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Time to jump Ship? Police is peering into why it didn’t do more in B.I.’s Scandal

Now we all know the troubles YG Entertainment has put itself into. This one two punch of iKon’s B.I. drug scandal and “hiring” prostitute probably took down “The myth, the legend, the boy” CEO Yang. I did extensive review of the latest drug scandal in an earlier post this is just an update on that […]

Finally, KPop Comeback time!

Well I did a lot of catchup listening wise, to the latest comebacks/new kpop songs that I totally miss out on. Let’s just do a quick run through with each starting with my favorite…. 1) TWICE First it’s a pair of songs “Happy”, and “Breakthrough”. This is a japanese comeback, which mean that you won’t […]

Hong King Kongers’ government answers to its Citizens as more protest occurs

AH the talk about recent Extradition bill, how glorious. I think we have covered this topic many many times and I even covered the protest that had happen days ago that saw almost every Hong Kong people pop out onto the street . Well that protest was huge and it finally alerted many many Westerners […]