[Recap/Review] Koi wa Tsuzuku Yo Dokomademo Episode 1

by: michiru


Nanase Sakura (the actress name) is a newbie nurse at Hiura General Hospital who looks forward to meeting her first love-a man who helped her save an old lady’s life when she was in high school. For Sakura, it was love at first sight and he’s the reason she became a nurse and entered the same  hospital he works in. The lucky doctor Sakura falls in love with is none other than Kairi Tendo, a cardiologist and also known as the “devil” as he is cold towards others except his patients. On her first day as a nurse, Sakura confesses her feelings to Tendo but is taken aback by his cold response. However, this doesn’t stop Sakura from pursuing him as she believes in his good heart


The first episode starts off with our little Heroine-chan, Sakura, on a school field trip, praying to the god of matchmaking in hopes of finding her true love. She says in her prayers that she’s making this a secret and tells the god that the men in her family are useless. I-…what’s wrong with a timid father? Sis, this secret of yours has been heard by the god of matchmaking multiple times, hence, the name god of matchmaking. As if fate was decided, she felt it in her guts to buy a cat charm. So how else is the god of matchmaking planning for the two leads to meet? Since this is also a medical drama Heroine-chan finds an old lady passing out in the middle of the road….and only Heroine-chan is there to help…so Heroine-chan yells loudly for help. And looky-looky Tendo-sensei, the male lead, a cardiologist, was going for a run and the two encountered each other.

I thought she was on a school trip? Won’t her teachers get in trouble that one of their 16yr old students is out there alone in Tokyo, praying for a boyfriend and thinking the men in her family are trash? Oh and become a future stalker to that one guy she just met?


Tendo-sensei checks Oba-chan’s neck and finds out her throat is red, resulting from not being able to breathe, and diagnosing it as vasospasm due to an allergic reaction. He takes the epipen from Heroine-chan and stabs Oba-chan with it. Oba-chan survives, taking a nap in the ambulance when she could have probably injected her epipen herself and call 911 before passing out…which means Oba-chan is the god of matchmaking and was the mastermind this whole time.

After Tendo-sensei leaves, Heroine-chan finally knows her future career: Hiura General Hospital. To be a hospital. Ok I’m kidding. She plans to be a nurse in Hiura General Hospital. Why? To get a taste of Tendo-sensei’s dick. I have a feeling that cat charm will play a role in the future. Heroine-chan goes to nursing school and while she studies and in class, ya gurl is out here replaying the time she met Tendo-sensei WHEN SHE WAS IN HIGHSCHOOL in her head. In fairness, she must be a strong-willed girl to pass nursing school JUST FOR A GUY.

That’s some guts to confess to the guy you met once after 5 years that you became a nurse to meet him again. I- I have a lot of I- moments.

SIS EVEN HAD THE WHOLE DATE AND TIME REMEMBERED IN HER HEAD. I-. After being rejected by the “devil” Tendo-sensei, Heroine-chan stares into space during orientation and some smartass decides to answer a question for her. The director of the hospital comes in late to the orientation and was gonna say something important and inspirational but forgets. Before he leaves, he informs all the new nurses that there’s food in the lobby. WHAT WAS EVEN THE POINT OF COMING TO THE ORIENTATION???

Heroine-chan meets the nurses in the Cardiology staff department and everyone knows about her whole confession to the “devil” Tendo-sensei. The scene cuts off to her guy nurse friend on his first day of training and reacting very badly to a pediatric patient, Anri-chan, spilling out blood. Heroine-chan gets called by one of the senior nurses that Tendo-sensei is talking to a patient and Herione-chan gets hopeful that he’s not so cold-hearted at all and gets reminded of the first time she met him.


Heroine-chan decides to prove to Tendo-sensei that she is a good nurse and knows what she’s doing but horribly fails. I gotta admit, that part was funny since I was expecting something serious to happen.

Tendo-sensei has a chat with his boss and he gets told to not scare the new nurses because there’s a shortage of them. Tendo-sensei tells him that his kindness is “used on the patients” which is mood. Maybe that’s the best way to not get emotionally and mentally stressed out. While Tendo-sensei and his boss chats, the scene moves to Heroine-chan and another hot, but taller cardiologist, Kisugi-sensei. This doctor tells our Heroine-chan that it’s impossible to get Tendo-sensei to like her as a nurse but instead maybe as a woman. That’s misogynist af. Then again, Heroine-chan became a nurse just to meet the guy she believes is her true love.

Kisugi-sensei tells Heroine-chan he has a plan that will get Tendo-sensei to like her….and she takes the bait. To make this drama more cliche and cheesy, what exactly is his plan to get Tendo-sensei jealous? Pretend to be in a relationship so the other party gets jealous-The cream puff strategy because Kisugi-sensei bought cream puffs just to piss the person who wanted it first just like how Heroine-chan and Kisugi-sensei will piss Tendo-sensei off.

