Burning Sun Scandal speaks to almost every entertainment industry....

Burning Sun Scandal speaks to almost every entertainment industry….

From drugs, to money laundering, now to rape, Oppa Seungri is a very scary man. I just find it hilarious that he has been denying these allegations (but we 99% know that he was a part of this whole scheme, probably is the mastermind! That 1% is a KDrama in which a unknown man for unknown reasons kidnap the real stunning hot Oppa Seungri and trap him in a trunk. He then gets plastic surgery to look exactly like Seungri. Then he infiltrated Big Bang and fooled everyone and then he masterminded this whole affair and then purposefully get caught so he can take his revenge on Seungri, man I should be a KDrama writer just add some twist and turns and I got myself a big hit!). I think personally Jung Joon Young deserves some form of leniency (whether it be maybe 1 year off his sentence) just because if he had follow Seungri to the tee (leaving group chats every few months) this whole scandal will probably not be a scandal because it hadn’t been uncovered yet for a few more years (keep in mind Big Bang use to be THE boy band, so any suspicision could have probably been kept under wraps just because of his fame). The group has gotten away with it for 3 years, and the crazy thing is the police can only retrieve the group chats from a couple months ago, they have stated that it’s near impossible to recover everything. It’s sad that this whole scandal has cause an aspire actresses to committ suicide. The entertainment industry in Korea is already so hard to get into, so hard to even debut, and even harder to get popular and keep their popularity. Idol groups right now like BTS, Blackpink, TWICE, Red Velvet, Itzy etc succeeded on the backs of so many groups that fail. They don’t even get that much in return, the agency gets most of it (cause the groups have to repay the agency) until the groups get really really popular, probably winning jackpot in the lottery is easier than actually succeeding in the industry.

Probably the saddest thing about this whole affair is it isn’t new, almost dare I say ALL entertainment industries have this problem whether it has come on the fore front or not. Heck not even entertainment industry politics (looking at you Mr. President, Mr. Supreme Court Justice and Mr. SenatorS/CongressMEN). It is sad, and I apologize for men everywhere, except that I am a little punk in somewhere East Coast of the US and have not make any name for myself (YET oh ho ho just you waiiitt) so my apologies is basically meaningless so there’s that! But I really want to take a moment, you know just a POV (I hope I won’t get flamed, SAFE SPACE PLEASE).


Are we sure that it is actually the men who are at fault (wait a sec….), or is it the ability/the power that comes with post that corrupt humans. We see men mostly doing it because it is sad (but a convo for another day) that the people in power in any nation are mostly…. men. If it’s “because men” then sure, hate us (although this borderline sexism when you hate us for different individuals action. I don’t intend on blaming, because I get it, throughout history multiple examples of an action of a specific individual has big consequences for his/her entire group) but if it’s power, shouldn’t we try to understand a little bit of the perpetrators, sure they are slimeballs and monster but to call them monsters seems like a denial the fact that it can happen to anyone.

Read More (If you Know KOREAN): https://entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=011&aid=0003537305
The English Wikipedia Version: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burning_Sun_scandal

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