BTS Suga "Daechwita" sounds like a Pop song desperately trying to be Rap

BTS Suga “Daechwita” sounds like a Pop song desperately trying to be Rap


For now, I’m just going to make a post about BTS’s Suga newest solo, or should I say Agust D(eez nutz), new “mixtape”. I have thought long and hard about it, I have remove all the rants out of my system and now I am ready to review the song as unbias as I can. And right of the bat, it may seems like I break my promise but I do not like it. Let’s talk about what I do like though, surprisingly the aesthetic. For me this album represents something unhinged, an “I don’t care mentality” an “I made it” mentality as evident through many songs in his track. By taking the role of a unhinged deranged king, like an ancient tyrant back in the days that does whatever he wants, it is really the theme of the whole track and of this song coming to live visually. The saegeuk details are pretty neat. I just wish Agust D had spend half the time meshing out this short movie into writing lyrics. The beat is fine, it’s a simple one but its upbeat tone without overdoing any instruments, ahem the synth, keep the me engage and not my ears bleeding. It’s the lyrics, that makes the song sounds more like a Pop song. See in a pop song the structure is usually two verses, with a repeated extended chorus. In raps, the chorus is usually shorter. In this song though, half of the lyrics is literally Agust D screaming “Daechwita Daechwita screaming loud Daechwita”. Not only that the lyrics for me doesn’t flow well, I don’t know how rhyming works in Koreans, but I have slow down some verses, the vocals with the last words in each line doesn’t really seem to flow. I also have a high suspcision that Agust D here is participating in “mumble raps”. Raps from Drake (not much of a rapper but still), from Eminem, especially from Kendrick Lamar I basically can catch all of the words that they are saying even though they are speaking it quickly but they are pronouncing each and every word. I might not know a lot of Korean, but I like for a lot of the lyrics, I can’t hear those distinct words. I have to even look at the lyrics to know that there’s more than just one word throughout the song. It seems like Agust D in an attempt to speak fast, blends all of his words into one so it sound likes he’s trying to rap out “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis” (which is apparently the longest word in the dictionary and here I thought it was superdeliciousblah blah blah something). This mumble rap makes it seems like all the lyrics is fused into one long word. Slow down Mr. Suga, slow down a bit will ya?!!

Overall while it is not the best lyrical-wise, it has good aesthetic and a simple listenable beat that’s just energize enough to not hurt the ears.





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