiwu palace, and she said “NONSENSE” all while staring at the dumpling.

Xu Feng catches on to her gaze at the dumpling and decides that he is hungry, so she should heat the dumpling up for him to eat. This makes her panic, and she tells him that this dumpling sucks and it’s not worthy for an immortal like him, but Xu Feng says that her curses towards the dumpling makes him more interested in eating it. Xu Feng attempts to grab at the dumpling, but Jin Mi hands catches him and tells him that she will make him flower cake that taste 100x better. Xu Feng agrees and Jin Mi runs out with the dumpling.

Outside, Jin Mi prays that this is the jackpot dumpling as she takes a bite. BINGOOOO, 500 years’ worth of essence overflows her whole body and warms her up. She’s excited about her new found powers and thinks to herself that she has to get a proper gift for Xu Feng this time (he doesn’t like flower cake) and when she looks around at the dull garden an idea gets into her head.

Xu Feng goes outside and ask for his flower cake, and Jin Mi says she has a better gift. With a flick of her hand, she causes true red flowers to bloom on the nearby tree in the garden. She tells Xu Feng that these were Phoenix Flowers and legends have it they only bloom twice, once for beginning of lover’s destiny and once more for the end.

Xu Feng ask that these flowers can’t fill his belly up and so they are worthless. Jin Mi exasperatedly ask if there’s anything he likes in the world, unromantic, doesn’t like the pretty fairies that swoon over him. Jin Mi concludes that he must love punishing people, and after sticking out her tongue she ran away. Xu Feng looks at the Phoenix Flowers and compliments that they are nice to look at once Jin Mi was gone.

The next day, Xu Feng is reading as usual with Jin Mi at his side to assist him in anything that comes up. The studying session is interrupted by a group of fairies lead by a man named Jin Du. He came here to ask for marriage between Fire Immortal, but Sui He appears out of nowhere and tells him “not gonna happen sister”. Jin Du’s attendant corrects him saying they are seeking a marriage with Jin Mi not Xu Feng. Now Sui He is suddenly on their side, saying “wow what a great match!” she attempts to push Jin Mi to say yes to the marriage.

Xu Feng finally steps in and after a homophobic speech (a good couple is a man + woman) he takes off Jin Mi hairpin spilling her long hair. Now everybody can see she’s a female and Sui He is shocked. Jin Du excuses himself for misunderstanding and he and his attendants pack the wedding gift and goes out.

Now that it’s reveals that she’s a girl, Danzhu takes Jin Mi to his place to get properly dressed. He laid out several sets of clothes and first gives Jin Mi a purple one because she is a grape elf. She doesn’t like it and when Danzhu looks hurt (why you be flaming my sense of fashion JIN MI!!??) Jin Mi tells him that she prefers the red one instead and Danzhu offers it to her. She gets dressed right there (OK OK NOT WHAT YOU THINK) with magic and a lot of spinning around. Danzhu looks at her flustered when he sees that she looks so much like the late Floral Immortal Zi Fen. After recollecting himself, he tells Jin Mi that she looks totally awesome and Xu Feng will be happy (uh…) and treat her nicely from now on.

She walks out to a nearby courtyard where Xu Feng and Sui He are talking about books with each other. Sui He compliments Xu Feng note taking skills, and Xu Feng amusingly stated that he did it for the lazy Jin Mi so she will understand, much to Sui He chagrin. To further annoy Sui He, as Jin Mi walks in the courtyard, the flowers that she touch no longer disappear but instead become real flowers and not “cloud” flowers anymore (before these are fake flowers made from clouds). Xu Feng gets full on eye candy which further angers Sui He.

Sui He admonish Jin Mi for not helping Liao Ting and Fei Xu with tasks but instead go walking around dressing up and distracting everybody. Jin Mi replies that she thinks she looks ugly in this dress like a “fire bellied chicken” which is apparently related to the peacock (Sui He is a peacock spirit). While Jin Mi is clearly not trying to be mean, in Sui He eyes she’s being arrogant and attacking her. Xu Feng steps in and excuses both he and Jin Mi and tells Sui He they were going to talk later. As the two is walking away, Xu Feng tells Jin Mi to reflect on herself for offending Sui He while she goes about doing her tasks.

