The Untamed



Hot Take, The Untamed is definitely one of the better CDrama of 2019. I don’t know whether to like it or not, because while The Untamed seem to be almost borderline gay with tons of bROMANCE moments (literally my chinese friends would be like “oh you talking about the gay drama”), I’m very skeptical of China actually endorse said behaviors or was this series made to cater to more Western audiences being released on Netflix and not like iQiyi exclusively or something. Anyways let’s get straight to setting the scene!

The Untamed is a detective/wushu series, kind of like “Lu Xiao Feng” books. That being said it is like very action packed with all the fixings of typical Chinese dramas from story of revenge, to betrayal, to the main character having a face change. By golly I don’t know what voodoo magic China has to alter someone face completely, but I think South Koreans want that technology *dab dab dab*.

Anyways let’s get in to this story, and our two main protagonist Wei Wuxian (acted by Xiao Zhan) and Lan Wangji/Lan Zhan (acted by Wang Yibo). Wei Wuxian was a young orphan who was eventually taken in and raised by the head master of Yunmeng Jiang Sect. Wei Wuxian was a prodigy and quickly master all of his sect moves and became like OP. Not only was he OP, Wei Wuxian was a clever one who was known to create his own moves and invent specialize trinkets that confers special powers to the wearer as well as augmenting their abilities (like the Stygian Tiger Seal). During his time growing up though he made friends with young master of the Gusu Lan sect, Lan Wangji and a person from his own sect by the name of Jiang Cheng (acted by Wang Zhuocheng) who is the son of the headmaster that took him in due to Wei’s carefree nature (it should be noted Wei and him are basically brothers. They view themselves as basically bros). Sadly though, this Wei Wuxian was also a studious child and ambitious one too, after he studied all of his sect moves in addition to other sect, he decided to finish off his awesome martial arts skill with the secret, illegal, and forbidden “Ghost Heart Manual” (yes I made up that name. Yes, I should be a wuxia writer). Since this “Ghost Heart Manual” was forbidden and denounce in the Jianghu (martial world), our protagonist Wei Wuxian became known and feared as “Yiling Patriarch” or quite literally “Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation”. This Wei Wuxian, even though he practice “Ghost Heart Manual”, was still very much kind in his heart and while everyone in the martial world began to shun him, he was still friends with Lan Wangji who would late be known as Haguang Lord or quite literally “Lord of Bearing Light”. So summary, Wei Wuxian EVIL and Lan Wangji GOOD but they are like Romeo and Juliet. I think we all got the fact that Wei Wuxian was evil cause he’s literally in black clothes and that Lan Wangji was good because he’s in pure white kind of Symbolism 101 here. Wow is it just me or those that sentence literally sound very racist……… No? Just Me? Why hello Amber Noona so glad you could join us (DAB DAB DAB DAB)!. JK JK JK JK JK

After finishing his practice, the martial world was being shaken with earth rendering activities on a SEISMIC SCALE. For you see the Yunmeng Jiang Sect and the Gusu Lan Sect were locked in world domination conflict along with Qinghe Nie Sect, Qishan Wen Sect, and Lanling Jin Sect. Qishan Wen Sect headmaster Wen Ruohan (acted by Xiu Qing) was looking to restore the “Stygian Iron” (which is a collection of items by the way. Wei Wuxian has a piece of it called the Stygian Amulet) said to have mystical properties that would allow them to rule THE WHOLE WORLD (actually only the 4 other sect but apparently these 5 sect make up the entire world so the entire world for our purposes). Of course the Wen Sect doesn’t do things by the RULES and are the main culprit behind these “earth rendering actives on a SEISMIC SCALE”. As a side note our two heroes wield powerful weapons, uh let’s see Wei Wuxian wields the Suibian Sword and the Chenqing Flute while his partner in crime Lan Wangji wields the Bichen Sword and the Wangji Guqin (a chinese harp. BASICALLY A ZITHER). Anyways it’s QUESTING TIME, even though Wei Wuxian is despised by the martial world he still try to save his detractors a.k.a EVERYBODY lives and try to find out who was behind all this EVILNESS (answer key in everybody minds HIM) along with Lan Wangji. As our two heroes HACK AND SLASH AND PALM MOVES TO THE FACE every obstacle in their way they finally reach the BOSS, Wen Ruohan!

