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K-Entertainment presents: Me and Me! #1

Welcome welcome welcome ONE AND ALL TO THE FIRST EDITION OF KPOP MEMES! Yes these fresh baked memes are made by me, coolguy1234 from the oven that is my mind. Keep in mind that these are just GOOD fun and no way I’m I, the great coolguy1234, trying to flame … Read More “K-Entertainment presents: Me and Me! #1”

Better as a…… TEAMMM and I’m BACCKKKKK!

Alright feathers, I’m totally sorry guys. Oh shizzles. My apologies. Oh my gosh I literally broke my New Year’s Resolution of trying to post more on the site already. Oh fuckkkkkkkk. Anyways, my apologies for failing to post around like 19 days straight, this is my bad. Really sorry guys…. … Read More “Better as a…… TEAMMM and I’m BACCKKKKK!”