JYP Entertainment forgot the citation page

JYP Entertainment forgot the citation page

JYP Entertainment’s cash cow of a girl group named TWICE is being accused of plagiarism in their newest music video (review coming later. Spoiler alert: It really could have been much better). An artist by the name of Davis McCarthy made this now deleted post….


That is an artwork that was installed in Baltimore. The TWICE music video of “More and More” have something eerily similar


Sadly though, even though it looked eerily similiar, the JYP Entertainment’s director have denied that he plagiarize, saying it was a “coincident”. I could actually accept that fact, for you see back in the High School we had to make like a basic game for my coding class. Now you have to keep in mind, I barely played video games then my most brilliant idea was to code a game like chess, except each pieces had an attack stat and a defend stat and it won’t be OTK like in chess. Well apparently one of my friend in the group said that I was copying Fire Emblems and to this day I swear to god I had never heard of Fire Emblems ONCE BEFORE THAT TIME. Now even though it might have been a coincident, I feel like JYP should still pay a portion of the fee. It sucks, and yes I do believe that sometimes basics things like this (crystal mosaic arch) can come from two different places, JYP Entertainment should tried to vetted their process much better going forward but this really shouldn’t be a whole ass “scandal”.

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