[Recap/Review] Love O2O Episode 4

Oh gosh they are getting really really laggy right now. It’s literally the fourth episode and the two leads haven’t met in real life. Please just let this “handsome”-rejected-by-too-cool-for-school-victoria and Zheng Shuang meet already.


Once outside of the house, Cao Guang offers a condolences hand shake and express his sincere apology at making the post. Wei Wei accepts and tells him not to make such hasty judgement. The two got to speaking about Xiao Yang, with Wei Wei revealing to Guang that due to a car accident Yang lost his dad and his ability to walk. Guang notes that the kid is cheery beside the circumstances and tells Wei Wei to discourage Yang from gaming because he’s so young. Wei Wei admits that she thought games were a waste of time too but reveals that it was Yang who taught her about gaming and one of the reason why Wei Wei wants to be a game designer. She hypothesize that kids like Yang who is disable and stuck at home use online gaming as a tool to explore the outdoors (albeit virtually) and make new friends.

Wei Wei arrives at her dorm to see Er Xi signing up to play “Chinese Ghost Story”, much to Wei Wei surprise. Er Xi tells Wei Wei that she’s only playing to keep up her cover and to know more about gaming in case she gets the job. Wei Wei offers to help her on the server, but Er Xi wants to figure out the mechanics by herself and joins a new server with new players instead. Wei Wei goes back to her desk and tells Er Xi to call out if she needs some help. Wei Wei log on to her server forum to see that the game was holding a video “love story” contest. The latest video submission is no other than Zhen Sui + Xiao Yu. Wow here I thought Zhen Sui meant it when he didn’t want to do the video.

In the video the pair plus Xiao Yu’s minions are surrounded by a mob of fighters. In a smooth move, Zhen Sui gives Xiao Yu his golden bow and guide her hand to draw the string back.

Together they absolutely destroy the mob and in a KDrama-esque scene, Zhen Sui and Xiao Yu look into each other eyes and declare their undying love for each other (pfffft. Love is fake kids). The “romantic” moment is ruined by a girl dress in all red that looks exactly like Wei Wei’s in game character. Except this impostor is named “Loser Wei Wei” which is a Chinese pun since Wei Wei’s in game username sounds like the word “Loser” or some variation of it.

This Loser Wei Wei is over exaggeratedly pathetic and has none of the top ten players swagger the real Wei Wei has. The Loser Wei Wei bawls out at the pair, asking Zhen Sui what she did wrong and how could he choose Xiao Yu over her. She goes on a monologue how all she wanted was pure love while the Zhen Sui and Xiao Yu look on with disgust.

Loser Wei Wei ends her speech by lunging at Xiao Yu but she ends up falling flat on her face right on to the dirty ground instead. Zhen Sui and Xiao Yu leaves and the scene ends with a bawling Wei Wei on the ground, kicking up dirt and pounding her hands.

The real Wei Wei, who is DESTROYED AT THIS POINT, write an angry DM to Zhen Sui and proceed to slam down her laptop in anger and head off to bed.

The video quickly spreads among the server and Banshan/Hao Mei/Yonghou catch onto it. Banshan notifies Xiao Nai of the video and Xiao Nai quickly states that he will be at the dorm in a little bit to solve this little issue. That sends the three boys scrambling to clean up their mess as if a girl is coming. The three ends up tossing dirty clothes at each other, none of them want to claim any of the smelly garments.

Xiao Nai views the video and when the three chums say he should just log on and flag the video, Xiao Nai says he will solve this in a “gentlemen manner” by waiting for Zhen Sui to come online tomorrow.

In class, Cao Guang seems very distracted. He can’t help but remember the conversation he had with Wei Wei yesterday. Taking out his phone in class, he looks at the picture that he took of Wei Wei getting out of a rich car longingly.

On the college track, Wei Wei is exercising for herself and her roommates. Apparently, there’s a system at this university that you must jog a certain amount of distance every week? Wei Wei swipes four times when she gets a lap done. Nearby is Cao Guang on his motorcycle just getting out of class and catching Wei Wei running along in the track.

He uses her “illegal” methods as an excuse to approach her. When she ask him if he was going to write about her swiping four times, he laughs it off nervously and shyly offers to buy her a meal. The implication is clear, this manz want in. When Wei Wei politely turn him down saying his apology was enough, he mutters that he would do it again if he could, so that he will get to know her. Wei Wei smiles at this and Cao Guang asks if she has a boyfriend. While Wei Wei says “no”, she also says that she doesn’t intend to get one either as she jogs away. The last part of the sentence obviously did not reach Cao Guang, and he pleasantly smile to himself about how she just said she didn’t have a boyfriend.

