APINK's Bomi starts a Youtube Channel

APINK’s Bomi starts a Youtube Channel

Inspired by PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, Emma Chamberlain, DudePerfect and a bunch of popular youtubers, APINK’s Bomi decides she wants to vlog as the years where APINK was very popular (Gen 2 KPop) draws to a close. I heard she got a wide range of videos from makeup tips (people can learn something I mean South Koreans are well known for spending a lot on their makeup), to eating videos, to her daily life. She also collabs with her other fellow band members so for Pink Pandas I guess that’s awesome. Even though she speaks korean in all these videos, don’t worry, there are English Subs for each of her videos. Maybe it’s a hidden gem of Youtube, I mean she’s really popular back in Korea not really in America and that’s why her videos are only in the hundred thousands (which is of course more than I ever can get). Definitely check it out if you want to see a complete slice of being an idol/entertainer life in Korea.

See her channel here


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