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The year of sexual assault in Korea keep ramping up

WHO LOVE THEMSELVES SOME SEXUAL HARASSMENT??!?!! Luckily I was born with a dick, so SUCKS TO BE YOU FEMALES. But this is seriously mess up, man we are not even talking about Burning Sun Scandal anymore, that seem like years ago with more recent allegations about korean men putting their dick where it is not wanted. Let’s just do a quick review on our cases so far shall we?

1) BAP’s Himchan

We just did an article on this just recently. Apparently TS Entertainment BAP’s Himchan was accuse of having too much illegal fun with one of his partygoers approximately a year ago. His trial was around a week ago, where he of course deny it was assault saying that it was “impied consent”

2) Kang Ji Hwan

On boy we haven’t covered this one yet. Apparently an actor by the name of Kang Ji Hwan supposedly sexual assaulted two females at a party in his den around literally a week ago. He deny it at first, but then after text messages and evidence coming out that Kang Ji Hwan legal representatives threaten the victims he basically admitted that it did happen. The stories of the victim reveals very disturbing details, how they got no signal and wireless to make calls to their friends but they did end up successfully sending texts. Kang Ji Hwan is currently starring in “Joseon Survival Tale” on a relatively small ish channel and he will be replaced by anohter dude, Seo Ji Suk, for the show remaining episodes.

Now ahem after talking about that let’s get back to Burning Sun scandal real quick. So remember these two handsome fellas?

Jung Joon Young, Choi Joon Hyun (FT. Island) and various other Burning Sun employees was held for a trial around 4 days ago. Let’s take a look into the past…

Judge: Mr. Joon Hyun and Mr. Joon Young and various expandables employee from the Burning Sun club. Do you have anything to say?
Defendant Side: groans Here we go with the denials again…..
Joon Young: Yes your honor. First I would like to say I’m terribly sorry for my actions
Mr. “Expandable Employee” Kim: Yes I would like to second that apology, I have been a very bad boy
Choi Joon Hyun: Yes me too
Prosecutor Side: Wait what the fuck???? Did they apologize?? DID WE JUST GET THEM???? OH MY GOD FINALLY!!

Joon Young, Joon Hyun, and Mr. Kim: Hey not so fast ladies! DON’T THINK YOU HAVE WON JUST YET! We deny CHARGES OF RAPE!
Prosecutor Side: I totally saw that one coming….
Joon Young: While I illegally film, I didn’t even EVER REMOTELY thought of raping any one of them. Sex with this monster 😉 was consensual and the girls were in a state where they could have fully fought back!
Joon Hyun: YEAH THAT’S RIGHT! I also illegally film! But mark my words, in my head NO DIRTY THOUGHTS EVER CROSS MY MIND
Judge: Then why the hell were you illegally filming then??? If not to nut to, why were you filming??
Joon Hyun: Err…… I am very interested in uh… female anatomy! Trust me your honor, I didn’t nut to any of the footage no sir, I always stop myself right before I go over the place of no return
Mr. Kim: I errr.. It was because err, ALL THE COOL KIDS WERE DOING IT AND I WANTED TO BE COOL!
Joon Young: Oh yeah you know what “Mr. Judge”. You know what I think? This is all a sham, yes we may have broken the law. But what about how you ILLEGALLY OBTAIN OUR GROUPCHAT MESSAGE HISTORY. Have you no sense of privacy. SUSTAIN
Judge: You can’t sustain your own argument Mr. Joon Young. Also it’s funny how you talk about privacy while you are the one that quite literally invade people privacy…
Prosecutor Side: We would also like to say a big thank you for Mr. Joon Young for saving all those chats that was suppose to be deleted so we could find it. Without you Mr. Joon Young, possibly none of you would have stood here today!
Judge: Did you just admit to assault…
Joon Young: WHAT I WAS SAYING JUDGE. Even though we did SOME illegal act, you also did some illegal act in obtaining evidence. As my mommy say, if the bully punch you in the balls, you go tell the teacher and under no circumstance punch him back!
Judge: Mr. Joon Young this is fucking ridiculous

