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Roy Kim gets a Georgetown Degree (in addition to his MAYBE “Get Out of Jail Free”)

Let’s be honest the threee amigoes that started the whole Burning Sun Scandal, filming girls without their consent, doing DRUGS with Actress A (whose identity is still unknown but a couple (like big couple) netcitizens it’s the Hallyu Star that doesn’t have that much of a pristine image Han Hyo Joo) and gang raping people, will probably face substiantly less jail time or ARE THEY EVEN GOING TO JAIL AT ALL than the average human being on trial for those crimes listed above. Seungri still haven’t confessed and he still have FEMALE fans defending him (girl, these crimes are literally related to females come on….). Jung Joon Young at least is getting “detention” for now. The third member Roy Kim, not only has he not faced anything yet or ever, he is even allowed to graduate from Georgetown at the end of this semester. You know what Hoyas, you do you, I guess you would care if Roy Kim allegedly rape/sexual harassment an american, but I guess he didn’t sexually harass any americans, he just I don’t know perpetuated a perverted chat circle sharing images/videos of trainees, who already go through so much, doing probably explicit things and is currently under investigation for a big scandal that not only is implicating all of these people selling girls/filming them but also taking dabs (not the Weed variety) but you know what it is fine Hoyas, those girls weren’t AMERICAN and most importantly nor were they WHITE. He probably had a hand in one of the trainee who was gang rape at that Burning Sun Club (I don’t know if Roy Kim was directly involve or not) and wrote a letter before she killed herself, even if let just say for hypotheticals that Roy Kim is innocent, why don’t you Georgetown’s President John J. DeGioia wait until the investigation is complete to give Roy Kim his diploma.

You know what to you netcitizens out there that’s saying Roy Kim deserves to graduate, wait what the fuck is wrong with y’all. I DEARLY HOPE that you are NOT WOMEN, if you are, I would finally understand why we have President Trump. Even again let just say Roy Kim is innocent, then just wait until after everything is thoroughly investigated then I don’t think ANYONE would have a problem with him graduating. Here are top tier apologists netcitizens……

Person above, I swear you are the reason why Boy Bands are more popular than Girl Bands. OOOOH FUCK MEEE PLEASE HARRY STYLES, OOPPPPPPPPAAAAA SEUNGRI PLEASE FUCK ME HAVE MY KIDSSSSS.

Uh yes he has, if he was completely innocent, no investigators would investigate him! The fact he is UNDER INVESTIGATION means that there is PROBABLE cause. Remember, espcially if you are a woman, there has been many Senators/House of Representatives here in the states that was sack without much investigation. Ex: Al Franken? I felt like that was #meToo going too far, I would even say “witch huntie” because everyone deserve at least a fair trial or an investigation. Roy is under investigation, I never said he should be expel, I just said his diploma should be put on hold until such time comes that he is absolve from all of this mess and then no one would even care if he graduate. But then Amy_rigs, Roy Kim issss sooooo hottttt amirite?

Also latebloomer (I hope you have finally hit puberty) when have “seems dedicated to his study” a plausible ground for a pardon of a crime. If I was to shoot and kill someone, but I’m very dedicated to my study I should run free? That’s a bit extreme, lets say I rape someone, but I am an asian, I am very dedicated to my studies, so I should get to graduate? Does that mean as long as I am dedicated to my studies and getting A’s, I CAN RAPE AND ILLEGALLY FILM ANYONE I WANT??? YOOOOOO!!! Thank you kind person, you just LITERALLY gave me determination to get straight A’s so I can just nut on random people at my university without their consent!

Also latebloomer, when have uh….. “lots of people doing it too” been a plausible ground to excuse crimes? When police pull me over for speeding, I guess they are wrong right cause let’s be all honest here, lots of people SPEED too! So there are a lot of sexism and racism in this world, I guess it’s alright to be a sexist and a racist now! You are right though, ordinary people do it too. Please call 911 if you see revenge porn (which is now ILLEGAL in most states) or illegal filming activites. Also yeah Roy Kim is not declare guilty so far, but he IS getting investigated therefore he SHOULD hold up on his graduation until the investigation is OVER cause let’s be honest if I was caught doing something like this, I might face expulsion without any investigation.

Oh person, times are changing. You know what was legal back in the day, SLAVERY! You know what else, uh war crimes!?? Like Nanjing Massacre, or Hitler’s Holocaust (wait he didn’t DO ANYTHING WRONG RIGHT??!!!! THERE WAS NO LAW???!!!). I am sadden that although you were mad, you didn’t report this person with the attachment. And you are right viewing it and sharing it doesn’t make you a criminal, it makes you an enabler. Seeing a crime and not reporting it is NOT A CRIME, you are just mess up that’s all (unless the person who sent it was your VERY VERY CLOSE FRIEND OR RELATIVE OR FAMILY then I can understand why reporting might not be desirable..). Sexual Harassment and Domestic Abuse is one of those CRIMES that is common, but it is rarely reported. I will also give you the benefit of the doubt, yes if I was in your situation I might have been too lazy to report it (I get it I am a mess up human being in some way see me being hypocritical, telling you off although I am not sure if I would reported myself). But this is not even Roy Kim circumstances, he KNEW what Seungri and Co. was doing, he was active enough in the chat. Also when Seungri ask everyone to leave the chat and make a new one so they wouldn’t be discover, only Jung Joon Young stayed or something and that’s why police was able to recover some chat history but not all of it. Now of course I don’t know if Roy Kim was in those chats where Seungri told everyone to leave, if he was then HE KNEW HE WAS COMMITTING SOMETHING very “SHADY”.

