[Recap] HSDS Episode 1


Every story start with a refreshing taste of Fiji Water. We’re sponsor by Fiji water so I am obliged to point out that every spring water is Fiji. Sike! I wish we were sponsor by anyone!

Anyways it’s a guy drinking refreshing river water without even filtering it! What balls! The guy is revealed to be Yu Daiyan, the third swordsmen out of the seven of Wudang Sect. Meanwhile as he takes that delicious sip of water (the slow mo seems like he’s drinking flavor water, wait that ain’t flavor that’s the disgusting things that you haven’t filter out!) we are fast forwarded to a workshop nearby, where 3 workers are trying to tamper (or forge) the Dragon Sabre.

They didn’t get very far with whatever they were doing as a mysterious NPC from Assassin Creed jumps in like a plane from above to try and steal the saber from them.

He conveniently grabs the many chains hanging above the forge proceeds to fight them for the saber. You would think that the workers teamed up to beat this mysterious opponent, no! The thought of getting a precious saber to rule the wulin (martial) art community to themselves is too great, they fight each other as well as the mysterious figure for it. The workers make a mad rush towards the forge where the dragon sabre is left to call dibs. Even though their hand is burning and bleeding from touching a fuc***** hot object, they don’t really care.

As they are wrestling each other, the sabre flings up and get stuck on the chains above the forge. The three of them shows off their gymnastic skills by climbing up, one of the worker (let’s call him #1) actually got some martial arts and kick his 2 buddies (number #2 and #3) down. Once he have gotten to the sabre, the mysterious man makes his move, using his spiderman tactics, he flings his chains out to get pull the sabre, which cuts the chains holding it above the forge. The man proceeds to fling his new harpoon like weapon to destroy the forge (cause the dragon sabre is just that strong) Bye bye worker #1 as he falls into the explosion beneath and is basically fried to death. The mysterious man proceed to retrieve the sabre but worker #2 and #3 rise off from the ground from being kicked by #1 to fight him for it. As this is happening, Yu Daiyan has finish drinking water and immediately rushes to the workshop, hearing all the commotion inside he barges in just in time to see the mysterious man whupping worker #2 and #3 ass, but somehow #3 got his hand on the sabre. Yu Daiyan comes just in time to save #3 as he is kicked by the mysterious man into the explosion where #1 died. Sadly Yu Daiyan is not OP enough to save #2, he is basically killed by brute force as he falls down two floors from the mysterious man kicks.

The mysterious man seems to know who Yu Daiyan is, calling out Wudang (being a righteous Sect) for being hypocritical since they also want to get the dragon sabre. Yu denies this, saying he was sent to investigate about the dragon sabre by his teacher, Zhang San Feng. The mysterious man then turns his attention to worker #3, saying that he would spare him if #3 gives him the sabre. #3 indignantly said “not over my dead body”, well the mysterious man did not take that well and send a column of wood towards him. #3 pushes Yu in the way, but luckily Yu doesn’t suck at martial arts so he sends the column straight back. The man goes for #3 instead, much to Yu surprise, and attacks. #3 begins using the sabre to fling wood and stone debris (wow NOW you use the sabre) but the mysterious man use his slide tackle move to kick the sabre from #3’s hand. The sabre flies outside of the workshop and straight into a water wheel, knocking the wheel from its pedestal. The mysterious man and #3 flies outside to retrieve it but they are ambush by people laying underneath the river who throws water jugs at them. While the man easily dodges them, #3 proceed to break the jugs with the sabre, just to find out there was acid in them. As the man is distracted, seeing the acid that is burning #3 face, the water people successfully subdue the mysterious man giving Yu Daiyan, who just now got to the ceiling of the workshop, a good hard look of the man’s face as he falls into the river. The water people then turn their attention to #3, hooking him and further injuring him. Yu Daiyan kicks the ceiling tiles toward the water people, successfully tossing them into the river. He then use his water treading skills to reach #3, but sadly he hydroplanes and like any good driver should know, he hit the brakes real hard and toss water onto the open injuries of #3 (sorry are you trying to kill him or save him??). Yu Daiyan takes #3 away and flies into the sky…..

