Fan Bingbing finally comes out of her hiding spot

Fan Bingbing finally comes out of her hiding spot

Arguable THE C-actress in the past decade Fan Bingbing finally show her face at a IQiyi event ever since she basically disappear off the face of the earth in 2017. Somehow she still had enough power to literally be top of China Celebrity List and she was literally the most talk about actress last year. Anyhow, it’s a comeback for her after a fall from grace that got her basically “house arrested” for Tax Evasions (she has since paid around 100 million dollars in Tax + penalty. I think it’s USD). I hope her little social score is above 0/100 now, she was literally the one of the only at 0 (thanks Beijing Normal University) everyone else either got low score or high score, nobody pass with an A strange for an asian country! A rocky past year for Fan Bingbing and her social life and her personal life under scrutiny of the public with tabloids and Weibo people thinking that it was also the end of her marriage life as her fiancee withdrew from almost all her company.


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