The second trial is set for August. This trial will be private where it will be only the defandants, prosecutions, and the witnesses.
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Investor au revoir to YG Entertainment

Well well WELL, really not a good time to be in YG Entertainment right now. After their Burning Sun Scandal (which is still ongoing), BI possible drug usage, and then “the myth the legend the boy” CEO Yang resign, YG has suffer huge losses- almost 200 billion won in losses which equates to around $164 million bucks. The stockholders lost almost as much such as National Pension Service (which is a government company) which is supposedly the biggest share holder in YG Entertainment. It saw 20 billion wons in losses (around 1.7 million bucks). Other 20000 “minor” stock holder lost a combine value of 182 billion won (154.7 million bucks). It is then with no surprise that one of the bigger investor, LKHM (otherwise known as Louis Vitton based in of course Paris) a luxury good brand absolutely demanded their money back from the entertainment agency just recently. YG Entertainment seem to be unfazed by the whole thing, basically saying they will come up with the money. Luckily for them, they are back by a government owned investor in National Pension Service so YG can probably take this blow without being scratched too badly. At least it is not one of their bigger investor like Naver (which is their second largest stockholder) asking for their money back. Money aside, this is troubling for the entertaiment company cause it just might lead to other investors calling it quits. As much as I dislike YG Entertainment, it would be unfair for their various groups and artists to be suddenly unemployed and out of business.

This just in, “the myth the legend the boy” CEO Yang finally is going to be charge in police investigations into solicting prostitutions and tax evasions. Recently he has only been investigated and look at, but remain largely untouch (except by the women) but now things have change big time.

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Girl’s Day Hyeri is the latest addition to the UNICEF Klub

Wow now for some bit of good news, this time it’s Girl’s Day Hyeri becoming the latest to join the UNICEF Donation Club. This club is only reserve for people who have drop around 100 million won which roughly equates to one year of private university in the US. BTS’s Jin just join very recently after he donated a lot of money to help kids in Gangman (?) go to school. Hyeri sadly is NOWHERE AS POPULAR THAN JIN, she is SO UNPOPULAR EVEN ARTICLES MIS-SPELL HER NAME AND JUST LEAVE IT THERE LIKE A BOSS.

She has been known to participate in several UNICEF causes such as “Schools for Asia” which aims at creating schools in 3rd world asian countries. Post-GsD Hyeri has been involve in hosting and recently have just announce to open her OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL. This comes as a relative trend as many other idols have also have their own youtube channel. She only have two videos so far, yet she already has more subscribbers than her fellow bandmate Minah channel.

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[Review] Day6 having the time of their lives

Ready to travel to the other less known world of Kpop???!!! Now you might have notice while KPop form groups most of them aren’t your typical bands even though we call them that way. Take BTS, people are calling them “the top boy band” right now. BTS is not quite a band, what I mean by that is its member don’t play instruments (although they CAN) onstage whule they performing. In the KPop world there’s a distinction, “dance based” groups and actual bands. “Dance based groups” are what you think of when you hear the word “KPop”: effeminate looks, flashy outfits and powerful (sometimes) dance moves. THen there are the bands, which is actually a band its member play instruments and there is a lot less-no choreography. These groups are way less popular than “dance based groups”, they have more of a niche following. Among these band groups are Day6 who just released their new song

I actually like the song. The introduction starts with some nice Keyboarding and then follow by the drums and electric guitar. You know what it sounds like, JONAS. It might be weird, but this song sounds like a JONAS Brother song in their introduction to their Disney show JONAS or JONAS LA (WHICH I DIDN’T WATCH AT ALL!). I got to say this is the most unique KPop song that has come out of this summer so far, although that is to be expected because this group can only create music out of the instrument they play so no electric or synthetic sounds. It’s the perfect summer vibes this song, from the title to the song itself being upbeat all the way through although it starts relatively soft. It loses no time though to get to that upbeat tune and stay there. It’s not too strong, just the right amount as you drive into the sunset and wiggle your head and arms a bit. It’s suprising to me because most of Day6 songs aren’t jumpy. They are more fit for “autumn” because most of their songs are soft and have a “reflecting” tone. It’s not quite balllad, but it’s definitely not party music unlike this one which has the right mix of softness and party going sound that makes it a bop!