Well back at Qi Wu palace, she isn’t doing her task at all instead just lies there fanning herself. Fei Xu is organizing the palace books and takes a glimpse at Jin Mi lying lazily on the bench. Fei Xu can’t take his eyes off Jin Mi and then in anime-esque style he has a nosebleed.

The guy is experience what I call TESTERONE SURGGGGEEEE. Jin Mi notices and ask if he was ok and the man experience some real reaction formation, calling Jin Mi stupid and she looks so hot, it’s her fault that he is like this! Xu Feng steps in and sees the situation and he figure out that it must be because Jin Mi looks so attractive so he dismisses Fei Xu telling him cool down before he goes back to work. Jin Mi tries to follow him out but Xu Feng ask her to stay. He advises her to put the magical pin back on so she wouldn’t become a distraction to others. Here’s where the comedy of errors happens….

Jin Mi remembers Danzhu advice that on the dress, it would make Xu Feng happy and she will be well treated. So naturally Jin Mi asks if Xu Feng is happy to see her in this dress because she did it for him. This stuns Xu Feng and the two have a moment of silence just staring at each other. Xu Feng recollects himself and mutters that “WOW she must be totally in to me”. Jin Mi on the other hand silently mocks Xu Feng and tells herself that “dressing up as an ugly bird is worth it because he seems happy, maybe he will give me ESSENCE!”. Xu Feng proceeds to tell her that Danzhu is holding a ceremony at the House of Marriages a few days from now so she could go if she wants to. Xu Feng asks Jin Mi if he should go, to which Jin Mi replies “NAH, the all the fairies will come to you and I won’t get a good seat!”. Xu Feng sees this as Jin Mi being jealous while Jin Mi sees this as Xu Feng being afraid that she will take all the fairies.

Xu Feng makes Jin Mi follow him to his trophy collection where he attempts to flex. At first Jin Mi is ask to open the cabinet one by one, but she’s too slow at it (she was shock by the big tooth and claws of the first cabinet) and he opens all of them to reveal beast heads, more talons and claws. Jin Mi can’t stop starring wide eyed at the collection especially an empty spot in one of the cabinets while Xu Feng explains that these were all beasts and monsters that harm the sic realms and were eliminated by HIM. He looks at Jin Mi big eyes and thinks it’s because she’s admiring him and he can help but compliment himself, while Jin Mi is picturing her head in his collection, thinking that Xu Feng is threatening her.

Jin Mi stomps off to the House of Marriages telling Danzhu that his nephew sucks, even though she dresses up he is still threatening her. They have tea and Jin Mi comments how Danzhu is looking thinner the last time she saw him. Instead of taking it as a compliment, Danzhu is distress saying that the Bird Tribe is giving him small chickens to eat…

Else where in the Empress Headquarters, Sui He recounts the incident where Chief Zhang accuse her of stealing away a flower elf to Tu Yao. Empress Tu Yao finds it strange that a measly elf made Chief Zhang so mad that she has ban all of the flowers from being food source to Bird tribe. Sui He press about the dire situation, newborns growing up with nothing to eat and looking very frail and thin. Tu Yao orders Sui He ton investigate about this elf and that Floral realm will suffer her wrath.

In the House of Marriages, Danzhu and Jin Mi tea time is interrupt by the arrival of Lao Hu who is apparently good friends with Danzhu. They serve him tea and it took several cups before Lao Hu relates how on his way to Danzhu place he was chase by a rabbit.

Lao Hu tells Danzhu that he was kicked out of the floral realm for failing to protect an elf from being taken away by a big bird, Jin Mi interrupts him and finally Lao Hu recognizes that the ELF he was looking for was right here! Lao Hu instantly takes Jin Mi hands, saying they must go back now or else there would be war between birds and flowers. Danzhu stops him telling Lao Hu that Jin Mi must wait until Xu Feng is finish with his task to say goodbye before leaving. Lao Hu says, “no time!” and teleports Jin Mi and himself to Heavenly Gate.

