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No news for the past few days to be honest, well big news. Except for maybe 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon being discharged from the military to greeting fans. Apparently he had a US Permanent resident card which could have been enough for him not to serve in the military, but he decided to go anyways. Street […]

Steve Harvey confirm to be hosting M-Countdown. Monsta X gets on a Cartoon Network Show.

It’s offcially confirm, M-Countdown is hosted by none other than our illustrious, STEVE HARVEY. Just this past episode, the host (Dae-hwi from Wanna One and Han Hyun-min) accidentally announce Nu’Est as the winner (their song Bet Bet I Bet) of this week award, although it was suppose to be a win for Oh My Girl […]

Taiwan becomes the first Country (???!!!) to legalize Same sex Marriage in Asia

So there’s this place called Taiwan, which is a island that I am NOT going to take sides on. So this place, in Asia, has recently become the first place in ASIA to legalize same-sex marriage (a big LGBTQ win). To be honest, this hardly comes as a surprise, because Taiwan these days have been […]