Return of the Condor Heroes will be getting a remake, with an all rookie cast

Return of the Condor Heroes will be getting a remake, with an all rookie cast

Although it is not known when the new Return of the Condor Heroes will air but spicy pictures have been released! This Jin Yong adaptation continues to follow the trend of newer actors and actresses getting the lead role. The iconic (wuxia) couple that is Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu are acted by relatively new people. Mao Xiao Hui, who will be acting as Xiao Long Nu, has only one other drama under her belt so far (The Twin Flower Legend which has not been release) and her opposite will be Tong Meng Shi who is still looking for a break out role. Of course our favorite Zong Feng Yan will play the main villain of the series: the Golden Wheeled monk Jinlun Fa Wang, after an uncharacteristic change of role in the upcoming Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (where he is one of the good guys…. At least the guy he act as is SUPPOSE to be good). The other main-ish villain, Li Mochou, will be play by Nikita Mao. Joining the heroes and villains in supporting cast will be Vicky Wen Qi as Guo Xiang (yes in my eyes, Guo Xiang is a dang support), Shao Bing as Guo Jing, and Gong Bei Bi as Huang Rong. It is strange there’s even an actress, Su Qing, for the character Lin Chao Ying who was mentioned in the book but never made an appearance. Maybe they will explore her romance with the douchie character Wang Chong Yang.

Of course this is the casting so far, many other actors and actresses like Sun Qian (from Please Take My Brother Away) will partake in the adaptation, we are just not sure who they will act as just yet. One thing is for certain, prepare to see some very fresh new faces on screen for this iconic-and-probably-most-well-known Jin Yong novel.

Mao Xiao Hui as Xiao Long Nu. “Definitely don’t let me teach Kindergarteners”

Tong Meng Shi as Yang Guo. “Little known fact I am also the president of France”

Vicky Chen as Guo Xiang. “I was suppose to marry Yang Guo, but nobody likes me :(”

Mao Lin Lin as Li Mo Chou. “MEN! I DON’T TRUST THEM!”

Zong Feng Yan as Jinlun Fawang. “I tried to play hero… yeah that didn’t work out….”

Su Qing as Lin Chao Ying. “I tried to seduce a priest…. didn’t work out…”

Shu Bing and Gong Bei Bi as Guo Jing and Huang Rong. “WE HAVE JUST MANY ADAPTATIONS AS THESE FUC****”

Tu Bing (I think that’s her name) as Guo Fu. “Gordon Ramsey said I got very nice cutting skills”


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