Hello people, yes my name is coolguy1234, cause I’m cool guy! HA get it. Ok that was actually dumb. Anyways I am a college student trying to juggle both my heavy schedule (they say 12 credits is enough HA! WEAK) and extra Chinese work/writing that I really didn’t sign up for. Anyways I have been an advent fans of eastern drama works ever since I was young and saw some of the classic adaptation of Jin Yong’s works (like Return of the Condor Heroes 1996), Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Water Margin. Lately I have been watching in my free time not only american dramas (too much sex scenes for me. Yes I am kind of a kid in that aspect I look away every time there’s a steamy scene) and chill on netflix, I also watch KDramas and CDramas. I started this website out of my guilt of not watching shows in chronological order. You see, I like to skip watch but then I tend to loose a lot of the plot. Even when I don’t skip watch, the sheer amount of episodes and characters introduce in a standard 40-ish episodes makes me lose track over time. I saw that there was no good site that would summarize what happen at the end of each episode, so that’s when I got the idea of starting my own site with my brother wisely1300. Since we are both college students, we will try to get out content as quickly as possible but we apologize if we disappear for like a couple of weeks or so (you probably then will know that its testing season 🙂 )