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[Review] Monsta X tries to create a Phenomenon but falls short

Monsta X, hot on the heels of getting a deal from Epic Records is back it again making music. This time it is a Japanese release to compliment their recent Korean comeback of “Who do You Love?”.

Unlike BTS’s japanese comeback it is clear that these X-men put effort into this one. Although it sounds good at first, they totally MUTANT-ilated the song (HAHAHA GET IT). At least They have their choreograph in. In this song, Monsta X have decided to go for a jumpy synthetic bass drop then a softer bass sound in “Who do you love”. I got to say coming into the song I really like it. I don’t usually like synthetic bass sound, to me it’s sound like instruments vommitting out notes. But X-Phenomenon has the flow in the beginning along with the “viral infection” part, I was sold. It was so nice the first part, and then it all comes crashing down when the chorus arrives. You can fucked up any other part maybe the introduction BUT THE CHORUS which is like almost suppose to be 50% of your song. THe beat instantly shifted comes the chorus part and honestly it was a mess. The song lost it’s flow. The music became distinctly different, and in the same song too it’s a mess. If I have told you to listen to the first minute of the song, and then the chorus you would think it was two different songs. Maybe this was probably the intention, to depict the duality about themselves or something. With so many different beats and then the switch in style of the song, I would have to give this song a hard pass. It could have worked, if only they didn’t try to make it sound discontinous.


[Review] BTS’s “Lights” can’t quite electrify the crowd

BTS, a group that is at their glorious peak right now. Recently winning awards left and right and single handidly carrying their entertainment company “Little Hit” to “Big Hit” although their entertainment company doesn’t always have BTS best interest in mind. Their latest korean release was “Boy with Luv” and the whole album “Map of the Soul: Persona” not only shatter records in the West but overall had sales in the 10 million which put the album up there as a top seller in all of KPop. “Boy with Luv” also won tons of shows, like 25 of them which is like the record for show wins by a single song. They are back, this time with their Japanese release which has surprisingly flew under many people radar.

It’s clear that the boys really didn’t put much work into this Japanese Comeback. First where is the choreography? There’s none! One of the most quintessential KPop genre is in the dancing, taking it out just make the whole song looks bland. Not only that, if you are going to remove the dancing at least make the song a bop. While I would personally say the song isn’t bad, it just isn’t what I expect from BTS and on the whole very forgetabble. “Boy with Luv” was catchy as hell, and jumpy while keeping that cute look to it. “Lights” goes for a soft ballad with no jumpy parts that automatically falls flat and makes the whole affair forgetabble. The lines aren’t deep (which ahem ARMY fans barely any KPop songs are that “deep” BTS may have SOME deep lines in some songs doesn’t mean they specialize in deepness), and the music feels drowsy. “Lights” really seem to be made by different group, which has always made songs that consistently have that “jump” factor (like “Idol”, or “Blood Sweat and Tears”) and it’s disappointing that BTS didn’t continue in this release. Maybe they were too busy to properly prepare for the Japanese comeback, and it shows. This is one of the more forgetable comeback of the summer.

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[Review] NATURE complimenting their own appearance

Relatively new, and relatively unstable group that is NATURE release their comeback a week ago with the titled “I’m so Pretty”. As you might have guess, it’s a self loving song.

NATURE is a group that debuted around a year ago under the small entertainment company named CH Entertainment. The company is run by a former SM Executive, clearly trying to pull a “Big Hit Entertainment” kind of move since the CEO there is a former JYP executive.

