N no Tame Ni (Testimony of N)



I definitely never thought I would go into J-doramas on this site, but I guess here we are. I don’t know why I never really got into J-doramas, for me J-doramas seem like more unknown than K-Drama or even C-drama. Heck J-doramas is probably less popular than Taiwan or even some Thai dramas too. It’s like even though Japan is ultra modernize and very connected with the Western world most of their culture is still “isolated”. The only thing that seems to come from Japan culture wise right now is anime, if it’s not anime it’s still relatively unknown. Maybe that’s why I have not got into J-doramas yet, I’m still working through more popular forms of dramas from east Asian countries.

Oh well, I guess life doesn’t always work the way you want and here we are with the first J-dorama for the website, the classic, hidden gem that is “Testimony of N”. Let’s get straight into introducing the series now shall we?

“N no Tame Ni” or “Testimony of N” is a thriller, romance, and action packed of a monster. The basic of the story boils down to this, there are these four friends who live on a remote island: Sugishita Nozomi (Nana Eikura), Naruse Shinji (Masataka Kubota), Ando Nozomi (Kento Kaku), and Nishizaki Masato (Keisuke Koide). These four friends found their lives turned upside down when one day all four of them happened to be at the scene where a rich married Noguchi couple was found murder in the year 2004, instantly making them all suspects. Based on confession and various testimonies, only Masato was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Now in 2015 Masato is about to be released from prison when former cop Shigeru Tanako (Tomokazu Miura) read an article from “The Innocence Project” that speared DNA evidence as being bullshit and reveal a startling statistic on how there is a large portion of people behind bars who do not really deserve to be. Inspired, ex-Cop Tanako goes incognito and decided to re-investigate the Noguchi couple murder himself. Although his supervisor be like “bro…… The case statute of limitations is passed”, Tanako doesn’t CARE. He is CONVINCED that there is more to the murder than the testimonies and witness reports from back then. He is convinced that the murder began to take root 15 years ago on a small little island in the Seto Sea…..

This drama is told in “two timelines”, one timeline begins in the year 2000 all the way up to the night of the murder in 2004. The other timeline is set in the present, 2015 and follows the four amigoes and how life has treated them ever since 11 years ago when their lives were turned upside down. As I have heard it, this drama is definitely not for everyone since it is purposefully slow and half of the drama (the 2000-2004 timeline) is told in flashbacks. Not only that, if you were looking for a true crime, suspense filled drama this might not be the drama for you. This drama is more about the four friends then it is about the actual crime. Heck I have a feeling that the crime is nothing more than a plot device in developing the four characters of this story. This drama is more a “slice of life” story, like “Reply 1986”, than a suspense action crime thriller that it bills itself to be. What this drama definitely has is romance, in fact Sugishita actress and Ando actor ended up marrying each other in real life! I really don’t know if they were the OTP in this drama or it was “second male lead syndrome”, I guess it’s time to strap in your seatbelts and we’ll find out…… TOGETHER!