I wonder what the Hoyas student body are doing right now about this issues, espcially the so call student “feminist”……. I mean I guess you guy started a petition on (which can be access here Petition). I mean you could potentially just like write a letter to the president and let people sign it you know, I though this era was the era of student/youth activism (isn’t that why some girl from Sweden might be getting the Nobel Peace Prize or something??) This whole incident has gotten me disillusioned with many men and women alike. It’s disgusting that men still do these kind of things, I mean I could potentially do these kind of things in the right environment given that I am a “man” myself. And women, why are you letting us get away with this? Why? Espcially those Seungri girl fans out there that still thinks their Oppa is innocent, to be honest even if he wanted to sex you up I really don’t think any of y’all should let him. Like us guys for our personalities, you can have an intial attraction base on looks but please like us for our personalities and not just purely our looks.

TWICE’s Fancy, a Very Late Review……..

Wow I literally wanted to do a review of the song the instant it came out, 4/22/2019 at 5:00 AM because Korea is 13 hours ahead of the US. TWICE is my favorite KPop girl group of all time and you know this past month have been lit up with Blink’s and ARMY’s news that I wanted to review TWICE 2019 comeback the instant it came out. Needless to say I fainted at 5:00 AM on the 22nd and haven’t gotten to written it until now. I must say I’m glad I waited because I have a clearer perspective of things now that TWICE literally didn’t win any music shows, sunk in the Forbes Power List (I unironically think “Boy With Luv” is a better song but “Fancy” is better than literally “Kill this Love”).

Let’s start with the song, we the fans know that TWICE is a “cute/innocent” concept group, why the heck did they NOT STICK TO THEIR CONCEPT THAT GOT THEM BIG. I get it, people mature and change the concepts but like I need some sort of SIGNAL first. If let’s say a baby one night he is like 5 inches and the next day he is like 6 feet, I would be like what did I miss. Girl Crush, which is what I suspect what TWICE was going for with all black uniforms and such is fine! Really they have grown up, yeah I agree sure, but like if you going to change concept and explore something you haven’t done before, just put the song on the Side-B tracks, and put a cute song as the “main song”. Then like slowly you can later release a purely girl crush or other concept song! Why did you need to do something so drastic so quickly, like Yes Or Yes was not really girl crush, it was more cute and that was like 5 months ago. I really do half blame the netcitizens, there has been talk on how TWICE sucks and how all they know is the “cute concept”. Well eff you netcitizens, I am sorry I would rather stick to the stuff I know. What do you go to your doctor and complain “why you always be a doctor man, just like be a chef or something”. I feel like if TWICE had just wrote a cute song and make it the title songs, it could actually win some shows.

Also the video was girl crush-ish, but the lyrics was cute-ish concept. It seem like there was a mismatch between what I was seeing visually and what I was listening to audiotory. Unlike Blackpink their lyrics is always like “I don’t need love. Love bad, I’m foxy b****ches” but TWICE song it seem like they were stuck in between doing either Girl Crush (dark color) or Innocent (with the colorful clothes) and there was no clear direction. I’m actually scare that they are trying to turn more girl crush-ish because it fit with the Western Market more than innocent/cute and instantly along with Fancy TWICE announces that they were going on a World Tour that would stop in 3 USA location. I just HOPE THEY SUCCEED, unlike the first girl group that JYP brought over here, PLEASE DON’T BE THE NEXT WONDER GIRLS.

Anyways I was really bumped that TWICE Fancy didn’t even scratch 40 million views on Youtube (first 24 hours) while Blackpink who isn’t even AS FAMOUS got like 70 million somehow. I guess Youtube is more West oriented and many Asians prefer other method of streaming like Vline or something. Really hoping that TWICE fans are not FAKE FANS because I was here thinking at least it SHOULD be like 50 million or something (I guess it broke TWICE’s Personal Best).

You say Forbes, I call BS

I was actually excited to see the Forbes Korea Power Ranking for the year 2019 yesterday. The ranking encompasses the period of March 2018- Febuarary 2019 and it is basically a list to show who had the most influence last year. How the people at Forbes do this is by ranking narrowing down a list of 150 nominees and then ranking them in four caterogies: earnings, media exposure, broadcast, and new this year social media. Earnings basically speaks to the amount of money earn through commercials, songs, performances, prizes etc. Media exposure is self explanatory, how much did the said group/individual was covered in the 53 newspapers that is register with the Korea Press Foundation. Broadcasts spoke to apperances on variety shows, MC, and dramas. Social media is a new caterogy this year, and it encompasses followers on instagram, twitter, Vline (which I guess is a Korean thing), and facebook.

