[Recap/Review] Love O2O Episode 2


This episode picks up at the common area bridge where after selling her potions, Wei Wei was just about to leave until the number #1 player in the realm, Yi Xiao Nai He, calls to her. He ask Wei Wei to become his wife (OMO, a proposal in Episode 2) to which she laughs at. Nai He reveals his intentions to enter a “couple tournament” in a few days and she just so happen to be the best female player in the game. It takes Wei Wei sometime to think it over, and finally tempted by the tournament’s prize money along with the prospect of using Nai He as a stepping stone to become #1, she accepts.

While she wants to get it done with fast (let’s go to the stone of three lives right now!) he says to meet him back in 3 days at around 8 PM for he will make the wedding the grandest the realm has ever seen. For you know the #1 in the realm marriage NEEDS to be grand!

After getting a yes from Wei Wei, real life Xiao Nai logs off with a smile on his face. Suddenly his one of his roommates, Yu Banshan (acted by Niu Junfeng) waltz in announcing to everybody there that their bachelor days are over. He just received word that Yi Ran wants to see him to fix her computer and he attempt to hype everyone up saying that they might see some ACTION 😉 tonight.

Qiu Yong Hou (acted by Cui Hang), Hao Mei (Zheng Yecheng) and Xiao Nai silence takes Banshan’s macho down a bit and Yong Hou points to Banshan that he’s getting used so that Yi Ran can get closer to Xiao Nai. Banshan agrees, saying he is attempting to go for the minnows around Yi Ran and so Xiao Nai can have the big fish that is Yi Ran.

Xiao Nai is not interested and announces that he is now “married” so he can’t go willy nilly go fixing other girls’ computer. The three roommates are interested in meeting this girl right away!

Back at Wei Wei dorm, she is suddenly bombarded by messages from the game three people asking how she was able to melt their “third bro” heart. In game Xiao Nai introduces Wei Wei to his fixed team for quest by their usernames. Mozart (Hao Mei’s username), Monkey (Yonghou’s username) and Old Man (Banshan’s username). Mozart, Monkey, and Old Man are glad that they have a girl in their midst so that their party isn’t call “single men club” anymore.

Monkey Yonghou picks up on Wei Wei’s username and he proceeded to be NOT A BRO, asking her if she was Zhen Sui ex-wife. Xiao Nai jumps in saying that there are a lot of stupid people in the world and in real life, all three of the men shame Yonghou and his question. The newly formed 5-man team tackles a dungeon together, and they effortless score a big W.

A few days later, the auspicious marriage day arrives, and Wei Wei seem to be very excited about it checking her calendar at the end of class. All three of her roommates are present in the class and Xiao Ling (the face mask girl) picks up on Wei Wei weird vibes and teases her about it.

Er Xi tells all of them to hurry up so that they can get good seats at the B-Ball game and while Wei Wei tries to wiggle her way out of the game, her roommates would not have it! Meanwhile in his house, Xiao Nai suits up for a conference about his startup business….

At the gymnasium, all the seats are pretty packed with girls viewing the warm up in hopes of seeing Xiao Nai. Da Zhong (Zhang Chaoren) who’s also Xiao Ling boyfriend, shows the 4 girls to their seats. When Xiao Ling ask if Xiao Nai was coming, he seems a bit hurt and drop the bombshell that he’s probably not going to make it. Xiao Ling, Er Xi, Si Si, and Wei Wei attempts to leave, and Xiao Ling tells her boyfriend that she’s going to be back after eating dinner. Da Zhong attempts to stop them saying the stands might be full, but Xiao Ling fires back that when the crowd knows Xiao Nai is a no-show, the gym will be empty as heck.

Xiao Nai arrives a little early than expected. His three buddies-roomies are there to meet him and tells him that all the big companies and big investors are here. His three roomies (who is also in on this startup) tells him to represent Zhi Yi Technologies (the name of the startup) in a good light!

Well as promise the 4 girls did get back after dinner to see a much more emptied gym. They take their seats and a boy from the basketball team approach Wei Wei asking her on a short date if he wins the game. Wei Wei turns him down and wishes him luck instead. When her roommates’ notices that she’s been getting better at saying “no”, she coyly replies that she just has a lot of experiences. Their proceeds to cheer their CS team on…

At the conference, Xiao Nai and his buddies-roomies absolutely score a 10/10 on their presentation, impressing prospective investors. One executive from Zhen Yi technologies ask to meet Xiao Nai further to discuss his startup in greater detail. Xiao Nai agrees to a meeting

Wei Wei rushes back to her dorm just in time. In fact, Xiao Nai has just gotten back home from his presentation too. Wei Wei sees an absurdly amount of people gather for the wedding, including some big guild leaders in the midst. The guild leaders tell her that Xiao Nai has helped them out with missions many times, so they are here on his orders to ride behind the wedding carriage.

Xiao Nai offers Wei Wei a sword (the same sword that was offer by Zhen Sui as a divorce settlement) and she only takes it when he pressed her too. She offers him a ring also, saying she will give him more stuff later to make up for getting a very very good item. The wedding procession begins….

