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Generation 2 vs. Generation 3 (Boomers v. Zoomers KPOP bungaloo)

Note: In this article, Gen 3 refers to groups that debuted after EXO (EXO themselves is part of Gen 3 themselves). Gen 2 refers to everyone who debuted between the debuts of TVXQ and EXO.

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Sulli’s Career: In videos

Officially on Kpop Profile and on Wikipedia, f(x) has four members, but I don’t know abut you, but I have always believe in the OT5 f(x), the prime version that produced 4 number 1 albums and 4 number 1 singles, including all-time classics “Electric Shock” and “Hot Summer”. And at … Read More “Sulli’s Career: In videos”


It’s Mr. Popular from Wanna One’s Kang Daniel finally rising back from the dead. To you american fans, you might not know what group Wanna One is, since they already disbanded after debuting and promoting for a year. They only did it for a year but was WIDELY successful, being … Read More “MOREEEE KOREA: Actress WANNABEES, and Kang Daniel is now A BUSINESS MAN”

Back In Korea Now: NA American Tours, and More……

First let’s start with some comebacks and North American Tours that more groups are going to embark on. Let’s see here, up now is TXT, Tommorrow X Together. They are a Big Hit Entertainment group, yes the same company that brought you BTS, and they are trying to capitlize on … Read More “Back In Korea Now: NA American Tours, and More……”

KPop Trainees, Debts, and Contracts!- Survivor Guide to the Strange World of KPop

A common misperception among Western fans is that famous Kpop idols must make loads of money. A hit song or two and you should be set for a long time, right? However, this is the furthest thing from reality.

See, the Kpop world has a concept called “trainee debt” that … Read More “KPop Trainees, Debts, and Contracts!- Survivor Guide to the Strange World of KPop”

Let’s Be Friends!- KPop Edition

In celebration of International Best Friends Day, let’s talk about friendships within the often cruel and hectic world of Kpop. Fans of any groups are always quick to say “OMG, they’re the best of friends”, even for huge groups such as NCT. Yet this clearly is not true. Research has … Read More “Let’s Be Friends!- KPop Edition”

“Lost In Translation”- KPop Edition!

Yo hello our small community, oh yes this is your fellow resident coolguy1234-tzu and wisely1300-tzu. HA GET IT, Tzu because it’s Art of Dramas which is model title off of Art of War by Sun Tzu? I think that joke was gotten a long time ago… AHEM AHEM. So today … Read More ““Lost In Translation”- KPop Edition!”

Thoughts on Show Wins

Before starting: here’s an article to summarize what are music shows and what the scoring standards to determine the song that win that week:

Recently, Wikipedia has made the decision to remove all music show wins of K-pop artists from their pages due to the fact that they think it’s … Read More “Thoughts on Show Wins”


The M-Countdown (one of the top 3 music awards in Korea) just happen yesterday. As expected, GUESS WHO WON……… In other victory for BTS as they literally SWEPT all of the votes, 11K votes to be exact, coming off from a Music Bank win. The second place went to Super … Read More “M-Countdown!”

KPop Idols vs. Singers (an important distinction)

In my time of following and listening to K-Pop, I’ve often heard the refrain: “[Inserts Name] can’t even sing, why is he/she even an idol” or “[Inserts Name] is in the group literally only because of his/her looks” used as insults for certain idols in certain groups. Here’s the thing … Read More “KPop Idols vs. Singers (an important distinction)”