Here’s what I think, I think the list doesn’t make much sense to me. Why? I espcially do not like how they include the social media caterogy. Espcially social media that literally only “westerners” use. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter usages are most DOMINATED by the western countries, South Korea comes nowhere CLOSE. Although apparently 69 percent of adults are on social media (Pew Research Center) the mediums (with the exception of Vline) that forbes listed in their social caterogy almost in no way shape or form represent popularity in Korea. It extremely favors the West, espcially in America where almost HALF the population have instagram/twitter. I am not surprise ONE BIT, that Blackpink somehow manages to become first, I mean Lisa just became the most follow idol in Korea on instagram. Although I am not saying that popularity elsewhere in the world shouldn’t contribute to a celebrity success, it DEFINITELY SHOULD, at the end of the day this list is influential in the Korean sphere, this list isn’t Time 100 where it seeks to see who is the most influential in the world. That’s why even though Harvard is a lot more known than Princeton outside of the US, Princeton consistenly place above Harvard in US News and World Report college rankings, who uses statistics/ranking caterogies that’s literally only influential by US. What kind of irks me off the most is the use of Youtube, heck nobody besides basically AMERICA uses Youtube to watch music or do stuff. Asian countries stream using like Melon or something, they barely use Youtube except for seeing like other videos. Don’t believe me? There’s a reason why most big youtubers are western citizens or at least people BASED in the west than the east.

It’s extremely skews towards groups that have market overseas like Blackpink. I’m not saying they are bad, I just don’t think they should be number 1. It should just unironically go to BTS who literally was in Time 100 celebrity list. If Forbes care so much about western markets, just place BTS as number 1??

I still don’t get some of the rankings though, I feel like Forbes suffered HARD from availibility logical fallicy, like they focus on these months as oppose to the whole year in regards to some rankings. Like I still find it hard to stomach why TWICE is lower than AOA’s Seoulhyun? They comeback without ChoA in 2018 was a flop, or it wasn’t NEARLY as good as Yes or Yes that was released in November of 2018. All Seoulhyun has going for her is literally CF’s (commercials). What else does she have? No dramas (just got casted) in the past year nothing else, no music in the past year. JUST CF’s and YET when it was ranking for female “advertisement” brand (in the month of January), Seoulhyun was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Media exposure? I don’t think so, I mean she haven’t even been doing Variety shows that much, it just puzzles me how she should be up there (as expose to let’s say ALL OF AOA). How come TWICE literally fell from being number 4 and like 3 the past two years and then now fly all the way down to 21? It’s not like they disbanded or got irrelavent, I mean Yes or Yes release in November of 2018 was VERY WELL received winning 3 shows how much have Kill This Love won? Oh right that’s 1. TWICE also just become number 1 girl group in record sales, no props to that? Ok.

The only thing I like about the list is that it seems like sometimes earnings were “scale” which is actually something I liked. I feel like this was espcially true in terms of number 9 on the Korea list, Son Heung-min. He’s literally earning Euros playing for a Tottenham Hotspurs and the World Cup 2018 just happen he probably earn A LOT. There’s NO WAY that BTS and Blackpink earns more than Son (which forbes stated. Son earns around 7 million euros. Putting things into perspective 6 million wons is like 5000 USD which is like 4000 Euros) who is literally a starter on a powerhouse European team. But I am find with rankings like that because sure Son earns more because he’s in a “top earning” profession (not to say idols aren’t but this soccer star is earning euros why top idols still only earn wons).

Overall I don’t like the list I think it suffers at points too much from “recency bias”, although the places that they are now some of them I can understand like Red Velvet. They haven’t got much music done but I GUESS they have had variety shows and Irene is rank as a top female for brand advertisements and Joy just had a drama. Even Wanna One, sure they were “big” from that Producer show, I just don’t think Kang Daniel deserves a spot all to himself. Park Na Rae Ok fine, a good comedian sure. There are just some spots I wish Forbes give an explaination for, at least give an explaination for the ones that suffer humongous dips even though they have stayed relevant and even popular like TWICE and EXO.

Burning Sun Scandal speaks to almost every entertainment industry….