At the gate, Danzhu manages to catch up with them and ask Lao Hu for an explaination before taking Jin Mi away. Why is she so important even though she was just an elf?? Lao Hu of course doesn’t explaining (he took the heavy oath that was set by late Floral Immortal) and goes the roundabout way that Chief Zhang cares for every sprites and elf that she brings up. Jin Mi is enjoying the spotlight, and also thinks that Chief Zhang really has a special place for Jin Mi in her heart. The back and forth is interrupted by the arrival of the ferocious Qiong Qi. Jin Mi instantly recognizes the beast as the one that killed Rou Rou and tries to take her revenge. She instantly gets blasted of course and falls straight back down as Lao Hu encourages the three of them to take cover.

Qiong Qi turns into his human form, and was about to kill Jin Mi before Run Yu timely arrival kicks him away. The two battle, Run Yu uses his water sword but Qiong Qi impenetrable skin make it hard for his sword to draw blood.

Even with Jin Mi distraction, Qiong Qi manages to get a palm in to Run Yu, which blast him away crashing into a nearby pillar. Qiong Qi pounces on Jin Mi again but is struck by a fire arrow which send him crashing down into the clouds below. It’s Xu Feng with his tiny army of 10 men and Qiong Qi rises from the clouds and easily defeats all of them.

Xu Feng jumps into the fray, and the two battle…


Again, again with the cross dresses female-> male just because the female wears her hair up. Man long hair fetish for females in Asia is very very real. To be honest I know the show try to BS its way past that very common chinese drama trope by saying “oh her hair pin suppress Jin Mi’s gender” but I rather they should have just not say anything because come on. EVEN WITH THE HAIRPIN, clearly she looked like a girl. The hairpin might have tied her hair up, but Jin Mi chest was clearly a little bit bigger than most males, why don’t you just show her lifting weights to explain this since the show seem to want to sell the idea that it was LOGICAL that everyone viewed Jin Mi as a guy. Even Sui He who’s the head of the bird tribe, you would think her magic/essence was strong enough to see the truth (like Xu Feng) but in that scene she was as shocked as everybody else….

Overall though I think this episode was very nice. I really liked the fact that Xu Feng seem to be falling first and I like the comedy of errors in the middle part of the episode. It was funny to see misunderstanding between the two, Xu Feng being smitten and trying to flex his impressive trophy hunting collection. It backfires without him even knowing which was pretty funny. It does finally highlights one of the Fire Immortal weakness: hopeless romantic and Jin Mi. Before Xu Feng was painted as such a strong guy, scaring literally the ruler of the demon realm just by appearing, which I thought was BS because uh Ruler of the Demon Realm suppose to only loose to Heaven Emperor. But now slowly, he is being control by his feelings and you can see that in the scene with the Phoenix Flowers and the eye-candy-Jin-Mi-in-the-garden scene.

I also like the fact that the show seem to move actually at a good pace, I was shocked that Qiong Qi would make such an early appearance. I would think that Jin Mi have to gain like a couple of essence first AND THEN she goes and faces Qiong Qi, it was really nice that he appear early and actually was “depower” beating the Night Immortal and the Moon Immortal until Xu Feng has to come along. It seem like Xu Feng finally have met his match, for he was shocked when his arrow imbued with fire magic was CAUGHT by Qiong Qi in the midst of battle with the heavenly troops. Wonder who will save them from this sticky situation now……


  • Evora | Apr 14,2020

    It was considered unfilial if you cut your hair because your body was given to you by your parents. Everyone had long hair and wore long robes. Hairstyle made a difference, although Jin Mi is clearly a girl.
    Also, is there a recap for the rest of the episodes?

  • Ranofan | Jul 23,2021

    It’s sort of badly explained, but the reason Xufeng can see her is because of their love destiny. When he grabbed her arm in the scene where he learns she’s a woman, you can see the red strings connect them. Prior to him grabbing her, he thought she was a boy. The hairpin is enchanted, part of the special protection to stop Jinmi’s destined love disaster. The show doesn’t exactly show it well, but to everyone else, she looks like an ordinary guy with no breasts or anything. That’s why the Yuebei tries to marry Jinmi. Until the hairpin is removed, nobody can see Jinmi’s real gender whether it be the Emperor, Empress, or Suihe. Runyu sees it because the Beast of Dreams senses the magic and yoinks the hairpin to reveal Jinmi’s true form.

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