Heroine-chan and Tendo-sensei meet again but this time, Tendo-sensei got harsh with her after failing to put up the IV bag incorrectly. So he tells her to quit because she’s not good enough as a nurse. Sheesssh, it’s her first day of training. Give the newbie a slack, at least she’s trying and wants to help. Heroine-chan goes to cry in front of a window cause everyone does that, but Anri-chan, the beloved pediatric patient, finds her crying, and brings her in the storage room so she can use some toilet paper to dry her nonexistent tears. Heroine-chan sees that the little girl puts a cat sticker on the toilet paper and JUST FROM THE PICTURE OF SOME DAMN CAT, HEROINE-CHAN GETS REMINDED OF SOME STUPID FLUFFY FEELINGS SHE FELT WHEN SHE FIRST MET HER PREDATOR TENDO-SENSEI. Tendo-sensei isn’t hers, he’s everyone’s.


Heroine-chan’s guy friend gets fired up to get rid of his fear of blood, so what better way to do that than watch a “horror” movie where a white guy gets cut open while tied up on a bed….kinky o////o The guy friend leaves the theater and sits next to a woman who has popcorn stuck in her hair. He tells her he wasn’t trying to hit on her and just wanted to take the popcorn out. Then he proceeds to tell her his whole reason for watching a horror movie. I-no one asked. After giving him a water bottle, he gets smitten.

The gang goes out for some hotpot and talk about their first day as nurses, claiming it’s not like what you read from the book…or as my mom calls it, “theory” because she thinks her years of experience is what helped her be the aggressive nurse she is today 🙂 But she still insists my brother and I get at least a masters because it’s better than just learning from experience 🙂 The gang continue to talk about their first day and smartass Sakai-chan suddenly puts her chopsticks down and says to our Heroine-chan that she’s jealous of her. Miss Smartass is jealous of our Heroine-chan because her mother was once a nurse sued for medical error and it’s her prophecy to become a nurse better than her mother…..so she cannot easily quit like Heroine-chan who only has love at first sight as a motive.

First of all, bitch, y u putting your insecurity onto others like that. That ain’t cute nor get you sympathy. As much as Heroine-chan is annoying af, she’s nice and doesn’t put others down. Heroine-chan may be naive af and thirsty for Tendo-sensei’s dick, at least she minding her own business and working hard. We stan some bitches like Heroine-chan.

Back to the hospital, Kisugi-sensei and some woman finds a patient report by Tendo-sensei. Cliche as it is, we need this scene to show how smart af Tendo-sensei is AND his sad background story which Heroine-chan will help him be happy cause this is a romcom. Disappointing news hits Anri-chan as the doctors found something wrong in her heart, discharging her at a later date. During the night, our Heroine-chan is asked to go to the storage room and finds that the toilet paper she used to wipe her “tears” has been used by another person…aka Anri-chan. Heroine-chan reports to the staff that Anri-chan is missing and immediately looks for her. She finds Anri-chan at the balcony who is planning to commit suicide but our angel, go-lucky, full of optimism Heroine-chan persuades Anri-chan to stop. But fucks up again because Anri-chan falls off the railing, grabbing to the hands of Heroine-chan and Tendo-sensei.

After the staff leaves to pick up Anri-chan, Tendo-sensei and Heroine-chan have a little chat. Tendo-sensei tells her that if there’s one thing he likes about her is that she takes action immediately….JUST LIKE THE DAY WHEN OBA-CHAN COULDN’T STAB HERSELF WITH HER OWN EPIPEN.

Tendo-sensei leaves cooly and Heroine-chan gets emotional that on the day they met was when she saw what she wanted to do after high school…get Tendo-sensei’s dick be as helpful as Tendo-sensei was to Oba-chan. Heroine-chan starts crying and Tendo-sensei gets uncomfortable, telling her she looks weird and that even though she did something right, she’s still a newbie.

The scene shows the pediatric staff positively gossiping about our Heroine-chan’s attention to small detail and the director of the hospital overhears them. He is suddenly reminded of what he wanted to say during orientation: In a hospital there are many sick people. Doctors look after “sick” and nurses look after “people”. It’s not just curing an illness, it’s about helping patients live.


Our Heroine-chan and Tendo-sensei walk home together and bicker only to find out they’re neighbors. Oh, and the lady her guy friend likes lives with Tendo-sensei.


            Obviously I was very critical of this jdrama and didn’t like the female lead’s intentions at first. However, why hate on someone who’s just trying to work on their goal and not causing problems for others? Ok, just kidding-kind of. Under her mask of love for Tendo-sensei, it’s obvious our Heroine-chan has a heart for helping others and she looks up to Tendo-sensei for that, as he too is kind and caring to his patients. She does want to be a nurse and it’s not just because she’s head over heels Tendo-sensei, but because nurses can make patients feel better and they advocate for them. Cliche as it is, this drama is highly rated by viewers so maybe it isn’t that bad.