From drugs, to money laundering, now to rape, Oppa Seungri is a very scary man. I just find it hilarious that he has been denying these allegations (but we 99% know that he was a part of this whole scheme, probably is the mastermind! That 1% is a KDrama in which a unknown man for unknown reasons kidnap the real stunning hot Oppa Seungri and trap him in a trunk. He then gets plastic surgery to look exactly like Seungri. Then he infiltrated Big Bang and fooled everyone and then he masterminded this whole affair and then purposefully get caught so he can take his revenge on Seungri, man I should be a KDrama writer just add some twist and turns and I got myself a big hit!). I think personally Jung Joon Young deserves some form of leniency (whether it be maybe 1 year off his sentence) just because if he had follow Seungri to the tee (leaving group chats every few months) this whole scandal will probably not be a scandal because it hadn’t been uncovered yet for a few more years (keep in mind Big Bang use to be THE boy band, so any suspicision could have probably been kept under wraps just because of his fame). The group has gotten away with it for 3 years, and the crazy thing is the police can only retrieve the group chats from a couple months ago, they have stated that it’s near impossible to recover everything. It’s sad that this whole scandal has cause an aspire actresses to committ suicide. The entertainment industry in Korea is already so hard to get into, so hard to even debut, and even harder to get popular and keep their popularity. Idol groups right now like BTS, Blackpink, TWICE, Red Velvet, Itzy etc succeeded on the backs of so many groups that fail. They don’t even get that much in return, the agency gets most of it (cause the groups have to repay the agency) until the groups get really really popular, probably winning jackpot in the lottery is easier than actually succeeding in the industry.

Probably the saddest thing about this whole affair is it isn’t new, almost dare I say ALL entertainment industries have this problem whether it has come on the fore front or not. Heck not even entertainment industry politics (looking at you Mr. President, Mr. Supreme Court Justice and Mr. SenatorS/CongressMEN). It is sad, and I apologize for men everywhere, except that I am a little punk in somewhere East Coast of the US and have not make any name for myself (YET oh ho ho just you waiiitt) so my apologies is basically meaningless so there’s that! But I really want to take a moment, you know just a POV (I hope I won’t get flamed, SAFE SPACE PLEASE).


Are we sure that it is actually the men who are at fault (wait a sec….), or is it the ability/the power that comes with post that corrupt humans. We see men mostly doing it because it is sad (but a convo for another day) that the people in power in any nation are mostly…. men. If it’s “because men” then sure, hate us (although this borderline sexism when you hate us for different individuals action. I don’t intend on blaming, because I get it, throughout history multiple examples of an action of a specific individual has big consequences for his/her entire group) but if it’s power, shouldn’t we try to understand a little bit of the perpetrators, sure they are slimeballs and monster but to call them monsters seems like a denial the fact that it can happen to anyone.

Read More (If you Know KOREAN):
The English Wikipedia Version:

The Queens of TWICE finally makes their move

YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE THE MOST. SOMEHOW BEING POPULAR IN AMERICA MEANS YOU ARE THE MOST POPULAR KPOP BAND OUT THERE. People have forgotten the TRUE KWEENS (ahem I think that word connotate for something else so Queen) for Generation 3, that’s right I’m talking about motherfreaking TWICE you “ARMY” you “BLINK”. REVOLTING! Yeah that’s right, TWICE not only rule KPop, yeah we do other things too like play blues on the sax, or make VIETNAMESE SPRING ROLL. Get out of here with your dances and your hair styles, ew it’s a requirement for idol group to have all of those. It’s like you go to first grade and say “loook at meeeee, I have 36 Crayola Crayons, you only got 12” and I would say “yeah you only twelve you twit I make all the other colors with the 12 I have PLUS the money I save on 24 crayons I have color pencils with are INHERENTLY better”. Oh yeah that’s right, we got ALL YOUR STATISTIC, Kill This Love? HA! BOY WITH LUV? HA! Oh yeah don’t worry we got something realllll good going, yeah that’s right TWICE been saving their hand, they have let you other people play first, but it’s time you take this ROYAL FLUSH. Perfect ALL KILLS? NOTHING! COACHELLA PERFORMNACE? HA! GET READY FOR SOME REAL KPOP MUSIC YOU MOTERFUC******

Ahem ahem, so recently JYP just release a couple of teasers for TWICE upcoming new song expected to drop around 4/22/2019 6PM? If you uneducated WESTERNERS KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT KPOP, I mean it’s perfectly understandable if you guys don’t know TWICE from the KPop industry, they are probably one of the biggest K-group in Korea right now, it’s just they don’t focus the market in the US unlike ahem some other very very BAD, good good band like BTS (I respect for making at least some of the lyrics) and Blackpink. The teasers are down below, check them out :))))))))

I gotta say this song seems to be a bit darker than the cute ageyo concept that TWICE has built their career on (well up to now). Oh no there was talk of some sexy concepts, oh no no please no anything but that, that’s Gen 2 please let the ship just sink.

BLACKPINK Performance at Coachella

How can I describe the “historic” Black Pink performance, the first Korean (KPOP) group to perform (surprisingly not BTS) at one of the biggest music festival in the world, Coachella. Frankly my expectations were set on low, seeing how Black Pink has been involve in many “concert” scandal where they play a lot of songs on repeat or just mash it up a little bit. Also I feel like this performance was being overhyped by many news outlet, I mean it is a big momment but maybe it’s being overhype a little too much (I do not like how Black Pink was described at these sights as one of the most successful KPop group of all time, I’m sorry but No…. There are SNSD, 2NE1, Girl’s Day, K-ara, Mamamoo and Sistar etc. Heck Black Pink is not even the top of this 3rd Generation KPop wave, that throne belongs to TWICE). I’ll be the first one to admit Black Pink isn’t my favorite KPop band, their concept of girl crush is ok, but part of me was cheering for them because their agency, YG Entertainment, has taken many L’s lately thanks to Seungri from Big Bang and Black Pink popularity must have definitely suffer unfairly due to their sunbae fault.