Er Xi is also doing some running but not at the track. She is running late for her film class even though she did come a little bit before class to claim a seat and then try to squeeze in breakfast time. She crawls on the floor to avoid detection and interrupting the class discussion on the “Titanic” (1994 version). As she gets to her claim seat, she sees it is being occupy by none other than Cao Guang! Er Xi recognizing him but he doesn’t seem to know who this weird little woman is. When Er Xi shows Cao Guang that she called dibs on the desk by showing him a textbook that she had placed under the desk, he just pleasantly moves the textbook to the next seat. Er Xi gets tilted when Cao Guang won’t budge and she kind of screams which makes the whole class and the professor aware of the late comer who is still crawling on the floor.

Seems like a common occurrence because the professor just shakes his head and resume teaching. Er Xi gives in to the violation of dibs and tells Cao Guang to move his legs so she can get in. Sadly, the seat next to Cao Guang is broken, and when Er Xi attempts to sit on it her butt just falls flat on the floor which disrupt the class discussion yet again. After a feel uncessful quick attempts at fixing the seat, she curses her bad luck. Cao Guang is taunting her on the side (like he did with Wei Wei) and ask her if she thinks this is a playground slide. Er Xi grand solution is to let the rectangular seat drop and she would just simply sit on the side.

Cao Guang laughs when he sees her solution and ask if she is now playing on the monkey bars, which earn him a square kick in the chest.

He tumbles out and get up angrily screaming at Er Xi. The professor sternly gives the pair a warning. Cao Guang grudgingly gets back to his seat to Er Xi smiling face.

The sitting on the side does earn Er Xi a buttache, which she complains when she gets back to the dorm and sees Wei Wei present. Wei Wei ask what happen and Er Xi relates to her the meeting between her and that annoying Cao Guang. Er Xi attempts to curse him out to Wei Wei, but her butt is in too much pain for her to say anything.

Wei Wei leaves her there to air out the pain as she logs back into the game just to see that she was left on read. A fellow player sees Wei Wei spawning and excitedly ask her if she knows about Nai He vs. Zhen Sui 1-on-1 match. She seems puzzle but follows the player to the stand anyways. Nai He is there alone playing on his sword harp as he waits for Zhen Sui to appear.

Quite a bunch of people are in attendance to see the match and Nai He buddies’ notices Wei Wei coming towards them. They filled in Wei Wei about the details how Nai He has saw the video and challenge Zhen Sui to 2 rounds of combat. Apparently combat means for every time you lost to a player, your game level decrease by one. The trio laughs how Nai He have said that Zhen Sui just need to win once to be declare the overall winner of the two rounds and how Nai He will leave out two items to make it “fairer”. The crowd is excited to see Nai He in action going up against his equal in gear wise since Zhen Sui is a whale (basically pay-to-win player) and has equivalent legendary gears as Nai He. After some time, Zhen Sui shows up flanked by Xiao Yu, he jumps onto the stage and the battle commence.

Zhen Sui opens up with his “Fire God Arrows” and shoot three at once in a volley.

Nai He uses Twilight Shroud” turning invisible and raising his dodge rate by 100% for 2 seconds effectively neutralizing Zhen Sui arrows.

Zhen Sui cocks back another arrow and walks around to try and sense where Nai He could be. Sadly, Nai He chains his skill with “Twilight Shroud” and unleash his next skill which basically blinds the target for a duration. Nai He follows it up with a basic attack which hit Zhen Sui square in the chest.

Nai He then uses his “Celestial Binding Chains” to suppress Zhen Sui ability to use his skills.

This time though Zhen Sui manages to break out of it. Kind of spooked, Nai He quickly jumps away as Zhen Sui nocks in another arrow. Nai He ends the match by using his empowered chord blast hitting Zhen Sui again square in the chest.

Xiao Yu quickly gets up onto the platform and heals Zhen Sui to full health, then taunting Nai He in that he didn’t leave out two items. The pair is embarrassed when Nai He reveals he unequipped his ring, and for the final match he was going to use only one arm to battle. Zhen Sui angrily retorts that he to will unequip an item and the battle commences again. Zhen Sui activates his “Rapid Reload” increasing his attack speed by 100% as he launches fire arrows while jumping up. Nai He match him with a string of chord blast and it looks like the match is even, Zhen Sui on top of a pillar launching his arrows while Nai He matches it with chord blast.