Even though it has only been a year, NATURE has gone through major “seasonal” changes (HA GET IT NATURE, SEASON? It fell flat). They were slated to debut as a nine member squad, but one of them drop out just after the debut song of “Allegro Cantabile” cause she found out she doesn’t speak jargon. Heck that song isn’t even an original, it’s a remake of an anime song that was sung before, the group just added dance moves to it. Shortly after they added a new member making it 9 before their second single drop, but with this release it’s back to 8 members because one of them is focusing on her studies instead.

Anyways in “I’m so pretty” NATURE decides to ditch the cute concept to go for a more girl crush hybrid throughout the music video. The choreograph is not strong at all throughout the song, but I do like the chorus part. It’s catchy and it’s upbeat the rest of the song is more of a repeat of “lipstick” and “lip balm” but I do like that it isn’t overly ageyo (acting and sounding cute. Kind of hypocritical of me being a TWICE fan). I do apprieciate that is Bubblegum Pop, which barely anyone do these days in favor for “electric” which confers a certain strength to the over all song. Bubblegum likewise confer a more soft-ness to the music which is rarely seen these days so I apprieciate that factor. It breaks away from the trend and overall the song isn’t too bad since this summer haven’t seen a lot of true bubble gum pop.

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“She telepathically communicate consent”- BAP’s Himchan

Well am I late to the news circle, well it’s been one very uneventful ish week. Anyways this just in, it’s another sex case coming from Korea again. BAP’s Himchan has been implicated in sticking his weiner where it wasn’t wanted on the fateful night (I think it was night???) July 24th, 2018. This is another idol case, but Himchan is less well known than Big Bad Seungri and Company. It was not really his fault that his band BAP is less well known than Big Bang, it’s actually TS Entertainment fault. Its an agency where surprisingly, they don’t want groups to break out like SECRET or BAP yet I don’t know WHY there are still idols with them.

Anyways Himchan was allegedly at a party with 5 others on the night of July 24th. After a little wine here and there, Himchan allegedly assaulted one of the party goers. He was actually implicated early September 2018 and investigated but the case is just coming around now because he was recently charged. His court trial was set for July 12th and this is the real life transcript of what went down in that court of law

Victim: After a few drinks, he assaulted me….
Judge: Please present your counter evidence Mr. “BAP NOT FAP” Himchan
Himchan: Yes sir. In regards to the night of July 24th I have IRRUFUTATABLE PROOF, that I was consensual. shows some western porn videos. I don’t know how it goes BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER WATCH SUCH INDECENT MATERIAL. Wet Dreams 100% of the time gang
Judge: HOLD IT, that’s not you
Himchan: Huh?
Judge: The western counterpart is bigger than easterners
Judge: Do you actually have some evidence or not??
Himchan: Well your honor I….
Judge: Did she say YES or not Mr. Himchan?
Himchan: But she didn’t say “No”

Judge: Mr. Himchan this is ridiculous
Judge: Those are DRAMAS Mr. Himchan
Himchan: Your honor I would like to accuse the defendant of Miscommunication!
Victim: Dude you didn’t give me a chance! You went right in without notice in my mouth how was I suppose to speak???
Himchan: Your honor, clearly the defendant is BS-ing because I am friends with many many deaf people and they communicate just fine
Judge: OK OK, you know what this hearing is a debacle. Mr. Himchan, as we all know about consent you need the green light before you go in
Himchan: I understand your honor…
Judge: It’s ok, many Korean men your age don’t understand what consent means. BUT that is no excuse for a crime, therefore I pronounce Mr. Himchan here…
Victim Team: whispers We got him good!

Judge: A judge should uphold precendents while ruling yes?
Victim Team: Well yes….
Judge: Come back to me when Badman Seungri is in jail
Victim Team: Hmmmmm well yes the judge has a point. Sorry Ms. Defendant, looks like it’s your fault for not having a penis like us HAHAAHA! Flexes dick while walking out
Victim: WHAT????!!??!??!?!?

