Nu'est wins a show after 7 years. Got7 next comeback.....

Nu’est wins a show after 7 years. Got7 next comeback…..

I must give Nu’est some credits, a purely nugu group that debut in 2012. Although they had some momentum in 2014, they have been struggling as a group to get recognition for their music. Even when one of their members Minhyun became a Wanna One member and return like last year, I guess they still didn’t capitalize on that. At least though finally, the 5 members of Nu’est (JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren) finally can add a show win under neath their belt as their song “Bet “Bet” won on last night MBC’s “Show Champion”. It’s honestly not a bad song….

Got7 who were once pretty popular is preparing a comeback and a world tour for their next album “Spinning You”, which will include stops in the UK! What a unique way to try and penetrate the western market. They also included several US location, including LA (of course), New Jersey, and New Mexico. Check out their image, WARNING BRIGHT COLORS!

In other news Ladies Code is has released their second image for their upcoming album. OMG (oh my GIRL!) released their new song. WayV and A.C.E (relatively unknown groups right now) is also releasing an upcoming song. SNSD’s (Girl’s Generation) Taeyon is also releasing a song to follow up on her latest single “Four Seasons”, her upcoming song is called Voice. EXID on the other hand, will promote as a group in Japan for one more year, but going on a indefinite hiatus in South Korea 🙁

OMG Song

Taeyon Previous Single

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