Back at Wudang Sect, it is a happy occasion since this is the swordsmen master 90th birthday. Zhang San Feng (Wang Deshun) wanted it to be a small occasion so he only holds the celebration inside Wudang Sect. His 7 disciple minus the lazy Yu Daiyan offer him a tapestry as a gift with a note written on the side (wow gee thanks man I live like 45 years past 1300’s life expectancy to get a tapestry on my birthday!).

To every audience watching bewilderment, Zhang San Feng opens it up and is happy to look at the beautiful scenic drawing and read the notes out loud, praising his disciple for coming up with such fine gift. Next it is yoga practicing session on a piece of rock, but although their shifu has assure them that Yu Daiyan will come back, Zhang Cuishan (5th swordsman out of the 7 acted by Li Dong Sue) looks uneasy.

Yu Daiyan and #3 literally flies for a whole day to find a deserted cottage in the middle of nowhere. Their take rest and #3 has an immediate distrust of Yu Daiyan clutching the sabre tightly to his chest. Yu Daiyan takes out medicine although #3 claims he doesn’t need any help. But the instant Yu’s back is turn, #3 proceed to drink the whole medicine bottle effective overdosing on it. Yu Daiyan turns to reprimand him but suddenly he heard voices outside the cottages, yes it is the water people arriving. #3 hears it too, but when Yu Daiyan tries to take him to hide, #3 thinks Yu is making a move for the sabre and pushes him away. Before Yu can reach #3 again, the water people catches up to them and use JUG TOSS. Yu Daiyan dodges all of the jug thrown at him and #3 not learning his lesson proceed to smash each one with the sabre. He is eventually hit square in the stomach by one making him fling the saber out of site. Yu at this time also hid in a corner to scout his enemies, and the saber happens to land nearby his hiding site.

The head of the water people come in demanding to know where #3 has hid the saber. All #3 can muster is “it’s my saber it’s my saber how can you take it??”. With that he dies while the head water guy is understandably upset. Above the abandoned cottage, a ridiculous big bird is heard flying and chirping through the night, some shadowy figure jump from the bird into the cottage and proceeds to kill all of the water people with a swift sword stroke except for the heads of the water people. The shadowy figures reveal themselves to be from the Heavenly Eagle Sect and the purpose of their visit is….to inquire about the dragon sabre.

When the leader of the water people said he doesn’t know, the Heavenly Eagle Sect moves to kill them all.

A big battle ensued, with the water people losing out and resorting to tricks like the classic jug toss or hidden projectiles to escape. Although the leader of the water people made enough commotion to escape through the door, the he is unfortunately met with the son of the leader of the Heavenly Eagle Sect, Yin Ye Wang (Ruan Sheng Wen) with a massive eagle on his shoulder. He sends out his eagle which basically swipes the eye of the leader and eats it, returning obediently to his master shoulder.

Now Yin Ye Wang has a very unsanitary way of feeding his pet, it’s like he bites into the raw meat with his lip and holds up for the eagle, which munches it happily. It’s actually disgusting….

Yin Ye Wang ask for a report from his sect-mates and when he found out they have nothing to report, he screams to search every inch of the cottage until they have found the sabre. As his minions are searching, Yin uses 3 of his fingers, with the help of his metallic gloves, to pierce through the leader heart.

Yu Daiyan sees all of these events unfolding without making a sound. After a short if not careless search, the minions report that there is no trace of anyone else or the saber. Yin orders all of them to give chase. After a hearing a brief silence, Yu finally emerges from his hiding space only to find the whole carnage of the night affairs. He pulls out the Dragon Sabre, cursing it as not a treasure but as a curse (basically like the Hope Diamond) and proceed to cremate all of the bodies by burning the cottage.

In the morning he leaves on a little raft. It is a surprisingly foggy day and his raft rower is not exactly sike to be out in the sea. Once Yu Daiyan back is turn, the raft rower jumps into the sea leaving him alone on the raft. A huge ass boat appears out of nowhere and goes straight for that little raft of his forcing Yu to jump on the big boat instead. A voice on the raft speaks out, admiring Yu for his great martial arts skill. The mysterious voice seem to know all about Yu, calling him the 3rd of the Wudang Swordsmen. Yu is unflatter of course, knowing the speaker just want the dragon sabre strapped to his back and not to be friends, he challenge the voice to a match.