So without expecting much, I turn on my computer to Live Stream the performance at around 11:26 PM EST. I was sleepy, but I like many others wanted to tune in for this “historic moment”. I thought I would use this as my marker for how successful I think the performance was, if they get me wide awake then it was pretty successful but if I just wanted to snore more then ehhh not so much. Finally after hearing the end of Jaden Smith little autotune performance, it was time for the Quad to hit the stage.

After a brief graphic introduction of the members out came Jennie, Rose, Lisa, and Jisoo. I was honestly expecting half of the members to be wearing Black- Jisoo and Rose both did- and the other half to be wearing Pink, but sadly Lisa and Jennie chose to wear white instead which I guess an interesting choice. Their clothing choices was weird but stylish (espcially Jisoo), but I can’t say much on it cause I’m not a fashion major. I tore open and began to drink my defrosted can of Lugi’s Raspberry Sherbet from the school’s cafeteria, I would definitely need some quick glucose energy. I expected a brief introduction before their start perform but right away, they pull their guns and then Du-Du-Du, I was shot by surprised. Really out of pocket guys…..

My first instant impression was the vocals wasn’t quite as good as the other Coachella performers, no offense I like Rose singing, but it didn’t strike me as very powerful. But it was alright, not a lot of idols have powerful voice of actual Korean singers, KPop groups is more known for their performance rather than epic singing voice. I was surprise to hear mostly girls cheering in the stands, I would think they were a part of the Army or something not Blink, I expected to hear more male cheering. For the most part the crowd didn’t seem that hype, which was surprising because Coachella is set in California and like a lot of Asians are at West Coast. The song was OK but the opening act didn’t really energize the crowd. They cheer weakly at the shooting “du du” part, which is suppose to be the “cheering part” of the song. The background music did more singing for the opening act then Rose, Jennie, Jisoo, or Lisa, they were more focus on dancing.

The first song didn’t really wake me up, the crowd energy was so weak I could feel Black Pink trying to also draw energy out of the crowd throughout that first performance. As they prep for the next song, Forever Young I said in my mind, that was probably the only other song I know beside Dudu and Kill this Love and is the only Black Pink song I have downloaded on my phone.

BINGO! I won the bet with myself. At this point I was getting disappointed, most concerts that I see, they usually talk a little and try to hype the crowd after the opening act, it seem like Black Pink just was going to go straight through without talking which basically would be like listening to an album and not a live performance. That past quickly, Rose carrying most of the song and finally they began to introduce themselves. They just mostly said “thank you” and “thanks for coming out tonight we saranghae you”. It was very limited communication though, Rose definitely speak the most expressing her surprise at the huge crowd. I guess that was to be expected since she was born in New Zealand/British COLONY! Jisoo had terrible english, now I can see what the other member meant when they said Jisoo really don’t like speaking english.

The next few songs Stay and Whistle was almost the same thing, an almost silent crowd and singing. The dances were not bad (I prefer TWICE) and the singing was alright. After Whistle, Rose tried to run around the stage to hype up some energy with didn’t really work. She also said that the crowd was very big and expresses her love for them for coming all the way here like the other members.

Then the members did their collab song with Dua Lipa, the Kiss and Make Up. I honestly like the original version with Dua Lipa in it better, she provides a sort of like missing part of the song. Without her it just felt like something was missing. After that Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose walk off the stage for a bit for Jennie’s single Solo. This was probably the most funny moment of the night, it seem like when she was singing the chorus she was saying “Bitch now I’m solo”, I don’t know if I was sleepy high, but I laugh at that part like pointing a big middle finger to the rest of her band members who was off stage. The member reunited for Kill This Love after Jennie and the backup dancer Solo act. I know Kill This Love broke some Youtube records, but it seem very mediocre. Then Black Pink play their more less well known songs like Don’t Know What To Do and See U Later, first time hearing it for me. Playing with Fire and after that a final talking session where Jennie express her apprieciation for everyone that came and stay for their show, advertising that they would be playing in LA next week for their North American Tour (I think they have one more Coachella performance? Not sure). Rose thanked them in her british accent and so did Lisa and Jisoo spoke literally like three words. They were thank the crowd and hope their enjoy the final two songs “Boombayah” and “As if It’s your last”

That went from a 0, ALL THE WAY TO A 10. OMG THE TURN UP, these final performance broke the uneventful tone of the previous songs. There were running, there was more team up between the four, there was wild dancing like swinging their arms around and around. There was light and it seem like Black Pink seem really interested to be at Coachella now and it really infected, the crowd finally perked up at the final two performances!