Bystanders mocked the couple, saying number #1 on the server should have married the number one beauty Xiao Yu, but instead took “damaged goods”. When the crowd basically say that Xiao Yu beats Wei Wei any day, Xiao Nai’s three amigos step in and ask Xiao Yu if she dares to go 1v1 with Wei Wei. Well that shut everybody up, but as the wedding procession moves forward there’s even more rumors and gossip that Xiao Nai was dumped by Xiao Yu and so the two broken hearts mesh together right away.

The wedding procession ends in a bedroom, a newly added feature that sadly doesn’t allow for “sexy time”. It’s just a private talk. Wei Wei ask Xiao Nai if he knows Xiao Yu, he affirms it because Old Man invited her one time to do a quest with them, but he had to kick her out because she sucks!
To end the night, the two go on a romantic virtual hot air balloon ride. It’s a full moon and the city below looks breath-takingly FAKE. Anyways the two just enjoy the scenery together.

After the wedding date, Xiao Nai and Wei Wei usually accompanies each other on quests and in one instant he plays music with his lyre weapon while she harvests herbs. He gives her an orange flower afterwards, and she shyly accepts it.

In the real world, things are not looking as pretty for Wei Wei. At lunchtime, Er Xi shows her a post on their school newspaper, a picture of Wei Wei getting in an expensive card. Wei Wei tells Er Xi that they were going to investigate this IP address of the person who post it after lunch.

In the school library, Xiao Nai overhears the rumor from a couple of loud college students looking at the post. Rumors start to build up, with voices on both side saying she has a sugar daddy, to how can she choose another boy from another school, to “let’s no judge so quickly” (wise students who said this).

Back at the dorm, Wei Wei looks up the username and although its weird, Er Xi totally knows who it is. She reveals that it’s the username that Cao Guang goes by, the genius in the foreign language department. Wei Wei instantly goes out to look for him….

She catches him on his motorcycle and Wei Wei explains the situation to Cao Guang, showing him an image of a disabled boy that she tutors with his rich but single mom. Cao Guang doesn’t believe her saying she looks good enough to attract a sugar daddy and that this photo could be photoshop. Wei Wei writes down the address, telling Cao Guang to go see it himself since the boy needs an English tutor anyways.

Wei Wei gets back to her dorm and logs back on to her game again, just in time to see Xiao Nai message to go see him in the “Heavenly Palace”. When Wei Wei gets there, it seems like Xiao Nai has caught the culprit who originally said that Wei Wei is damaged goods. The guy can’t move since Xiao Nai bind to a pillar with a piece of magical chain. He runs his mouth though, taunting Wei Wei saying she sucks and if she has balls (which she doesn’t), kill him quickly! Wei Wei takes out her beginner knife, and then puts it on autoplay. Sadly, this guy has pretty good armor and has a lot of health, so the knife doesn’t deal much damage to him. This traps him in “eternal hell” as Xiao Nai said that he will come back and heal the guy once his health gets too low. The guy instantly regrets saying what he said and ask them to please just end him quickly! Xiao Nai reveals to Wei Wei that this person can’t log off because he was caught while almost completing a quest, he will have to start over if he logs off now.

Xiao Yu’s minions happen upon the place, and sees the guy tied to the post with a beginner knife hacking at him. The minions recognize that the guy have help them out before in a mission, and they go to “reason” with Xiao Nai and Wei Wei, who has been AFK all this time doing their own work in real life. As the minions talk and taunt the two at the same time, Wei Wei gets back on her keyboard and defends Xiao Nai. Shortly after Xiao Nai also return to control his character, telling the minions to get lost or… DIE!!!!


OH NO LOGIC FAILURE LOGIC FAILURE. So I am genuinely confuse by the end of this episode, although it’s a minor detail it totally distracted me throughout the episode. Remember back in Episode 1 where Na Na (Yi Ran minions) was trying to get dirt on Wei Wei and ask Cao Guang for the photograph of Wei Wei getting out of a rich person car? Cao Guang then said that he deleted it, but as the rumor was reveal in this episode, he actually didn’t??? Then I want to ask why would he lied to Na Na previously then? As revealed in this episode, Cao Guang is not a good guy at least as of right now. Also in episode 1 it seems like Na Na knew the rumor before it even existed? Cause she was asking for that specific photograph, but in this episode it was reveal that the rumor and article JUST got out and instantly everyone in the school or at least the CS department was talking about it. So did Na Na knew before hand? But if she did and the rumor wasn’t released yet, I bet Yi Ran would have released it.

Overall an OK episode, I mean at least I got to see more of Nai He and the people he hangs around with. I am still complaining that I barely saw anything from Wei Wei friends, literally just the one scene where they were going to watch basketball. As an audience member, even to episode 2 I have no idea what ANY of Wei Wei friends are like except maybe besides Xiao Ling, although SHE’S not even suppose to be more important than Er Xi, and all I know as of right now Er Xi is just one thirsty girl looking to be in a relationship. Even the guy that was rejected by Wei Wei, Er Xi was eyeing him so hard. At this point in time, I know more about Xiao Nai roommates than any of Wei Wei friends, even though Xiao Nai roommates was just revealed this episode! Let’s hope episode 3 picks up the pace.


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