So basically Himchan legal team argued that the woman gave implied consent, which is code word for “yeah I did her gooooooooood!”. Himchan echoed this notion by saying that they were both interested in each other….at the time. A second trial date have been set for August 16th where witnesses will be allow to testified.

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TWICE Mina out of tour over health concerns

Due to health concern, TWICE’s Mina will be out for the whole duration of TWICELIGHTS, the TWICE tour that finally kicks off Queen Jihyo claims to the new world. Yeah bish people who just know “BTS and Blackpink” FAKE ASS BLACK PINK ISN’T EVEN THE BIGGEST GIRL GROUP, TWICE IS. Ahem ahem, anyways Mina has cited “anxiety and sudden insecurity” that apparently is serious enough to require additional testing says JYP Entertainment in a statement.

Many fans are disappointed of course, myself included. It seems like I will just be going to New Jersey to see 8 people perform this weekend not TWICE….. Not only were the fans sad, but the whole of TWICE was sad when they kicked off the world tour in Singapore yesterday with many of the members crying and comforting each other minus Tzuyu. Many fans turned their light stick mint green in honor of Mina. If this happens in Newark this weekend, honestly I’ll be creep out seeing that it’s like somebody have died or something. Also I would feel left out cause me no have a mint green light stick.

Otherwise the concert seem to go without a hitch to a stadium of around 10K people. The group perfom some of their hits like “Yes or Yes” (oh gosh, who did the english…..) or “Cheer Up”. They also did some song covers, and some “sexy” song covers also. Thank you for the upfront notice guys, I’ll bring a blindfold and the bible with me when attending the concert!

Want to find out more about TWICE, check here. I PROMISE TO GET THIS DONE BEFORE THIS WEEKEND

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Lee Yeol-eum CLAMOUROUSLY crying for no Jail

Newby actress Lee Yeol-eum is facing possible jail time in Thailand for eating some clams off of a marine reserve in the June 30th episode of “Law of the Jungle”.

“Law of the Jungle” is basically “Survivor idols/actors edition”. It’s a show where the guest goes into the jungles with the host of the show and live of the fatta land for around a week or so? It’s the perfect show for people who want to see what asians TRULY look like when they aren’t doing white face. It’s basically camping where you live off the land, not as intense as “Survivor” (well Survivor sure look intense) but pretty intense if you factor in these days idols and actors are from a high middle class to rich ass background unlike the olden days.

So who’s Lee Yeol eum?? Basically she a rising actress at 23, haven’t been in too much shiz yet nor has a lead role in any drama but she was awarded SBS “New Actress Award”. She is also been in a bunch of CFs, which doesn’t mean much if you could look hot in white face, you are basically in! She’s a full time actress who has been in various roles for 6 years now and her mom is actually an actress also. Lee Yeol Eum is actually not her real name it’s her stage name.

After the episode aired, Hat Chao Mai National Park filed charges against Lee that carries with it a 1300 dollars charge with the possiblity of 4 years in prison. Honestly people are just making a big deal of this in the korean world just because of the possibility of “4 years in prison”. I mean trespassing can earn you up to two years in prison. Or like taking someone parking spot, unless you are a dick and did it on purpose you probably not going to serve jail time. Now of course this is wildlife endangerment which I don’t know and also I don’t know how harsh are Thai Laws. Then again its pretty harsh for the national park to filed only on her, I mean yes she should have known better but hey this is what happen when you put people on the show that hasn’t been in a dirty environment for most of their life. HEY LOOK THERE’S A CLAM THAT’S EASILY TO CATCH, LET’S JUST EAT IT I’M TOO LAZY TO GATHER SOME EDIBLE BERRIES RIGHT NOW. Did no one in the crew knew about this??? Most likely (LIKELY) she will probably just pay the fine and not face any jail time. Maybe?