Standout Performer
For me I feel like Rose standout the most from this performance. Not only did she got most of the singing lines, I mean she is the main Vocalist, throughout the performance from beginning to end she seem to be very into the performance. She seem to be like a person that had a Eureka performance and tried to explain her brilliance to the crowd. Although many of her attempts to hype up the crowd failed, even when she hold her mic to them (should have scoot closer to the crowd) she tried at least. I heard from friends that in recent years, Coachella has not been so lit with many of their crowds being very dry so maybe it wasn’t Rose fault. Add that in with Black Pink being relatively more on the unknown side during this whole music festival (their name recognition did improve with the historic performance branding though). Rose seem willing to take more risk than the rest of her fellow bandmates, running around the stage back and forth twice after the song Kiss and Make Up. She had energy, and I felt it. Her expressions were natural and she seem to have fun while delivering her music and dances. Her little speech with the “we came from different worlds…. and music connect us” was probably the most inspiring thing said in the night (I did not stay for Childhouse Gambeatzie Donald Glover I bet he had some phrase to say too)I would say her hair was the most mess up at the end of the hour-long performance due to dancing and jumping around.

Could have been a little better….
I felt like it wasn’t Jisoo day. She spoke little-not at all when the members were speaking. I know her english wasn’t great, but she seem to be restraining herself from having fun. I felt like even if her english wasn’t the best, she should have just tried her best to pronounce the words. Over here if I have taken anything from my days as an immigrant and an ESOL student, if the audience is friendly, they will eat it up. I make tons of people laugh when I mispronounce WASP, or Trapezoid (I say Traper Zoid). Maybe that’s just me, but I feel like she should have tried to connect with her audience and show a bit of “self-depriciating” comedy to cheer up the crowd by literally speaking English. It’s probably harder than I think speaking in front of crowds of literal thousands. All the english aside, there were some parts of performances I felt like Jisoo didn’t enjoy being on stage and performing in front of probably the biggest crowd yet. While Rose, Lisa and to some extent Jennie ate some of it up, she didn’t seem to be having fun. I felt like the time where she warmed up to the crowd was near the end, that was when I felt like she was finally in to it. Jisoo wasn’t bad, her vocals could use some work (I mean I can’t sing like that so…) but it wasn’t bad, she perked up at the end.

Best Part

Espcially the end. Maybe this book did not have a good beginning or middle, it had a super strong ending. Starting with Boombayah and the hand circular dances, the members seem to tap into a sudden surge of energy. They choose a really good ending song, As if It’s Your Last, the crowd was probably most energize here. Maybe it was the pressure of being label a “historic performance” that made the members nervous at the beginning. Maybe it was the huge crowd size (Rose gaped that the crowd must have been computer digitalize), but at the end it seem like all of the four members put all of that behind them and do the things they love, dancing and singing. Everything clicked at the end, and the crowd probably notice it too because they were jumping up and down. At the end of the night, I definitely think Black Pink left the audience with something strong to take away, KPop wave is here and NOW in America. For me, the ending is the most important part of any performance for it is usually the ending that people remember the most and Black Pink definitely knew that and made it memorable.


I’ll give the performance an 7.5-8/10. I came in with some pretty low expectations hearing how Black Pink likes to perform the same thing over and over, but they didn’t do any of that this time. They should have say their “best” song DUDUDU towards the end when they have high energy and not the beginning but it is what it is. It was a good performance, not going to lie, could have been better between the middle and beginnning and could have had more talking and interactions with the crowd in between but it’s honestly fine. The ending matters the most and Black Pink totally “Du DU DU” it there.

Playlist for Black Pink At Coachella


Forever Young



Kiss and Make Up ft. Dua Lipa who wasn’t there


Kill This Love

Kick It

Don’t Know What To Do

See U Later

Play With Fire


As If It’s Your Last

Beginning of a new Era? Note to readers

Well here’s the thing, I’ll lay it out straight for y’all. This website has been up for a like 3 months and it averages around 300 unique visitor per month (might be just robots and stuff). I got to say, I feel bad because I haven’t really done anything to this website in the past 2 months. Also I recently got into a fight with my partner in crime 😉 so basically this website will now be manned by one man, me coolguy1234.

From now onwards, this website is going to CHANGE it’s vision and it’s model. I feel like if you have read some of my post, my voice is a grammar-error fill unique and fun one, well I hope it’s a fun one honestly! Given that the CDrama industry has really not taken off here, I will now institute a brand new vision!

I pledge to release at least a review or a post or some news every single day starting from now

It will no longer be JUST Chinese entertainment news because APPARENTLY they censor that stuff too! There’s news about like… NOTHING! So I will also expand the news section and hot takes (my two cents) on every thing so you probably will see KPop here, some stuff from Taiwan and such, Japan, I don’t know BOLLYWOOD (maybe we won’t go that much east) you know RUSSIA like Asian stuff.

