YG's BOORISH Professional Hiring Entertainment Agency acts out again

YG’s BOORISH Professional Hiring Entertainment Agency acts out again

YG Entertainment once again proves that they are a professional “bad people” hiring services when news broke that one of their managers, well now ex-Managers, for BLACKPINK’s Lisa have officially scammed his client out of $800000 dollars for….. gambling. Well actually he didn’t use all of that for gambling, he probably saved $831 to start a pimping service to earn more money for his gambling addiction.


YG Entertainment has confirmed that BLACKPINK’s Lisa had been swindled 1 billion won (approximately $816,000) by her former manager.On June 2, Market News reported that the former manager “A” had exploited their connections and received money from Lisa, saying that they would look into real estate for her. Lisa then lost all her money when Manager “A” spent her money on gambling.

According to an anonymous informant, the former manager “A” had worked with BLACKPINK since their debut and was someone that Lisa had trusted during her rookie days. The incident has surprised many, as the former manager was well-trusted within the company and by the members.

A source said, “Because Lisa is a foreign member and has been in Korea by herself since she was young, she is very vulnerable to these things. It is very unfortunate that these things happen in the industry. This is a serious situation that can damage the domestic management’s image.”


I totally believe this news because it sounds like what someone employed at YG would do. Heck if my memory serve me right, which IT DOES CAUSE IM ASIAN DAB, there was a case exactly like this where the perpetrator was from YG entertainment and he to exploited people trusts and uses his connections for the end goal of financial gains. Who could that have been?? I know it was someone from YG hmmmm….


Oh right…..

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