Yu dodges a straw hat thrown as the voice reveals itself to be of Yin Ye Wang, who Yu knows nothing about. Yin calls Yu out for wanting the sabre for himself, but Yu counters that Yin has killed too many for this treasure so if he has superior skill why don’t he go ahead and take it. Yin offers Yu his life if he just give up the sabre and disappear quietly to which Yu of course say “no way hozay”. The battle commences and even without the sabre, Yu easily subdues Yin, sending him crashing into the doors of the cabin. Yu tells Yin that he can never give up the sabre to crooks like him, since people like Yin would just go on a killing spree. In that moment however Yin sneers and turn his head sideways, allowing three needle projectile to fly towards Yu.

Surprise, Yu fails to dodge the three needles which struck him at the back of his neck before Yin delivers him a palm from behind. The needles have poison on them and as Yu fades away into unconsciousness, he hears a female voice step out of the cabin and speaks to Yin….

The mysterious female brings Yu Daiyan in a barrel to the Dragon Gate Escort Agency, which boast 5/5 stars rating for fast cheap (ok not so cheap, the mysterious female brought with her many many chest of gold) and accurate delivery. The Dragon Gate Escort Agency at first refuses to even carry on the delivery offer, but the mysterious female reveals to them 2000 gold bars which convinces them almost immediately. She has three conditions though 1) the head of the agency must go along, 2) they must make haste and can’t rest along the way, and 3) in the events of failure, she was going to kill everyone in the agency including the little chicks.

The Dragon Gate Escort Agency did not run into trouble along the way and successfully arrive at the base of Wudang Mountains where Wudang Sect is based. At the entrance though, they are intercept by people who looked like Wudang, including… THE MYSTERIOUS ASSASSIN CREED FIGURE THAT FELL INTO THE RIVER. OMO HE SURVIVED!!

The assassin creed figure greets the agency and tells them that he is the seventh swordsman of Wudang. The Agency greets him and tells him that some lady by the name of Yin orders them to deliver Yu Daiyan to Wudang. Before the figure can inquire further about this lady by the name of Yin, one of his lackeys ask where was the Dragon Sabre to the puzzlement of the escort agency. The figure checks to see if it was really Yu Daiyan in the carriage, and when he lift the cover he is met with the cold gaze of Yu who recognize him as the hooded figure.

He then give the escort some money that had deep finger marks on them and tells them that he would take his “injure brother” from here…

The mysterious female figure hid in a bush nearby, seeing all of this in transaction….

The Escort Agency decided to take some well earned rested right at the base of Wudang Mountain. Not long after, Zhang Cuishan (the 5th swordsman of Wudang) encounter them. After an exchange of pleasantries, Zhang ask if the escort agency on the way to Wudang encounter someone by the name of Yu Daiyan. Instantly the head of the agency gets a little uneasy until Zhang tells them that Yu has been absent and he was suppose to return to Wudang by now, so that’s why he wanted to ask if the agency had encounter him on the way to Wudang. The agency tells him that his sect has already led Yu Daiyan up the mountain not long ago, but Zhang immediately counters that he was scouting the entrance of the mountain and no one had gone up yet as of today. It finally dawns on the agency that they have given the carriage to the wrong person…

In an old abandoned wood place, the interrogation begins. The assassin creed figure doesn’t know that Yu Daiyan acupoints had been seal so he can’t speak or move. Seeing that Yu didn’t want to divulge the whereabouts of the sabre, he uses his “Golden Steel Finger” to basically snap all tendons and bones of Yu’s arms and legs.

A while later, Zhang Cuishan rushes to explore the nearby regions of the Wudang mountain. He eventually encountered upon a broken carriage with everybody gone. His third brother lay flat in the dirt, not being able to move or speak as Zhang rushes over to help his third brother. He baby carried his third brother all the way to the top of the mountain and screams for his master and fellow martial brothers to come out and help Yu Daiyan, all of this in the midst of a happy birthday celebration.