Reviews I’ll try to get one in per week of a drama (Chinese Drama are 50 fuc**** episode long) or maybe more. But the thing with more is then the reviews will be like a read with few or no pictures (I’ll try to make the read interesting). If more visitors come you know positive comments then I will begin to post pictures and stuff, it’s just cropping pictures and putting it in the right place takes a lot of time (think 4+ hours per review just for adding pictures). It would be just exclusively chinese drama that’s being review, a lot of popular sites already exist to review korean dramas.

If you come accross this website and you like what you read or hate what you read, just please leave a short comment or share this site with a fellow friend that into news and entertainment goodies from Asia. Bookmark this site if you like it, come back every once and a while there will be updated content and stuff! If you hate it, I would thank you for stopping by and have a great rest of your day! TO ALL OF YOU!

How to survive a CDrama

You are busy, I am busy, we are all busy.

Maybe that’s one of the biggest turn off in choosing to watch Chinese Dramas. It’s humungus length.A lot of the popular series like Journey of Flower, Princess Agents’ have up to 50+ episodes with length of each episode around 42 minutes mark. Doing some math because I’m totally asian…

Average 50 episodes * 42 minutes per episode= 2100 minutes of your life
That’s 35 hours, which mean around a day and a half of your life

That’s really what turn me off when I first try to watch a C-Drama, it’s too much of a commitment and what’s worse is sometimes there is too many filler episodes in between. In this post I want to really tackle some pros and some cons in CDrama and how to survive most popular series long run.

I’m a glass half empty kind of guy/gal so let’s start with the cons of CDrama. First aforementioned, it’s super looooooooooonggggg. Compare with American Drama series which is much shorter with most shows getting 24 minutes per episode and like maybe 20 episode per season like Seinfeld or How I met your Mother or Friends or Big Bang Theory or game shows (reality TV). Now of course there are multiple seasons to the more popular series like Big Bang totaling at 10 (cries) or Seinfeld at 9. The beauty of these shows is you can skip around season to season, episode from episode without missing much plot. Seinfeld is called a “show about nothing” its humorous but you can pick it up any place any time. Same with like the Simpsons, each episode is like its own thing. Sure there are sometimes “arks”, but rarely. Each major plot episode is probably separated by a bunch of filler episode for laughs that you can skip. There are a lot of popular american series that aren’t “sequential”, you can pick it up if you are a newbie and still can laugh your ass off.

Compare with KDramas, although CDramas may not be as long (sometimes to an hour thanks TvN) after 16 episodes the most KDramas would be over.

You can’t do that in an Chinese Drama.

The plot drags, there hasn’t been one series where I was like “yo get going already” to the plot.

Another cons of CDrama is it is horrible in introducing fresh faces to its most popular series. I think this is an inherent problem for asian dramas, we just hate new faces. Usually there are specific eras where a set of actresses and actors dominate. So it is kind of bad if let’s say an actress or an actor who you know can’t act well but is super popular, well they just ruined probably all popular CDrama series for you for the next 8 years a so. Unlike in American TV series sometimes i get to play the very fun game of “wait wasn’t he yada in yada yada show” or wasn’t she in something something as something something? Then scramble to wikipedia to find out if I am right! If you try that with CDrama, you are going to be right like most of the time. KDrama is at least better at introducing new actors and actresses on to screen not C. I know there are a couple of people out there who watch a drama and then hardship a couple and then refuses to watch other drama where the actor and actresses are pair with someone else, if you do that for CDrama, you will probably watch one drama and then have to wait until the next world cup before you can watch one more. Gosh forbid if she/he is popular, wait until the zodiac make one full circle (12 years) before new faces pop up. Also I strongly advise you don’t get so attached to a pair, because usually if the actor or actresses are old, they are probably married. This is an Asian thing, especially with actresses. This is just a culture thing, in America there are such thing as independent women who chooses not to married, this is rarely found in asian countries. Even if young ladies say “i’m a career woman” most likely not because of family pressure (BEAR US A GRANDSON OR ELSE. But mom and dad I want to be a career woman. parent dies) and social pressure.

Speaking of culture thing, CDrama is still kind of bad at potraying LGBTQ people in a bad light. They are like America Government, but worse. Couples in CDrama are always straight (male and female) and in “modern” CDrama (and KDrama) a popular trope is the parent freaking out that their child is gay until that one girl comes along and make everybody relief that the guy isn’t gay. So if you happen to be LGBTQ, I really can’t think of a solution other than they don’t know better since they seriously don’t….Maybe in another 100 years, it’s kind of sad really

Also CDrama do tend to drag out, it’s not like filler episodes to say but sometimes you can feel the story dragging a little bit. Well don’t worry, there’s almost always light at the end of the tunnel and the light is worth it most of the time to sit through and grind. Just do skip watch if you want to get to fun part, but sometimes the little side plot are important! Enjoy the scenery if it’s dragging, the aesthetics are pretty cool!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, the CGI is pretty bad. Like you can’t see the “strings” but you can tell if something is CGI, Americans do it much better. Like for example a bear in the forest scenes, you can almost instantly tell if the bear is CGI in CDramas. Unlike American show, which is much harder to tell, for me at least. At least CDramas don’t tend to CGI/Green screen the environment, so that’s good. Usually they will travel to different places and get the shot.

