Mnet promises never EVER to rigged another show again *crosses fingers*

Mnet promises never EVER to rigged another show again *crosses fingers*

“MERCY!!!” says Mnet after a full round of police smashing in the name of JUSTICE!!

Well it’s about time we have a slight update on the Mnet situation. As a refresher for everybody, Mnet is being investigated over supposedly, I mean definitely, vote manipulation on its “immensely” popular reality TV show “Produce 101”. I say immensely, and I stand by that since 2% of 50 million is very very big indeed! Anyways if you guys forgot, Mnet was the one who got themselves into this. After “Produce X 101” that produce X1, fans tweeted about how the vote differences look exactly the same. Mnet is like the citizens of the town Pompeii, if of course they had vote for the volcano to explode on them (it’s a John Oliverian Joke and yes it’s MINE NOW)!

Anyways recently there has been a breakthrough in the investigation. It has now been confirmed that all of Mnet “Produce” seasons including the first two seasons. The rigging seems to be more prominent for “Produce Season 3” and “Produce X 101” the series that “produce” IZONE and X1. Over ten people have been arrested including chief producer of “Produce” series Ahn Joon-young and chief director of “Produce” series Kim Yong-bum. Wow that’s like 8 more people arrested and slated for jail time than compare to the BADDER and more ethnic revolting Burning Sun Scandal. The police at this time have also evidence on entertainment companies colluding with the PD for “Produce” series espcially Starship Entertainment.

IOI reunion is cancel and it doesn’t even come up roses for IZONE who is forced to postpone their album release to like indefinitely and their promotional activities of their latest Japanese comeback of “Vampire” has been postponned also. Their concert film is basically cancel along with several member radio shows (Sakura and Hitomi) in Japan. X1 seems like they will only see one flash of “success” as these two groups future look bleak. Mnet has not release any statement on future plans for the two groups. They might lowkey have to disband if things continue like this.

I really don’t blame the groups to be honest, it’s more the Producers/Mnet fault. I mean for me at least, if I’m given an advantage I would be really tempted to cheat. Espcially since the idol trainee life is so hard and it’s so hard to debut even if you work your ass off. It’s like you found a $100 dollar bill just sitting in the street tuck away in a corner, you will most likely take it and NOT turn it in like you are “suppose to”. Big ouchie for the two PDs, look like Mnet just drop them like a sack of hot potato.

Any thoughts on this situation?

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