Inside the Wudang Sect main hall, Zhang San Feng transfers some of his chi into Yu Daiyan in order to save him. Although he does manages to purge the needles out of Yu and bring him back from the brink of death, he notices that Yu’s arms and legs are broken by “Golden Steel Finger” (an exclusively Shaolin Sect move) and not even he can do anything about it. The martial brothers are understandably angry and immediately blames Shaolin, except for the first Song Yuan Qiao (Guo Jun) and the second swordsmen Yu Lianzhou. The escort agency bows outside of the reception hall with the intent to apologize. They are bull rush by an angry Zhang Cuishan who quickly overpowers them. The gold received from the hooded figure flings out of the escort agency and Zhang quickly picks it up. He sees the deep dent marks on the gold and recognize that it’s from “Golden Steel Finger” and immediately jump to the conclusion that this escort agency is in cahoots with the people that permanently injure his third brother. His master and fellow martial brothers have to restrain him from beating up the escort people any further. The escort agency apologizes to Zhang San Feng and all of Wudang for their mistake, which they really didn’t intend to happen. They turn to leave but Zhang grabs them from behind and ask who was exactly the figure that took Yu away and who ordered them to escort Yu. Well normally the escort agency would keep their customer confidentiality but since this blew up they tell him that some female by the surname of Yin order them to deliver Yu to Wudang mountains. They describe the mysterious hooded figure and tells Wudang that his minions said something about a certain Dragon Sabre. Zhang San Feng is immediately taken aback and proceed for some poetry time

“Martial World’s most venerable prized saber dragon slaying, controlling all under heaven. None dares to not follow (well uh….. Sabre and the weider is two different things). Power of heaven does not appear who can possibly compete??”. Basically POEM analyzes, this speaks of the Dragon Slaying Sabre and Yitian (literally One Heaven) Sword which was forge back in the days of the Song Dynasty. Basically the wielder of the dragon sabre has the secret to killing the Yuan Dynasty (which is the dynasty in china that MONGOLS established) and if the eventual Han King becomes a tyrant, the secret of the Yitian Sword can take him down and install a new divine ruler.

The escort agency eventually left after revealing this information. Everyone on Wudang is of course not happy, especially Zhang Cuishan because he is close with Yu Daiyan. Zhang plead with his master to allow him to go investigate in Lin An city (which is where the agency is based) ALONE and Zhang San Feng reluctantly allowed it. Before he leaves, Zhang visits his third brother and sworn to bring the perpetrator to death errrr JUSTICE!

That rainy stormy night, Zhang arrives outside of Dragon Gate escort agency in Lin An city.

As soon as he open the gates, eerily silent and wreckage meet him. Suddenly a fist is thrown in the dark and Zhang easily dodges it as the attacker stumble forward into the light. He is the leader of the agency and he curses Zhang out, accusing him of killing everyone of in his agency including all of his family. The leader is on the brink of death, suffering from fatal injuries but he stay conscious just in time to see his call to back up, a bunch of Shaolin monks arrive. He points at Zhang Cuishan, telling the monks that it his fault and then dies. Zhang plead with the monks that he didn’t really do it, but when the monk doesn’t believe his statement, he reveals that one of Wudang people was injured by Shaolin “Golden Steel Finger”. The monks of Shaolin is taken aback before saying “rubbish!” ain’t nobody master that skill in years! The monks begin fighting Zhang and he holds his ground pretty well although he is eventually overpowered and trap. Suddenly a stone flies out in the night and blind one of the monks, causing the trap to collapse. While the monks are distracted helping their fellow monks, Zhang flies out after the mysterious figure.

After chasing for a good while, he arrives at a lake in which a row boat greets him. He intrude on the boat only to meet a fair lady (Maggie Chen).

He profusely apologizes for his mistake and ask if she has saw anyone running nearby. Instead of answering him, she gives him an umbrella with calligraphy on it. Being a man of refined knowledge, he praise the words on the umbrella. He handed the umbrella back to her, what a gentleman, saying she needs it more than him. They talk and before he leaves, the lady reveal her surname to be Yin which stops Zhang dead in his tracks. He immediately turn harsh and ask her if he knows someone by the name of Yu Daiyan….