Goodbye My Princess

China: Prince, Princess, Palace?????!! WHAT I THOUGHT I BAN THIS!!

Well apparently I think this came out before the ban come into full effect, but we once again have an ancient “historical fiction” drama. I don’t want to give away too much, but series plot look very very………predictable. So in every series we have our lovely female protagonist Xiao Feng (acted by Peng Xiao Ran. Wow I don’t know if I would consider her as “hot” but if she is then she can’t act! jk jk well who knows) who is the ninth princess of some Western Liang Kingdom (wow 9 girls. Damn not much luck eh). She has no shot to be a queen of any nation, so she spends her day moping and very sad. But then suddenly one day, our princess got into an arranged marriage with the crown prince of the Li Dynasty in order to strengthen relations with one another. On that very same day she is so very happy so she decides to go to the market to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Little does she knows that an EVIL tea merchant hides nearby. He is Li Chengyin (acted by Chen Xingxu), not only related to the Li Dynasty but he is the fifth prince. He use to be a cheerful and calm person, but after finding out how his mother and elder brother was kill he has become absolutely ruthless. To enact his evil plans he needs to become the crown prince. Since he is the 5th born, he decides to earn merit so that he can steal the position. He pose as a tea merchant to try and infiltrate Western Liang Dynasty, hoping he can help the Li Dynasty annihilate their neighbor so that he can become the new crown prince instead. While posing as a tea merchant in the town controlled by Western Liang, he mulls over his plan. Suddenly a smoking hot rich girl appears out of nowhere wanting some of that sweet sweet tea. Li Chengyin is instantly enamored.

Li: My my my fair lady what tea do you want today?
Xiao: Oh dear tea merchant, I am just so happy today. Even though I was the 9th born, I have finally meet my PRINCE CHARMING
Li: Congratulations! Yes yes why who is this Prince?
Xiao: It’s the CROWN PRINCE OF THE LI DYNASTY. What a GREAT dynasty, I thought they wanted to conquer us and kill everyone in my family but hubba hubba I guess I was stupid and wrong
Li: Crown Prince of the Li Dynasty ehhhh? Well I heard that he is to be betrothed to the clueless I mean er, very very beautiful 9th Princess Xiao Feng of the Western Liang
Xiao: Why lowly tea merchant, that’s ME. Wow I’m so excited to get marry I mean I want to tell the man who I am marry to EVERY LITTLE SECRETS about the Western Liang. He can totally destroy us but ahahahaha why would my husband destroy my country?
Li *hands her some tea*: Well my Princess here’s your tea good luck on your wedding ceremony *thinking* Seduce this little THANG -> Gets secrets -> Destroy her nation -> BECOMES KING!
Xiao: What is your name lowly peasant?
Li: I’m Li…. Uh… Gu Xiao Wu!
Xiao: Well Gu, you look kind of dark skin I thought only the rice farmers who been out in the sun have dark skin
Li: Well harvesting tea leaves requires me to be out in the sun…
Xiao: Oh really, I heard dark skin people got very big things 😉 Is that true
Li: Why yes my Lady. I can show it to you at another time when you are interested
Xiao: Hahahaha, okie dokie. Goodbye now lowly tea merchant

That was totally an unprompted dialogue, that isn’t exactly what transpired but anyways Xiao Feng ends up falling in love with the tea merchant instead. At first Li saws this as an opportunity ton get the merit that he desires so he fake love her. Even though he used her as a pawn, the man ends up falling in love for real but alas his ambitions got the best of him. Xiao Feng is sadden by the betrayal and decides to jump in the river of forgetfulness to forget their love. Li (now Crown Prince) is also sadden that he betray Xiao, also follows suit in a desperate attempt to forget the love.

Yet fate is cruel and the two meet and fall in love again. Of course Li kind of illegally acquired his position and now has to navigate the Li court that kind of hate his guts. Together can the two become a couple while Li safely take the throne? Or will their old memories resurface and cause the death of the pair of lovers?

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