It began with IOI, and it will end with X1

It began with IOI, and it will end with X1

Well, I’m late but finally looks like the Produce 101 series manipulation case is coming to a close. Among the casualties it looks like are “that IOI comeback”, Mnet promises never to rigged a show again, and a shift from Mnet towards “music” shows rather than “audition/survival” shows. Also added to that list now is X1, after CJ E&M (Mnet parent company) failed to reach a deal with all of the members of X1 respective talent agencies. Only IZONE stand as the last Producer group to be continuing, but…… THEY AIN’T GOT THAT 5 year contract though!

So apparently, in retrospect, X1’s debut song of “Flash” was totally talking about the group CAREER. Bro that’s pretty dope then…

But for real in retrospect, was this what the fans of Produce really wanted? Like I understand
that your faves not getting in is a bummer, espcially since we now know that the whole show is rigged but is this what you wanted? I mean sure maybe there are some members of X1 who doesn’t “deserve” to be there, but like they still trained hard for this, in my eyes all of the “101 memebers” deserve at least a chance at stardom but now it looks like because “my faves can’t have it, nobody can” kind of mentality that have now shredded X1 and the whole show itself. Is this really what these fans wanted? I can’t help but ask that….

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