The M-Countdown (one of the top 3 music awards in Korea) just happen yesterday. As expected, GUESS WHO WON……… In other victory for BTS as they literally SWEPT all of the votes, 11K votes to be exact, coming off from a Music Bank win. The second place went to Super Junior D&E in their song “Danger”, who only got a meager like 1K votes. Looks like BTS is at the top of their game right now, winning that cultural merit AND being name one of Time 100 most influential artist/people in the world so there’s that…. It’s very hard to see how BTS won’t win the “Triple Crown” (basically a win at Inkigayo, M-Countdown, and Music Bank) when the Inkigayo award show comes back around next week. Admist all this happiness, BTS decides to repackage their hit song and dedicated it to their fan base which I guess is a nice little gesture.

The night also feature performances from TXT (Heavy Rain Boys), Newkidd (We are French not Korean!), DIA (Woowa), N.Flying (Spring Memories), Verivery (Light Up), BVNDIT (Oh is this not the magic award show?), 1THE9 (The Story). The show also feature…..TWICE and their song Fancy. It also feature some solo singers such as Stephanie, Kang Xi Won, and Jungiggo.


and their repackage song for the ARMY….



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