Reborn Rich

Distributor: JTBC
Where to Watch: Netflix, Viu, Viki
Starring: Song Jung-Ki as Jin Do-Jun/Yoon Hyun-Woo, Lee Sung-Min as Jin Yang-Chul, Shin Hyeon-Bin as Seo Min Yeong, Yun Je-Mun as Jin Young-Ki

Another Song Jung-Ki OPPA drama! For me personally, I think his recent projects in drama-land have been kind of mid. I know that’s a hot take, for Vincenzo (2021) was a popular series that for some reason I really could not get into. Before that, Arthdal Chronicles (2019), is an incomplete disaster forever waiting for the salvation of a second season that will never come. He’s not alone, joining him is Lee Sung-Min and Yun Je-Mun who I both know from watching The King of Two Hearts (2012). They were both pretty good in that series, therefore I am really excited to see how this drama shakes out.

“Reborn-Rich” tells the story of a guy name Yoon Hyun-Woo who works for Soonyang (Suyang) Group – the biggest and most powerful in SK, very analogous to Samsung. Work, more like serve(ant) for Hyun-Woo does everything that is asked of him without question like a dog. The family that is behind Soonyang is quite a crew that are always vying to one-up each other so that they can be “the chosen one” to succeed the company. Caught in this bloody crossfire, our protagonist has this life – the life where he is Hyun-Woo – ended. He is then teleport back to 1987 and reincarnated into the body of Jin Do-Jun, the mysterious youngest grandson of the Soonyang group who is so mysterious that not even Hyun-Woo knew about. Even though he is reincarnated, he still keeps his memory of his past life as Hyun-Woo. Using that memory, the protagonist embarks on a journey to become the chosen one (which is hard because Jin Yang-Chul, the company founder, is a big believer in primogeniture) and also find out who is it that order the hit on him that ended his life as Hyun-Woo. The protagonist also embarks on a journey to get some, for in his past life he was grinding so hard that he didn’t really have time to make a family 😉 😉


Episode 1-3
Episode 4
Episode 5

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