Enough with the negatives, now C the positives!

If you are into action, like sword fighting and military stuff, I feel like CDrama does that the best, and the most authentic out of any types of drama out there. Of course if you are into gun fights (WHICH IS MUCH LESS GLORIOUS) then American TV series does those the best. CDrama fights are authentic, those are real sword skill (with added special effects and stuff) or real military tactics. With the rise of CGI it has gotten much much worse, but there’s still a measure of authenticness that CDrama still has that others don’t.

Also most CDrama series invoke deep themes, especially the ones with sword fighting and stuff with lost, love, or heroic sacrifice that I feel like sometimes American Drama just lack. Like sure there are some deep messages in series like Game of Thrones, but like most of it is like the action that people like to see and the hot actresses/actor. Like what was the point of Grey’s Anatomy other than some of the more overuse themes such as cheating and stuff. Sorry for the shade 🙂 If you looking for a deep, moving adult theme series, CDrama is most likely to have it.

Most CDrama are also historical fiction, they aren’t set in fantasy makeup lands. Location such as Shaolin, Wudang, and Kunlun are real places that did have real practitioner of martial arts. Also Shaolin martial arts and such are all real (of course there’s no shooting out chi in real life). Also the deities in these almost all of these shows are all “real”, these names aren’t made up. Go to China and shout some of the stories about these deities in the street, a lot of chinese will know the story. Most dramas are also set in real dynasties of China (most popular visited dynasty are Han, Qing, Ming, Tang) and the props are made so that they look like they are from that era. The aesthetics are pretty key in CDrama, so if you like a show that pay attention to little details (such as Mr. Robot when hacking is done) look no further!

At the end of the day I feel like most CDrama flesh out their characters much more than other countries TV series just because they have 50+ episodes and 42+ minutes per episode to do so.

Types of CDrama

There’s “Classical” dramas (most popular series fall under Classical) you know the one set in the past with all that cool sword fighting and martial arts. These are the most popular series, and only big name actresses/actor get the really popular series roles. All these classical series are either based on a book of wuxia genre or other popular books (most popular author is Jin Yong, who just recently died), a game (almost always RPG created by a gaming company), a popular folk story, actual history romanticized (made more interesting and heroic).

Then there’s “modern” dramas which I feel like Korea and America does better. These drama have relatively unknown or rising actors and actresses. Most breakout roles for the popular actor and actresses started from a “modern” drama. I classify “modern” drama as dramas that are set in present day in like life situation as in office life, big company chaebol, things like that. A lot of these dramas are based on popular web-series book.

First Look at the New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre

The number one thing I am scare of with any new upcoming Jin Yong adaptation, or any martial arts/wuxia -ish adaptations is its CGI. Look I love CGI as much as the next guy, but I came to watch CDrama because it tends to have more authentic fighting scenes than KDrama. I am pretty sike that there is not much CGI in this one, yes there’s a lot but like compare to a modern drama, there’s not much CGI! I guess that’s a good thing, and the scenery look gorgeous too. The last thing I’m afraid of is the accuracy this adaptation has to the book. I know in adaptations, it is desirable for the director to add in some new modern flavors. But like, uh really…. Yang Xiao with a big bird….. Wow is he Yang Guo in Return of the Condor Heroes or something? Also he looks more like Lu Xiao Feng with his martial arts (the scene where he catches a sabre between two fingers) than Yang Xiao.

I have several qualms with the casting also. The Zhang San Feng character, I don’t know if Wang Deshun can pull it off… Zhang San Feng is suppose to look jolly-ish and wise, this guy look utterly serious 24/7. The Fan Yao character, play by Zong Feng Yan…. He is known to play the evil guy 24/7 so much that whenever I see his face I think of evil guy. Fan Yao is not an evil guy (at least not in the book….. oh no are they gonna make him evil…) so I do have some doubts whether Feng Yan can pull off the good guy role before he goes back to being evil in the next Return of the Condor Heroes adaptation. It seem like none of the adaptations so far seem to get the Xiao Zhao character right…. She’s suppose to be like white (she is described to have blue eyes in the book), we have Kabby Hui in this adaptation, she is not white….. Or maybe she is whasian who knows but she certaintly do not have blue eyes…. Maybe she can wear some blue contacts eh?

Overall though, I am actually excited for this adaptation, it seem to be one where there might be some authentic fighting scenes, something that hasn’t been seen in a while. I’m glad they didn’t amp up CGI on the palm fighting scene between Wuji and the two Xuan ming Elders (Zhao Min bodyguards). I think Zhu Xu Dan is perfect for Zhou Zhi Ruo role, after she pull off Xuan Nu in Ten Miles Peach Blossom. Many people has expressed doubts with Joseph Zheng being cast for the main role, but to be honest after watching him in Please Take My Brother Away I am confident that he can actually act, but we’ll see what he can do.