KPop Biographies

Find out more about various popular KPop groups below! This page will be consistently updated and some band listed here might not have a page yet….. FORRR NOWWW. Groups are in alphabetical order and “generation”! Images that are clickable have pages! Hover over to hear the top hits for the group! DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE SONGS, OF COURSE ALL OF THE COPYRIGHT GOES TO THE GROUPS


Generation 2 (Debut before 2011)

The ancient Generation 1 of Kpop set the stage, generation 2 was the players. These bands were extraordinarily popular all throughout Asia in the span of these 10-ish years. Not only did they thoroughly infect Asia with their vibrant music, they began to set the stage for the West. SNSD’s “Gee” is probably the most iconic KPop song EVER that really started the platform for KPop to spread to the West. You see several members are actually from the West in this era. Wonder girls became the first group to play on Good Morning America. Trans-country groups started to form, with EXO (debut around 2011) having both Chinese and Korean members. As KPop influence spread throughout the world, so did Korean culture and especially KDramas. If you live during this era you probably experience the first Koreaboos with their “oppa” and “saranghae”.

Popular Concepts of the Era: Sexy, and Cute/Innocent



Big Bang


Girl’s Day




SNSD (Girl’s Generation)

Super Junior



Wonder Girls



Third Generation (Debut after 2011)

No better representation of bridges and globalization then Generation 3 KPop groups. These groups’ fan base are way more internationally diverse. With that, follows a surging toxic-ness from netcitizens on both fronts. Generation 2 becomes the forgotten generation as western civilization FINALLY picked up on KPop. BTS is an example of a group that has really capitalize on what Generation 2 has given them and made a name for themselves in the west. Of course KPop groups are still Asian-market-oriented, but recently even these groups are starting to shift towards the west like TWICE. With new markets come new concepts, the west favors girl crush/sexy and you see a resurgence of this (Blackpink to even newer groups like Itzy). These groups are also bridges to nations that have hated each other guts (and STILL DO) ever since WW2. You see Chinese members, you see Japanese members and even Thailand! This is probably the “golden age” of KPop, as many asian countries seek to duplicate the successful KPop formula.

Popular Concepts of the Era: Girl Crush (Independent), and Cute/Innocent


Black Pink






Red Velvet