Wei Wuxian: Give it up Wen Ruohan! We know of your evilness and your ATTEMPTS to rule EVERYBODY and kill the INNOCENTS
Wen Ruohan: Oh my my, don’t we have a little Lover Spat on our hands?
Wei Wuxian: GIVE IT UP WEN RUOHAN. You are NO MATCH for my SUIBIAN SWORD OR CHENQING FLUTE. If you want to DUKE IT OUT, I would be glad to whip out my flute and beat you with it. Let me just say this flute, VERY BIG and the BEATING very much hurt!
Lan Wangji: And I would know 😉
Wen Ruohan: Oh my my my, how can me little Wen Ruohan be a match for the “Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation” sword arts? Not only that your “Ghost Heart Manual” cultivation shows itself!
Wen Ruohan: My humble self though would like to challenge your divine sword arts *pulls out a megaphone*
Wei Wuxian: *laughs* HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. What are you going to do with that? You know you can’t STAB with a megaphone right? AHAHAHAHAAAHAAA Come here and give my booty a smack with that megaphone!
Lan Wangji: Don’t you dare Wen Ruohan! That’s my job <3 <3 <3 Wen Ruohan: No No No! For you see this megaphone has the ability to channel what I say for million of miles! Wei Wuxian: HAHAHAHAA. OK! Why don't you go ahead and take the first move? Wen Ruohan: Gladly! *Ahem* ATTENTION ATTENTION! NIE, LAN, JIANG, JIN! I FOUND WEI WUXIANNNNNNN Wei Wuxian: Fools! No one will believe...... All the sect: WE FOUND HIM! GET HIM!!! Wei Wuxian: NVM This whole questing thing culminated in the Battle of Nightless City or that time Wei Wuxian v. All 5 Sect. Not only that the battle revealed to Wei Wuxian just how greedy the five sect were at wanting to dominate each other (they were not only fighting against Wei Wuxian, but also against each other for Stygian Tiger Amulet). Wei Wuxian came down with the blues, now desolated and hated in the entire world he jump from a nearby cliff down to the ravine below. Before he could fall, though, he was grabbed by Lan Wangji who really did not want to see his best buddy die even though Wei Wuxian tells him that "SOMEONE WILL LOVE YOU LET ME GOOOOO". Sadly Jiang Cheng, Wei Wuxian former friend and brother almost, felt that he needed to get rid of this "brother" of his who constantly violated the "bro code" and chose the Hos (Lan Wangji) instead of him. Also Jiang Cheng bought into the narrative that Wei Wuxian was evil now and no longer his beloved brother so with a stab downwards, Wei Wuxian fell into the ravine and disappear, his body never found. This was the events of 16 years ago! Now 16 years later the Wen Sect is now on top and every where there is peace. Out of this peace Mo Xuanyu (acted also by Xiao Zhan. You will see why in a little bit) decided to play "RITUAL CARD" sacrificing himself to REVIVE "Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation" Wei Wuxian! Seriously THIS MOVE is not forbidden??? Apparently Mo Xuanyu was an illegitimate son of the headmaster of Jin Sect and so he was constantly yeeted on. Obviously getting yeeted on multiple times would make someone mad, so Mo Xuanyu decided to give his body up to Wei Wuxian so that Wei Wuxian can beat everybody ass. Now since they are acted by the same actor, you can pretty much guess that Wei Wuxian will be mistaken as Mo Xuanyu for a LONG while by everybody probably - Lan Wangji. Which is funny because the 5 sect are still at an uneasy peace, since Wei Wuxian body was never found they suspect that Wei Wuxian did not die and was bidding time for his revenge. Coincidentally, deja vu events are shaking the martial world again, events that seem eerily similar to the events 16 years ago. Wei Wuxian, now revived, must resolved these new seismic events (new CULPRIT?? OR WAS WEN SECT EVER THE MAIN CULPRIT??!!) and hopefully beat some ass for Mo Xuanyu while he is at it. With a second manhunt on his heels, will Wei Wuxian be able to resolved these new events and clear his name? And most importantly, did Lan Wangji let him go after listening to Hailee Steinfeld on repeat??? Find out NOW TOGETHER BELOW! Also apparently "The Untamed" is based on a book called "Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation" by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu and it's very to the book. Now I feel like I might have introduce the series a little bit wrong, I just gave that moniker to Wei Wuxian cause it sounded cooler than Yiling Patriarch which means almost the same thing (Except it's like Grandmaster of Destroying Lives or something)
Xiao Zhan as Wei Wuxian

Xuan Lu as Jiang Yanli

Zoey Meng as Wen Qing

Wang Zhuo Cheng as Jiang Cheng

Zheng Fan Xing as Lan Si Zhui

Wang Yibo as Lan Wangji

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