JTBC's variety show Stage K has a winner

JTBC’s variety show Stage K has a winner

Now of course almost everybody knows about the popular K-variety shows such as Can you be a Babysitter? (Return of Superman) or Figure Out People at This Romeo and Juliet party! (Masked Singer) or Running Man. These various variety shows are more well known because they are broadcasted on “public channels” such as KBS, MBC, and SBS. The main reason why cable shows usually have low ratings is because you need a cable subscription (unlike KBS, MBC or SBS). Stage K is a variety show by JTBC (cable channel) that searches international for KPop fans that can dance to a chosen K-pop group songs to compete for the chance of meeting with the said group and collaborating with them on a song. This season KPop group was Super Junior (not that well known. They actually have the best vocals out of almost all the groups active right now). Teams from all around the world submit videos to pass the prelimary rounds and in the event they do are invited to SEOUL to actually compete (I am guessing all expense paid???). The semifinal saw one team from France, Thailand, China, and Mexico all vying for that top prize with France ultimately taking it all over Thailand team in the finals.

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