Sadly, Zhen Sui ability goes on cooldown and Nai He gets an empowered chord blast in as Zhen Sui tumbles to the ground. He admits defeat and swiftly leaves with his gang as the Nai He trio laughs.

Post battle, Banshan reports to the gang that Zhen Sui has taken off the video clip. The three friends reminisce how they wanted to hack Zhen Sui account and do a complete wiped. Wei Wei tells them that it would be too mean that way, but Banshan says it’s nothing compare to what Nai He has done (uhhhhhh). Nai He and Wei Wei depart for their moment alone where Nai He explains that he wanted to resolve the issue quickly and apologizes to Wei Wei for not letting her resolve it on her own. Wei Wei is touch at his apology.

The next day in the library, Wei Wei is distracted from her studies and begin to draw the game character of Nai He. While Nai He finally signs up for some classes in the comfort of his own home. As Wei Wei leaves the library, Cao Guang greets her and ask for a walk.

Er Xi eventually realize that Cao Guang is pursuing Wei Wei and tells her that she doesn’t approve because Cao Guang has been a dick. Apparently, Wei Wei has relent in getting a meal with Cao Guang.

When Wei Wei asks why Er Xi have such a grudge against Cao Guang, she simply replies that she doesn’t like him, there’s no grudge here! Er Xi goes out onto the balcony and catches a glimpse of Xiao Nai walking bye and excitedly bids Wei Wei to come over. While Er Xi is muttering how hot Xiao Nai is and how he is so cold and distant, Wei Wei comes up with an idea to tell Cao Guang “NOOOO”.

After the meal, Cao Guang walks Wei Wei outside, the two are closely tailed by Na Na. Wei Wei outrights tells Cao Guang that she doesn’t think they are a match. When Cao Guang starts to get pushy, Wei Wei says that she likes “Xiao Nai”, which makes Cao Guang shut up because who can beat the #1 man on campus. As she walks away, Na Na approach Cao Guang and taunts him for just being rejected by department beauty. Cao Guang tells Na Na to shove it as he too walks away. Na Na goes to tell Yi Ran that Wei Wei is also interested in Xiao Nai.

Cao Guang is still hook over Wei Wei, and he spends a long time staring at a picture of Wei Wei (wait a second…. Where he gets that PICTURE???). His roommates take the photo from him and ask if the girl is his girlfriend to which Cao Guang replies “Nah” (well at least you said that).

His roommates then tell Cao Guang that when pursuing, one must go all out like adapting the girl interest so the two can find common ground. This gives Cao Guang an idea….
In history class, Cao Guang strikes a deal with a fellow classmate if she can go get Wei Wei account handle on “Chinese Ghost Story” and in return he will wipe her absences. Cao Guang’s dormmates ask him to join them in a good friendly game of B-ball.

At the court, Xiao Nai team with his dormmates is already whupping everyone else. Xiao Nai team runs it back though and Cao Guang appear in time on the courts. He catches the other team air ball and ask Xiao Nai to a game. Xiao Nai quickly accepts the challenge.


Why of course is it so repetitive now. Here I thought that Zheng Shuang is supposedly the bad ass character, you know being good in CS and turning down boys left and right, yet she can’t seem to solve any of her problems, in game wise even though she is supposedly good enough. When Blood Devil taunt her, she just literally let the rumor fester that she and Xiao Nai were broken pair of lovers. Xiao Nai has to step in to solve that problem. Even here, Xiao Nai have to step in to solve the problem of the music video. It obviously bothers Wei Wei even though she acts like it doesn’t, everytime the issue is resolve she is further touch by this virtual game character. Can I just say Xiao Nai is too overpowered? I get that RPG requires skill, but A LOT OF THEM “doesn’t”, and the fact that he easily beats Blood Devil who looks powerful in his own right and Zhen Sui with ONE GEAR UNEQUIPPED is a bit too godly of a skillset. I would have thought he has some flaws revealed by now, it doesn’t seem like it, he seem to be purely fictional and the “perfect man” in every women dream that is only found in dramas. I guess I will only find girls good in CS in fictional world too #DABBBBBBB. JK JK, but in all honesty like I can’t seem to relate to anyone here. The only girl that’s at least a little badass is Er Xi, she at least gave Cao Guang a kick to know that he’s a dick which in all honesty he deserve that. If the guy wasn’t so cocky, I would be inclined to forgive his creepier pursue of Wei Wei (because those people exist in real life and also in dramas the “second male lead” always pursue the first female lead until the very end). No strong character development so far, almost 1/6th way through the series…..

Please let Cao Guang wup Xiao Nai for once, or if there’s only some way for them to BOTH LOSE the basketball match…..

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